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Accuracy in journalism today

November 14, 2018

Journalism today is exemplified by the following apology:

“Yesterday, in an article, we stated that Mr. X is a defective in the police force. We sincerely apologize. Mr. X is a detective in the police farce.”

What brought this on? A photo of mine in the Hindu has been credited to Deepa Menon!


is the link to the article by Marianne de Nazareth, who has used my photo of the beautiful Sesbania grandiflora flower…


Correcting a mistake….

April 14, 2013

and I were having a conversation about the do’s and don’ts of telling someone that they are wrong.

I learnt how to correct someone, without making them feel small, from . I’d made a mistake (I can’t remember what it was). Instead of pointing out my mistake in her reply comment, which she so easily could have, she sent me an email, *suggesting* that I might be mistaken, and giving the correction.

I learnt this valuable lesson from her, and now I follow the same practice. And whenever I am corrected in public, and made to feel small, I thank . I try, when I correct someone, to say, “in my opinion” it may be x not y…or that *perhaps* its x not y… dictum sapienti sat est…a word to the wise is sufficient.

Prashanth said that when he was in college, one of his teachers made a statement that was wrong. He went later to the teachers’ room and talked to her about it, couching his correction in respectful terms. She later announced to the class that she had been mistaken, and that he’d set her right. Later, when he was in danger of failing the subject she was teaching, having forgotten the same solution, she helped himm and…he just about passed the exam!

It’s quick and easy to point out others’ mistakes. However, with a little effort, one can do so and yet retain the goodwill of the relationship.

I know several people (and I am thinking of one particular individual!) who will never praise, but is quick to point out mistakes…always in public! The irritation I feel in being corrected like this is often difficult to swallow…so, A…thank you for the valuable lesson! And PC…at 22, I think it was awesome that you didn’t use the correction as an opportunity to score off your teacher…that’s real good-heartedness and maturity.

Can you spot it?

February 2, 2012

mishtek 300112

It’s one of the clever ones I’ve seen lately!

More birds in Forest Park

May 19, 2009

I seem to have left these birds out of the list of the Forest Park birds…

The PURPLE MARTIN is very difficult to photograph, as it rarely alights long enough! But I came across this condo built for them:

purple martins 280409

There seems to be some concern about these birds; I found this signboard giving details about the bird:

purple martin details 280409

And it also said that the population of these birds is declining:

280409 martin decline signboard fp

However, the wiki entry lists these birds’ extinction chances as “least concern”

Certainly, they look fairly plentiful to ME! I hope it’s not a case similar to that of the BARN OWL in Bangalore…I joined a Barn Owl Conservation group, and later Karthik laughingly told me it was totally unnecessary, because the increase in the rat population would automatically bring the Barn Owls back to Bangalore (which they did!)

Here’s the common BARN SWALLOW:

purple martin 100509 forest park

Another lovely bird in the Des Peres creek is this lovely BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON

great blue heron 100509


brown-headed cowbird

And since I have found these birds very shy compared to the other everyday birds, and have been going around hoping to get photographs of them, this morning I found three of these RED CARDINALS looking down on me from our own rooftop! Before I could get the camera, one had flown, and the other two allowed me only a single shot, before they, too, disappeared over the roof:

red cardinals on our roof 190509

Update: I had got this post and id’s all messed up! A big thanks to the three people who took the effort and time to correct me! asakiyume did not even post a comment, she emailed me so that I could correct the id’s without appearing quite the klutz I am…but I think my mistakes, as much as my observations, should be on public record…

We have to undress on some egroups now…

March 17, 2009

From one of the nature-centric egroups that I belong to:

“I do not yet have a professional grade Camera. Please bare with the quality.”

So, members have to take off their clothes very carefully….what if our quality does not measure up?

HUGE indiscretion

March 13, 2009

I thought I was posting some information about one person to another, both of whom are undergoing a lot of difficulties… and posted it to a whole egroup….I am feeling utterly miserable. This is the kind of damage that I cannot undo; and to talk more about it would only make it worse.

The worst part is that the person concerned is extremely sweet-natured, and has quietly overlooked such a bad gaffe on my part….and will probably forgive me whole-heartedly, too..that makes me, actually, feel worse.

I wish I was more careful….but as a friend said, I cannot repine too much over it, but must be very, very careful in future..I *am* normally very careful whom I email about what..I cannot remember committing such a crime before…but that doesn’t excuse what I have done.

The point is, how I am feeling pales in comparison with how the other person must be feeling…

Why am I such a KLUTZ! Yes, I realize that I am not alone, and that it was a slip…but that doesn’t make things better at all.

I could easily walk under a cockroach, with room to spare.


I just got an email from someone pointing out a factual error in a post that I had made on Citizen Matters. I sent an apology to the person…and it bounced. But I was able to rectify the error immediately online.

I *wish* the other mistake could be rectified like that,simply and easily!


Enjoyable stuff….

October 2, 2006


I used to think, when I saw funny notices or hoardings, ” I wish I could photograph that”…well, this time, I had the digital camera (well, the Pujo photos were by KM) and here are two delights:

IMG_0003 Free women....

Either they tailor free women and give them to you, or they don’t charge for tailoring women…take your pick. This is in Ulsoor. (and remember, this is only the nursery section; they have an advanced section somewhere.)

And now for the stall at the Pujo:

IMG_0020 Organied...hmm...

Er…would anyone like to try a Bengali organ? Or would you be filled with “concern”?

You can imagine my joy when I spotted these yesterday!