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Already a week has gone by….

September 9, 2005

Can’t believe that a week has gone by since we landed in the early hours of 1st September! We had a wonderful time in NY, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Natural History Museum and the Hayden Planetarium, and met up with some of the Gangue members and friends from Muscat….went to Portland Maine where our sambandhis have a lovely new house that could actually accomodate 65 people for the wedding reception they gave DnA.

I realize that the way our tickets are booked ensure that on EVERY flight I am going to get selected for “random” screening, in which they just stop short of looking into my body orifices….I am planning to phone my airline carrier and complain about it, but I don’t know if it is going to help.

The New Orleans flood situation is still grim; I think, with long practice, we seem to be better equipped to deal with adversity….

St Louis is quite pleasant, and the new home is so beautiful….I will wait for the weekend to spend time with the new owners and have fun!