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June 8, 2017


When the sky boils over
In shades of scudding grey
When the clouds talk loudly to each other
I wonder what they say?

Do they like to light up the place
Where they are around?
Do they decide upon the spot and then
Zap electricity to the ground?

Do they peal out with such loud thunder
To give us folks a jolt?
Perhaps they feel quite gleeful
When we jump at lightning bolts!

It’s quite easy to feel happiness
When it’s a fleecy, blue-sky cloud.
We feel much more overawed and quiet
When the cloud lights up, and cracks aloud.

The title refers to

an eponymous movie by Satyajit Ray


May 15, 2017

I thirst…
Not for love, money or
Even happiness.
I thirst for water
To quench the parched earth
To bring green to the brown
To bring fresh hope to those
Who raise crops and food for us.
I need water
To fill the pots
Of each slum-dweller
Who puts her (it’s never a he)
Vessel in a long line of colours,
Waiting to drink, wash and live.
I have had enough of grishma ritu.
I want varsha…not just the odd shower
Or thunderstorm, but a steady,
Cloudy, drumming season
That will replenish the depleted
Plateau,that we live on
And call home.


June 9, 2016

The air cools rapidly, and the light dims as boiling, heavy clouds boil over the landscape. The breeze builds rapidly into a wind, whipping up the summer dust, lashing the palm fronds into a frenzy. The first huge drops splash upon the parched ground.

Every sense is overwhelmed: the ears by the thunder, the eyes by the strange,dim light from behind the massing clouds, and the lightning that dances across them, or that lances to the ground; the skin by the feel of the rain, the nose by the aroma of wet earth… that incomparable fragrance that fills the air.

We raise our eyes to the heavens, and give thanks for the life-giving showers.After the torrid summer, the monsoon is here.


Here’s one song describing the arrival of the monsoon, and the eager wait for it.

The last few seconds depict, too. how disappointing (and cataclysmic to the farmer) it can be when the rains fail.

Varsha, Bhoomi, Prakriti

June 24, 2013

View of monsoon showers from Nandi Hills

Taken at Nandi Hills, 23 June, 2007…exactly six years ago! Right now, a storm is raging outside, here in St.Louis.

The clouds gather, and darken.
Heavy, bearing water, they scud along.
Low-hanging, in cottony shreds,
Higher up, boiling, as if
The water in them were
Hot, instead of icy cold.
The breeze stiffens, too.
Coolness, welcome after the heat,
Pervades the very air.
The trees sway in the rising wind,
And that eerie light, that presages a storm
Makes the whole scene glow.
Lightning forks down…majestic, awe-inspiring.
The thunder follows, scary claps, or distant rumbles.
The first big, fat, drops fall
And dry at once, on the hot footpath.
But more and more follow,
Until it’s a stream of water
Falling from the sky.
It sounds trite and traditional,
But the hearts of sundered lovers
Yearn to be together again.
Children, on the other hand,
Hold on to their parents
And try to swallow their fear
Of the elemental forces.
The monsoon’s begun…the wonderful, unique
“Smell-of-the-earth”, that comes with the first touch
Of rainwater, on the parched earth,
Raises emotions in our hearts,
Even as beasts and birds
Scurry for shelter, or stand patiently,
Drenched in the sustained downpour
With which Nature renews her annual promise
To her sister, the Earth.

Monsoon…rain, and rivers, and waterfalls

August 17, 2011

Water is everywhere during the monsoon; one drives through it….

The water roars through the mountains, in the mist that the clouds bring:

The mist lifts, and the thundering cataract can be seen:

It can be seen dividing itself into two cascades:

Rain and rivers…the life-givers that give us respite from the summer heat, bring forth fresh life, and replenish the earth’s reserves of fresh water, that creatures need for their existence. I love the monsoon.

Magod Falls, 140811.

The weather….

May 16, 2009

The clouds built up the thunderheads today; it did remind me a lot of the monsoon; the gusting winds, the lightning, and the sudden coolness…..

thunderclouds building up 150509

The sun made a valiant gesture to shine through….

sunlight 150509

But then, the rain set in (naturally, when we were out shopping and had to get to the car with the purchases!)

rainy evening schnucks 150509

I guess the last thunderstorm and winds caused this:

crooked chimney 150509

Either that, or the moral of the story is, smoking makes you all crooked!

Agumbe…Sun, Mist, Clouds…..

October 6, 2008

YAYYY, I found the card reader, must begin the mammonth task of deleting lousy photographs now.

But two I really like:

Agumbe has the highest rainfall in south India, and mists,rain, and a hide-and-seek sun are usual.

Here’s the sunrise on the day we arrived:

And here’s another afternoon:

I love the “fingers of God”….

Ooh, I have got the S3 pics on the camera…. the pictures may be erratic, but there has been so much of learning, hopefully it will sink into the concrete cauliflower and not sink without trace…! 🙂

Indra Dhanush

September 3, 2008

It was raining heavily in the morning; the afternoon was filled with bright, hot sunshine; the evening had both sunshine and rain, and so this resulted:

We were able to see half the circle, but it’s beyond the scope of my MLC (Canon S3) to capture it…

In Hindu mythology, the rainbow is the bow of Indra. Indra’s weapon is the Vajra or thunderbolt; he associates with Vaayu, the wind god, and Varun, the god of rain. Indra, by the way, is a “designation”, any god with the right qualifications can become Indra.

Oh, and there are moonbows , too…I have seen one in Cumberland, Kentucky …the one I saw was very faint, nothing like the pictures in that link!

Clouds In The Sky….

August 28, 2008

It was bright sunshine in the afternoon, but as I walked down to the department store with my friend, the first couple of clouds moved across the sun:

The massive thunderheads began forming, but they still had their golden lining from the solar light:

Then, behind the water-bearing clouds, the ice-formations started showing, breaking the sunlight into prismatic rainbow colours.

Later on in the evening, it rained heavily..the steady pour of the monsoon rain…clouds are so very beautiful.

I don’t have to say to whom this post is dedicated….A——-e!

Bengali literature is full of descriptions of the beauty of the monsoons….


July 15, 2008

Q. If one has undergone a bereavement that still has that raw-wound quality, touch-and-I-wince, after nearly a month….what does one do that will provide a little comfort?

A. One sees an excellent play and walks back in the pouring rain, clutching one’s bag close under the umbrella, for fear of the MLC, and the notes for the play review, and eating a chocolate ice-cream cone.

I walked in silence for the most part, letting the pouring rain give me some peace. As the dark clouds roiled overhead, I felt some of the dark clouds in my mind shifting…a little…

amoghavarsha sent me lovely pictures of my parents when he visited Chennai last time; little did I know that I would require one of my brother, too….sobering realization, that I am the only one of my immediate family left alive.

Am quite concerned about someone else far away, too…I never worry about money, but health is something that is just not under our control sometimes.

To cheer myself up a little more:

Here’s another view of that beauty, the Scaly-Breasted Munia, it’s got some food in its mouth this time!

Almost Cinderella time….going to use the Vonage phone now….