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Rolling through SFO Bay…

September 26, 2011

We think of hard work only as something we do on our routine work, and something that is not fun…but occasionally the two come together.

I can only marvel at the amount of prior planning…and then the relentless hard work, that must have gone into a creation such as this:

Oh my goodness! How did he keep the project intact for 35 years!

Great match

September 24, 2007

We were invited to someone’s home to sit and watch the India-Pakistan twenty-twenty cricket match, and it was as enjoyable as the earlier one…it was a real humdinger and we won in the final over. But even if Pakistan had won, I would not have felt bad, the gritty way in which they fought back was very impressive indeed. Truly a good match to watch, no matter who won.

Drove back through rather rowdy scenes of celebration, though, and since KM was fast asleep, I was a little nervous about driving through the crowds of youngsters…but all was well.

I think T20 cricket is here to stay…shall we, in the future, watch ten-ten, five-five and finally, one-over matches? Best of 3 balls? 😉