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Morning walk, 080717

July 8, 2017

The morning walk, in cool, cloudy weather, is a great joy.

I start by buying the Deccan Herald (the news is always the same, but I love the Saturday cryptic crossword). I walk under the shade of large trees, watching the vegetable, fruits and flower vendors setting up for the morning.


Joggers, walkers, and others pass me or fall behind. Several people stand on the grass, contorting themselves into good health.

Barbets and Koels welcome the morning as they clear their throats, prior to singing their familiar songs.The screech of a squirrel as the resident Shikra catches it. A snatch of Venkatesha Suprabhatham from someone who has apparently not heard of earphones.

The White-Hair-or-No-Hair brigade sitting in easy companionship, with steaming cups of darshini coffee, and the morning papers. Youngsters employed in call centers leaving, looking bleary-eyed.

I come home, tear off yesterday’s sheet on my Murugan calendar, and give thanks for the new day that lies ahead. And yes, I have filled in a few words in the crossword!

Morning walk

September 11, 2012

I wake up early, and I think it’s usually the most wonderful part of the day. Yesterday’s cares seem distant and behind me; the air, and my mind, are fresh and ready for today. It feels wonderful to stretch one’s legs, and walk…not much, just about 4.5 km….and it’s a great time to think one’s own thoughts, introspect, say a few prayers….

I also love to observe the people walking, jogging and running…and the various services that have sprung up to cater to them. Green leafy vegetables being sold to them…this has now developed into a small morning market (more expensive, by a factor of 15%, than the 9th Block market, but very convenient.) which disperses by 9.30am. A young man has containers of various vegetable juices. I don’t know the merits of this, but a lot of people patronize him. Several banners announce various yoga and meditation classes.

I love hearing some of the common birds. The “trooo-trooo” call of the Barbet, the shrieking of the parakeets, the mewling noise of the Black Kites…of course, the cawing of the ever-present crows. Now, because of the heaped garbage, there are two silent birds…the Shikra and the Barn Owl, which, in the dawn light, swoop in noiseless flight on the rodents in the trash.

The smells are a great part of the walk, too. The flowers for sale have their lovely scent, as do the fallen flowers of the Akasha Mallige (Indian Cork Tree). The smell of fresh coffee wafts from the local darshini (eatery) as does the aroma of frying vadas. A lot of walkers wind up here! I am afraid I’ll have to add the smell of the garbage to the list, too.

People meet and greet each other…or go past, intent on their exercise. The walking inside the park is very regulated, with even the direction to walk in being specified…so I prefer walking outseide on the road. The tall trees come alive with bird-chatter. I enjoy watching the change of security guards in the IT companies.

The weather in Bangalore is very conducive to walks, and early morning walks nowadays mean that one can see a lot of mufflers,monkey caps, sweaters and scarves. Since I perspire a lot, I usually do not wear any of these.

Ah…while I have been ruminating, I have come back to my front gate. Off I go, climbing up to my fourth-floor flat, to enjoy some old Hindi songs on TV, read my newspaper, and sip my first hot thimbleful of coffee…I have learnt to have it the “baitu” way…just a small amount, piping hot. Good morning to you folks, I hope your days begin as happily as mine!

Web of Light….

January 20, 2011

When I go for my morning walk around the Mini Forest, it’s often dark, and so it’s easy to see the magic of the cobwebs that the spiders spin, to catch the insects that are drawn to the light….

light web 190111 mf

That’s the way the web starts…on some lamps, the creation is quite impressive:

cobweb   down 190111 mf

In the dark, the filaments of the web seem to be made of light themselves….a light-trap, to catch the unwary, that the predators build of gossamer….just look at the strength of the web, that can trap so much debris and hold it up without breaking!

cobweb full 190111

The Photo-Shoot Shot….

April 15, 2009

I got a call from Prasad , a freelance photographer who has moved to Bangalore from his native Hyderabad, and we fixed up 11am on Sunday as the time for the photo shoot. Prasad was very punctual indeed, but I don’t think he was prepared to be photographed in his turn!

Here’s Prasad with his brother, who is visiting from Hyderabad…

prasad pro photographer 120409

Youu can see my LRT (Little Rattle Trap)in front, with the useful and uncool basket!

Prasad carries a variety of equipment, including a Canon 450D, a Nikon D70, and various lenses, filters, flash and diffusers. Here he is, getting ready to shoot:

prasad getting ready to shoot 120409

Once he took out his equipment, he asked me to cycle around the Mini Forest (which I was rather reluctant to do, as I don’t think cycles are allowed there) and started shooting.

120409 prasad shooting

As the bushes nearly hid my little LRT from the camera view, we went back to the road, and it was very funny indeed to go cycling on the same stretch, back and forth, as he got his shots; I had to wait if there were other people or vehicles in the frame!

We also tried a couple of shots within my apartment building, but I refused to cycle on the lawn, and anywhere else wasn’t suitable.

I got them both “thimble chai” from the nearby vendor, and promised to look at his photo site, which I did…and I am properly impressed!

I do not know when the article will appear in “Harmony” magazine, or what it will say…but being interviewed and photographed was fun!

I did ask him to send me a few images, and he agreed, but nothing in the email so far…..perhaps they are all the property of the magazine!

Three different kinds of passion….

December 10, 2008

Here’s the Red Passion Flower, which is blooming now in the Mini Forest near my home:

Here’s my INW post with the white one:

And the purple one:

If anyone has images of this flower in other colours…do send me the images or the links!


Delightful little girl….

August 4, 2008

We were sitting in my local darshini, Park View, when I noticed this little angel playing peek-a-boo with her mother:

And then the pAni pooris arrived, and madam was all concentration…

Why are the proportions of a child’s body…the chubby arms and body are short in comparison to the head…so endearing?

This is going to be…purple prose….

June 5, 2008

Yesterday I saw what I thought was the Purple Sari Club on their annual convocation….

I went up to them and asked them who they were, but they were very evasive. First someone said they were all domestics in someone’s house; I was pretty impressed that all of them had been given uniforms, even though I might not have chosen the same colour…then another one said they worked “somewhere else” and were having a meeting….aha, the workers of the world (at least the purple-clad ones) are rising against the corrupt capitalists?

They carefully stopped talking until I left the scene! I am full of curiosity now about who they are, and what they were discussing…

Two views of passion…

April 3, 2008

Passion is necessary to life…

Here’s the Passion Flower (passiflora) :

passiflora passion flower 310308 mini forest jpnagar

I saw one flower a few days ago in the little park near my home and went to photograph it; I was rewarded by the sight of four; hopefully, many more will be blooming soon…I am not sure if they have been deliberately planted or are just growing there.

It’s been, according to the newspaper, the wettest March Bangalore has had in…133 years! So here’s “sky ocean” picture:

cloudy days....230308

Am *intensely* irritated and am trying to cool myself down with all the pictures, will succeed soon. I must say, though, that for some time, I was wallowing in it, which is BAD.


July 18, 2007

I love calligraphic images, and love the Islam calligraphy that is so intricate..but recently, I find a lot of good examples in the Hindu idiom, too. Here’s a sticker I found at the back on a van near my home; the calligraphy is of the various names for Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, who is the remover of obstacles:

vinayaka 120707 miniforest

The names are (from the crown level,downwards, reading left to right):

gaN nAyak















The name that is the form of the Mooshik, Ganesha’s vehicle, at the bottom of the sticker, I can’t make out properly….or is the name one more synonym for Ganesha? Would appreciate some help on this…

All names are in the Devanagari script, which is what Sanskrit and Hindi are written in.

The Rain…

May 24, 2007

I had not had a single thought worth posting today..but then, the rain began.

It started with a sudden drop in the ambient temperature; the clouds gathered; I knew that the rain was impending, but didn’t know if it would be a passing shower, a city-paralyzing lashing like we received yesterday, or a steady downpour.

Turns out it’s the latter. It’s raining steadily..and here’s summer, as depicted by the Gul Mohar blooms, and its end, depicted in the wet road and the wet people:

Rain May 24 07 one

The dust was gone in an instant and everything was cool and green. Here, the summer is in the mangoes on the tree and the end of it is the shine on the leaves…

Rain May 24 07 two

more rain pics, click here