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3 generations in number plates

July 1, 2013

My daughter encouraged me:


and my grand-daughter exclaimed,


She added, do your


…but don’t use us as a


After all, it’s


So that’s the three generations, in number plates!

Surgery: Financoctomy

May 22, 2011

operate for you 210511 stl

Please note that those who Operate For You are the ones who have the Mercs For Them…

Picture of Domestic Felicity….

May 4, 2009

Yes, I do know doves in St Louis are plentiful to the point of becoming pests (like rock pigeons are in Bangalore)…but still, at the Botanical Center, when I saw this sight, it felt very nice indeed!

nesting mourning doves botanical center st L 260409

Those are MOURNING DOVES…these two certainly don’t have a lot to mourn about; their nest is not likely to be disturbed or predated in the middle of the Botanical Center!

And if you want to see the kind of “atoot bandhan” (unbreakable tie) that they share…

atoot no.plate 010509 st l

Hey, beast_666, I am waiting for some more from you!

As I said earlier..the way two creatures find each other and share a special bond, beyond everything else, is one of the most mysterious and beautiful things I know.

Wonderful weekend…

April 28, 2009

We had a packed weekend, on Sunday, we went to see the Chinese festival and parade in the Missouri Botanical Center, and the show was very good indeed. Then our daughter picked us up and took us for a drive downtown, and this was the first time that I clicked all the touristy images of the Gateway Arch

I was supposed to upload several pics to my Photobucket site today…but a series of errands to run and jobs to finish took care of the entire time!

We are off to the hospital tomorrow, where labour will be induced; let’s see what happens….obviously, I just might be off LJ for a while as I make the transition to grandparenthood!

But let me leave you with this wonderful mass of tulips at the Missouri Botanical Center…

tulips 260409

Well, if you click on that, it will take you back to my Photobucket site and you can see the other images that I have uploaded…very touristy, except for this one which is for beast_666….

olv oyl no plate 260509

OK, see you folks….

This one’s for

April 23, 2009

I have heard of “bespoke tailors” and “bespoke wine merchants” to the Queen, but this is the first time I have seen a bespoke car!

bespoke no plate st l 200409

Off for a nice long walk (the new MLC has been ordered but neither the GD, nor the MLC, have arrived yet….so taking along KM’s Fuji Finepix, which is quite a neat little thing.)

More messages…

February 7, 2008

What’s the logic…

logic number plate

of driving a Hummer, with

mean girls on board sticker

mean girls on board?

The answer is, it’s all Unto God…

unto God number plate

He is, after all, the big Bosss….

bosss no plate 280108

Post dedicated to Beast, whose number plates collection I have enjoyed!

For a friend

September 3, 2007

For Ravi, who SHOULD have come and met us in Maine…but who remains a good friend!

He posts a LOT of licence plate pics (not many lately though) so I found the irony of taking this photograph very delicious!

the beast 010907 chennai

Well, beast, let’s see some more witty number plates now!