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Thrilling visitor at Portland, Maine…

November 27, 2011

This morning, emailed me, saying they had all thought of me when they saw this on the tree of their front lawn:

bld egle ptlnd me 261111

I usually drive down to Alton, Illinois, to see this most majestic of American raptors (and the iconic one!) when I visit St.Louis.

And….birders all over will smile to see what was mobbing the bird….

L egle and crow 261111 maine

Apparently, crows are “mobsters” the world over!

Phots by Derek Shaffer.

DS’ mother, L, told me on the phone that someone she met was waxing eloquent about how they’d had a great sighting of the Bald Eagle, and it was all she could do not to mention that they had visit from the bird, right at home!

Two views from Portland, Maine

November 26, 2011

AM sent these lovely photographs of:

The view of the Atlantic from her in-law’s home:

Vw fr ptlnd he's am 251111

And of Portland Head Light, one of the three lighthouses that are visible from their home:

Portland hdlgt 251111 am

New England, I think, is one of the most beautiful parts of the United States of America!

An architect….

October 26, 2011

LS was a math major in college; after her sons were born and were in school, she decided to study architecture. A few years ago, she took the very tough 9-part licentiate exam and qualified to practice on her own.


is her website…Wave House is her own home, designed and built recently. I’ve visited there a couple of times…it’s a warm home, not just an “architect-designed house”.

I am proud that my daughter is her daughter-in-law!

Boodima on a boat…

September 28, 2011

Those of you who are not interested in photos of GD…pass on please, this post is nothing but.

GD, who began her life as Eli (mouse), became Biddles, and Boodles and Beedool and then Boodi Ma (old woman, in Bengali!) webt with her parents to visit her paternal grandparents at Portland, Maine.

“Is this post about me?” she seems to ask here.

boodi 170911 maine

Yes, it is!

DnA met her grand-aunt in Boston and they all took the bus to Portland, and while there, went on a short cruise to Casco Bay.

Here’s GD, picking herself up off the floor of the boat:


With Grampa:


With Nanna (don’t they look alike?)


Nanna gets a kiss:


Finally…they call her “Hurricane Hair”, but in this photograph, the whole family seems to have the same windblown hairstyle!

dnank ptlnd me 170911

I *do* wish they didn’t live so faaaar away…..

And thanks to Nanna (LS) for sending me these lovely photos!

Great poem by Rockwell Kent

January 11, 2007

Poem by Rockwell Kent
Dear Sir, You ask me how to buy
Great art for your collection.
You’ll pardon me, therefore, if I
Am frank in this connection.
First, then, avoid the purchase of
Whatever gives you pleasure,
For probably the things you love
Are bad beyond all measure.
Beware the dealer’s guiding hand
And grasp it with misgiving;
He knows that you know nothing, and
That’s how he makes his living.
All studio receptions shun
And Greenwich Village dances
And when you meet an artist, run
Like mad from his advances.
Mistrust all articles on Art
And critic’s expositions;
From dilettantes stay apart,
And shy at exhibitions.
In fact, one single rule I know
Which possibly may aid you,
And that is simply this; lay low
And trust in God who made you.
And when you’re sure a thing’s *not* great
And know that you don’t like it,
Buy it at once; don’t hesitate;
And ten to one, you’ll strike it.

Rockwell Kent

Part of the exhibit on the writings, works and paintings of Rockwell Kent, the famous artist of Maine, at the
Portland Museum of Art, visited 6th of September, 2005.

Christmas in Maine

December 25, 2006

We took a very early morning flight to Portland, and here we are, in the home of the S’s, a lovely, warm, welcoming home. LS’s mother, at 83, has flown in from Florida..she still looks so exquisitely beautiful. We just finished a late lunch and I am typing on the bridegroom-to-be’s laptop….Have to go and gift-wrap stuff now, and I am pretty glad that there is NO snow around here, however cold it is!

Will post a few pictures soon, I hope…but until then…all of you….enjoy yourselves!

Already a week has gone by….

September 9, 2005

Can’t believe that a week has gone by since we landed in the early hours of 1st September! We had a wonderful time in NY, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Natural History Museum and the Hayden Planetarium, and met up with some of the Gangue members and friends from Muscat….went to Portland Maine where our sambandhis have a lovely new house that could actually accomodate 65 people for the wedding reception they gave DnA.

I realize that the way our tickets are booked ensure that on EVERY flight I am going to get selected for “random” screening, in which they just stop short of looking into my body orifices….I am planning to phone my airline carrier and complain about it, but I don’t know if it is going to help.

The New Orleans flood situation is still grim; I think, with long practice, we seem to be better equipped to deal with adversity….

St Louis is quite pleasant, and the new home is so beautiful….I will wait for the weekend to spend time with the new owners and have fun!