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“World famous in Jayanagar!” :D

February 24, 2014

That’s a local saying, gently ribbing anyone who is getting their names in the news or talked about…it’s literally come true for me!

I always knew they’d run out of people to write about and would arrive at me….

Field Notes, organized by the St.Louis Beacon, 18, 19, and 201213

October 20, 2013

I decided to go to the opening event of

“Field Notes”

It was a bonfire, opposite the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.


are the details.


I was privileged to meet

Bob Duffy founder of the St.Louis Beacon, who organized the event:


Archaeologist Dr. Timothy Pauketat gave a presentation about “A Full Moon Over Cahokia Mounds 1000 Years Ago,” explaining the relationship between the structure of Cahokia Mounds and the lunar calendar, and how it wove into Cahokia’s goddess-based religion.


Here’s Dr Tim Pauketat presenting:


Cahokia Archaeological President Larry Kinsella showed a collection of archaeological tools from Cahokia Mounds, and talked very interestingly about them, too!


We had local farmer Rusty Lee and his family demonstrate how to prepare popping corn using agricultural tools.




Larry Loveless, a St.Louis percussionist and musician, co-ordinated a drummers’ circle.

Another percussionist had brought these Scooti drums from Kenya; he’d bought them there when his son learnt to play the drums.


Here’s Scott Ragland, a percussionist who teaches at Saint Louis University, on the right:


He seems to have just had a bright idea in the photo 😀

Larry said we should all drum together, and entice the Hunter’s Moon (Sharad Poornima for us) out of her hiding place in the clouds, but she was veiled throughout:


Larry had a great collection of drums:


Being used to a culture of being very careful with one’s musical instruments, I was amazed to see him handing them around:


Larry talked to us, and we began with a small bell signalling the start of the drummers’ circle:


Along with the popcorn, we also had a great American tradition…that of toasting marshmallows:


Here’s my marshmallow. This was a first for me! They are made entirely of sugar.


I met so many interesting people…Larry’s fiancee Aimee, her mother Stephanie, and her friend Heidi…and there was more warmth than the fire was providing!


Here’s my hand, ready to drum (while the other hand takes the photo!)


When A came over to pick me up, afterwards, I introduced her to everyone, too, and we had a nice natter together before dispersing. I’m looking forward to the Guided Walk in (where else?) Forest Park, tomorrow…today was a (total) surprise birthday party that DnA threw for me…but more about that later!


Polyglot English: my prediction

June 3, 2012

My friend Saritha Rai writes in the New York Times:

click here to read it

The first comment is wonderful, and, I suspect, written deliberately in pigdin English to underscore the commenter’s point!

My response to this:

Languages evolve, and routinely, some disappear. Where is Pali? Hebrew? or any of the other tongues that we do not even know of? People communicated with each other through whistling across the hillsides, I learnt once.

I feel that English itself is evolving into a series of local dialects; as it is now, we can hardly understand the language as spoken in Fiji, or Singapore, or South Africa…or for that matter, the English between, say, Punjab and Tamil Nadu varies so widely.

So…I feel that instead of a polyglot Babel, we will have polyglot English….and since I am not going to be around to find out….I am OK with the process of evolution! How else would you and I communicate, dear reader, when some of you speak Swedish, Punjabi, French, and other languages I don’t even know of?

Akash Dube: Always with us

May 24, 2012

Here’s a well-written account about

Akash Dube

He’s won a permanent victory over the illness. And he’s inspired us all, too.

Akash Dube May 2012

Akash…you are always with us, in our hearts and memories, as are your family. Wonderful people, all of you.

Mistakes nevers ends…

January 25, 2012

The Deccan Herald has been delighting me lately. Here’s a headline from the Spectrum section of the newspaper, 250112:

lrng nvrs ends dh 250112

I will nevers gets boreds with this newspapers!

Film producer to dentist to doctor….

January 12, 2012

I got this leaflet with the newspaper a day or two ago (I think the reason why newspapers are delivered late is because the newsagents need time to insert all the various leaflets into each copy!)

arun prakash dr 100112

At the top, it talks about Dr Arun, B D S, who runs a dental clinic, but midway through, he mysteriously turns into Dr Prakash who can carry out “rejuvenation treatment of mind, body and soul through herbal medicine”.

The clincher, and the point that will drive us immediately to consult this person is, of course, that he was a Film Producer earlier! What better qualifications could a doctor need?

Bangalore, 100112

Missing someone after a hundred years?

December 27, 2011

How can you miss someone “day in, day out” after a hundred years?

click here for this interesting obit

What a long-lived family they must be, if they know her well enough to miss her, after a hundred years!

….and don’t miss the “US Americans”….!

Morning walk…

May 13, 2009

I read in the newspaper (which I go out and buy every day) that for the first hour of the Zoo’s opening, the Stingray exhibit would be free (entry after 10 am is $3, which is not much, especially when compared to the $35 per-person ticket at San Diego Zoo ), I decided to combine it with my morning walk in Forest Park.

So I went as usual to the Wash U campus area, bought my newspapers, and went off to the Zoo, which said on the website that it would be open from 8 am….but when I reached there, I realized that would be only from May 22, so I had an hour to spare…so I sat down near the water body and got myself the only piping hot beverage there is in this country (which cannot be cooled down by adding cold milk!)…a big mug of hot chocolate, and sat down to peruse the news…

newspapers and hot chocolate st l zoo 120509

This duck (a female MALLARD, apparently) with the distinctive blue stripe was hanging around nearby…

female mallard st L zoo 120509

On the way to the Zoo, just past the St Louis Art Museum , I decided to photograph the Henry Moore sculpture that’s there:

henry moore sculpture fp 120509

I saw two new birds, and the Stingrays (visitors are allowed to TOUCH them…mamtanaidu, you would LOVE this!) , but am too sleepy to keep my eyes open, so that will be for the next post…meanwhile, I will post this picture of a PEACOCK with the most lush plumage I have ever seen, which was at Grant’s Farm when we visited there on 240409….

peacock grant's farm 240509

Life is pretty hectic, but am managing to keep up somehow….

No, this is not my Number One entry for today…

February 11, 2009

With thanks to amoghavarsha ….

Our pissport to good health! I suppose there exists a market research company that told these people that their product is going to be sucessssssssful….

Been having a lot of headaches lately…must get to a doctor, I suppose. Yes, I am feeling better after having been down all day!

Ooh..these sad people…

January 31, 2009

At Davos, they have set a “simulated war zone”, and in the Economic Times of today, there’s a picture of Sir Richard Branson in a “simulated refugee camp” that’s also been set up…oh my, our plutocrats can now have a “simulated” experience of how it is to be in the middle of tearing shells and lose everything you have, without actually coming into contact with the reality…

Excuse me while I am sick.