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Every day….

September 8, 2011

Every day, in the newspapers, there is one terrorist attack, which fills us with fear and sadness. I also realized that every day’s newspapers are the same…they contain:

1. Political scandal. Minister vows to get at the truth.
2. A scam exposed. Minister vows to get at the the truth.
3. Death of one endangered creature.
4. City people put to hardship due to various govt agencies not functioning properly.
5. Defeat or victory of Indian cricket team
6. Hardly any coverage of other sports
7. Merger of two companies.
8. Some weird Book of Records feat like growing longest fingernails or eating the most samosas.
9. Comics
10. Crosswords and Sudoku.

I think we buy the newspapers only for 9 and 10…otherwise we might not be able to tell one day’s newspaper from another!

Hardly felt …the earthquake!

June 7, 2011

According to the news report


and here

We had an earthquake in the St.Louis area this morning! I was awake, but I certainly didn’t seem to feel anything…I guess I am not sensitive enough to feel the earth moving (though I *have* felt earlier tremors in Kolkata, and Bangalore, when usually people didn’t believe me!)

Well, since the Richter scale is exponential, 3.9 is nothing much…thank goodness…it’s nice to be able to read of such events in the news, and not have to experience them firsthand.

My new name is…

November 21, 2007


(P stands for pAti….mother of a mother or father..a mother in this case…)

Having been quite worried about the results of some tests for more than 6 weeks, I still cannot bring myself to use the actual words…how incredibly irrational and stupid! 😉

For the first time in my life, I rue the great physical distance between myself and my child…Well, not really RUE, but I do wish teleportation had already been invented….”beam me up, Scotty!” would be SO much easier than “WHAT? do I have to transit through that ORRIBLE Charles De Gaulle hairyport AGAIN?” to my travel agent…

My bebby…I keep wanting to be at your side, and I completely forget that I was alone, too, when I was expecting you, and I managed fine!

Not in the news…

August 30, 2007

I have, for a change, been watching TV (usually I tape a couple of programs like the Tonight Show or Thein KiNNam and watch it at some point, that’s all) and had tuned into NDTV…and I feel so bad…a teacher is accused of making a pornographic movie with her students; a child dies because the ambulance is stuck in a traffic jam on the way to hospital; a mob rampages because some youths were killed, and that results in yet another death; and so the gruesome news goes..

NOT being in the news is something I am profoundly thankful for. My life goes on its even tenor; everything is well, and small troubles are just that…small troubles.

I am incredibly lucky to be a person to whom things DON’T happen. “May you live in interesting times” may, or may not, be a Chinese curse but it is a curse nevertheless.

Oh well…here are two pictures from my trip that I really like; the first is sunset on the evening of the 26th, in Kochi, on the backwaters:

sunset with the chinese fishing nets kochi 260807

Behind the fishing nets, the rain is still coming down…

And the second is the early morning sun from my aircraft window as we flew over the Western Ghats, towards Bengaluru….

light over the mountains

Both these are for asakiyume, who opened my eyes afresh to the beauty that the sky can bring. (In fact, I think you should change your name to “askyume”. OK, O.J –Orrible Joke– over.)

And…let me mention once again how MUCH I enjoy that Canon S3….!

Anjali’s excellent collage of the Mason Wasp building her nest…And bad news for JLR

July 7, 2007

When I went to meet the people who were taking the Naturalists’ Training Program, at the JLR property in Bannerghatta in May this year, I found every one fascinated by the mud nest that a Mason Wasp (also called a Potter Wasp, for reasons obvious below) had built. She proceeded to lay her eggs and then brought a paralyzed caterpillar which she stuffed into the nest and sealed in, as food for the larva when it would hatch.

This process has been posted as a very nice collage by anjali_ar…and here’s the link to her journal entry:

This morning I switched on the Suvarna channel to watch the music telecast (they are continuously telecasting bits and pieces from my concert recording)…I got the news that there was a fire yesterday at Shrungar Shopping Complex where the JLR office is situated, and there was actually video footage of the damage done to the JLR main office. I will have to ask Karthik what the damage is…looked rather bad.

The buildings have a tangled web of wires everywhere as they are very old; and a short circuit is believed to have caused the fire.

Preparations for opening the flyover

July 29, 2006


Work is going on hectically for the past 2 days, since it was announced that the flyover next to our home will be opened on Monday. Well, at LAST!


They have left the service road intact, and even planted neem trees,— but — from the road just beyond our apartment complex on, towards Bannerghatta. If this could be done, why not spare the service road in front of a residential apartment, as well as the trees? It would have made a good screen for us from the traffic.

For the width of road that a pedestrian now faces, the width of the pavement is PATHETIC. Even our ramp into the main road is not smooth at all.

After coming out of the flyover, Bannerghatta road will abruptly narrow down very sharply. This being so, the trees that were cut down last month could have been spared.

Oh well, no use grumbling, nothing will help..and at least, at last, this flyover is going to open, 3 and a half suffering-filled years later…let’s see what the traffic is going to be like…