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Bannerghatta….again….wonderful morning!

April 4, 2009

Today we went as an all-woman group to the Bannerghatta area beyond the large quarry, and later to the Zoo area…and the sightings were amazing, including an Egyptian Vulture, a Short-Toed Snake Eagle, a rufous male Paradise Flycatcher, White-Browed Fantail Flycatcher, the Tickell’s Blue, a Blue-Capped Rock Thrush and so on and on and on…..

But there is some problem with my Gmail, and I am not able to upload pictures to my Photobucket…will have to sort it out…

JLRNTP-1, March 27,28,29,2009

March 30, 2009

I went, as usual, to meet all the people who took the NTP….this time, there has been a full contingent (the accomodation at the Bannerghatta property of JLR is 8 X 2, and 17 people had registered, which meant that three of the young women have had to share one tent!

I realized that I knew several members beforehand, but it was nice to meet others for the first time, too!

The group was a very nice one, including a mother-daughter duo, and another young couple who had brought their delightful five-year-old, Arohi, along with them. Arohi and I had a great time swinging on the suspended tyre in the campus, and trailing around the place while the others were getting edified!

Here’s the very intelligent, articulate little girl (sorry, young female person):

arohi jlrntp 270309 bg

more about the NTP Nature Trail

A Cashewal Post….

March 24, 2009

I suddenly decided to take Madhusmita, a friend whom I met on the JLRNTP egroup, and who has become quite close, to the Bannerghatta Zoo area this morning…..

Here’s a very expensive fruit from a very valuable tree….

cashewnuts bg 240309 bg zoo area

Those are cashew nuts…..

Here’s more info about them, at

Aren’t they beautiful, as well as being tasty? There are quite a few trees, here and there, near the tourist area….

Scenes from Bannerghatta Forest area, 210309

March 23, 2009

Though the birds kept us occupied, our mission (Ramesh, Geetanjai, Anush and I…all NTP members) was to try and identify a village to develop homestays in, and to try and develop bird trails and train some of the village youth to act as bird guides, giving them both revenue and a reason to protect the birds and the environment. We have been somewhat successful…

But so many beautiful scenes took my eye….

The stream that runs through the area we visited makes patterns of light and shadow as it runs tinkling over the rocks:

more sights

Birds from the Bannerghatta Forest Area, 210309

March 23, 2009

Every time I visit the Bannerghatta Forest area (as distinct from the Bannerghatta Zoo/Butterfly Park area), I see so many birds; last time the raptor sighting that had me in raptors raptures was the Marsh Harrier; this time it was this beautiful SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE soaring overhead:

see the birds….

Two signboards at Bannerghatta….

March 14, 2009

We detest plastic, through and through….

And beware, you could be prosecuid!

Ma! Look! There’s a whole new world out there!

March 14, 2009

Of course we went to Bannerghatta again today….there were 9 of us…thank, you, Veena, for bringing along Deepak,Jyoti, Manohar, and Puneeth….and we were the LJ gang… anushsh, itsalouwelylife,mohanvee, and I….

And of course the only mammals were the macaques….but they are endlessly entertaining and wonderful.

Here’s a little one very curious to discover the world, even as his mother kept trying to hide him from us, and actually ducked her head hoping that it would make him do likewise….but he was TOO interested in what was before him!

We had some amazing sightings, and I actually think I got awful but documentation shots of the SCIMITAR BABBLER, COMMON BUZZARD,CHESTNUT-TAILED STARLING, not to mention the usual TICKELL’S BLUE FYLCATCHER, the WHITE-THROATED FANTAIL FLYCATCHER, the ASIAN PARADISE was flycatcher day!

I’m off to Ragihalli tomorrow…so will post a lot of pics over this week!

Meanwhile…no monkey business, you lot!

BOS2 (Bannerghatta On Saturday, Two)

March 10, 2009

Last Saturday I couldn’t find anyone with a car for birding, so anushsh and I got into Bus no. 365 once again, and of course, both the birding and light were lovely…

We started off with several RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS which were sitting on the wire, preparatory to swooping and hawking in the air. Here’s one, singing its sweet morning song:

lots of other things to see

A friend in Bellary

January 24, 2009

Moderating the JLRNTP egroup has benefited me in many ways; I have met a lot of interesting people. One of these is Santosh Martin, who live in Bellary. I had heard of Santosh’s work in researching and documenting the Great Indian Bustard in Bellary District, but when I visited him, I found that he was much more versatile than that!

More about Santosh Martin

The Mammals and Birds of Daroji

January 22, 2009

Our trip to Daroji was suddenly thought of and even more suddenly executed. I must thank Santosh Martin, a fellow NTP-er, for extending such warm hospitality to me; he was at the station at 6am with his car, and took us home to an uncomplaining mother, wife and daughter, too!

Santosh is very involved in several projects (I am doing a separate article on him!), and one of them is the Daroji Bear Sanctuary.

Of course, the “main” mammal that one would look for in Daroji would be the SLOTH BEAR:

more pictures from Daroji here