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Pavement wares

September 29, 2008

Sometimes, amidst the plastic and the tawdry stuff that one finds on the footpath stalls, one comes across nuggets….

Those are woodcuts, meant to be used for block printing, or perhaps for rangoli or mehendi…except for the paisley patterns, each is unique.

Each cost five rupees…a pittance for such artistic work!

At a Tambram wedding…

June 28, 2007

In the middle of taking the required “people” pics, I thought of focusing on the foot of the bride.

IMG_0635 9 yards and Metti

She is wearing a beautiful “mayil kazhutthu” (neck-of-the-peacock)Kanchipuram silk 9-yards saree, that is traditonally worn for the actual wedding ceremony; her foot is decorated with intricate maruthANi (mehendi) patterns; she wears a silver anklet, and just a few minutes ago, the “metti” (toe-ring) was put on her second toe, a mark of her being married.

The pAy (rush mat) on which she is standing is one that will be gifted to the newlweds, it usually bears, woven in, the name of the couple and the wedding date (you can see part of the “2007”)…the flowers scattered around her feet were showered upon the couple in benison.

Mehendi as a calendar

October 29, 2005

I am sure no one has thought of this….I first realized it when I had mehendi the day before the engagement of a friend’s daughter. I didn’t intend it to,but it got on my nails. I rather liked the effect, and then I applied mehendi again just before I left for the US. Each date is thus marked on my growing nails, and the mark before the engagement was clipped off….just before I applied the mehendi for the same young woman’s marriage! So the passage of time is there to see on my fingernails….