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I must be careful…

November 5, 2014

A lesson I have learnt from the moon.

I may imagine that I am carefully showing only my illuminated, best parts to the world…but my dark side will also show….


Experiments with light, 190914, Forest Park

September 26, 2014

I went and met Danny Brown in Forest Park, and spent a contented morning. There were no new birds, but I was trying out shots in different light settings.

The early morning sunshine was something I had to get from Danny’s running car:


The rising sun on the Cooper’s Hawk gave me another opportunity to shoot against the sun:


This, to me, provided more drama than the conventional sunlight-on-the-bird shot.


There was the light on grass seeds:


The long shadows, and the arch of the bridge made an interesting composition:


I thought the sepia generalized the bird and accentuated the lines and curves.


The mist rising off the water made a good capture.


Even the common Mallard looked lovely in the golden light.


I enjoyed the various poses!





Greenery against the light was lovely, too.


Then we came across a Wood Duck couple, partially in the light, and partially out of it. This was quite a challenge, getting the birds and their reflections without too much of washout.




Getting details with the zoom was important.


Of course, Danny clicked away like the pro that he is; it was I who was struggling!


I got the male Wood Duck alone:


Getting macro shots against the morning light was also tough.


Another common bird, the Starling:


I got a Cormorant in mid-flight:



In the twilight, I went again to Forest Park, and got the Great Horned Owls that Mark and Brenda were showing some people:



I may not be producing earth-shaking shots, but I’m quite happy with my experiments with light at various times of the day.

Pushcart vendor, Manipal, 090214

February 10, 2014

I first saw the pushcart in the evening glow.


The sun passed through the bottles, setting them alight.


Who was buying? Were they buying the liquid, or the light?


At night, the colours, instead of melting into the darkness, were even more vivid:


Colours…and thoughts.

September 22, 2013


Even if I am not a happy person, all I have to do is to reflect other people’s happiness, and I will become happy myself. I got this lesson from this dark brown, dull wooden wall, which reflected the bright colours.

On the water, St.Louis Symphony Orchestra, Art Hill, Forest Park, 140913

September 22, 2013


When water is light
When one’s thoughts gently float
On a dream of delight
Serene, upon a boat…
Under a near-full moon
That’s scudding through the clouds
Quiet upon the water: soon
Away from the shore, the crowds…

Diamond drops…

June 9, 2013

Diamond dew drops glisten
In the morning sun
The very light seems washed, and fresh…
The rule of night is done.


The mist still lies just above
The ground: the sun’s not yet strong
Refreshing my eyes, my very soul,
I enjoy it as I walk along.


We had a very hectic day…photos of the

Solar Impulse

aircraft, my walk downtown, and the evening in

City Garden

will follow…

Fingers of God

December 7, 2012

When the sun’s rays pierce the clouds, that effect is called the “Fingers of God”. Surely, I feel, God lays His (or Her) fingers on this magic country of the Thunder Dragon! No more words…just enjoy what I saw and want to share with you.

7  fingrs god  btn 231112

3  fingrs god  btn 231112

4  fingrs god  btn 231112

5  fingrs god  btn 231112

6  fingrs god  btn 231112

7  fingrs god  btn 231112

Light in the sky…..

July 20, 2012

We watched the Fourth of July fireworks from a friend’s apartment terrace:


But meanwhile, another light rose in the sky, too….


It was beautiful to see the moon watching the fireworks, too!


It was a wonderful evening…..

moon fireworks 050712 stl


June 23, 2012


Sometimes, the mind says one thing
And the heart another.
“Don’t go!” says the mind,
“Don’t listen to my brother.
“He talks from the middle,
“I talk from the top;
“He may egg you onwards,
“But I ask you to stop.”
Whose pull should I heed?
Whose advice to take?
Which is the course of action
That will not result in a mistake?

Sunlight on water…

May 22, 2012

As I walk in the morning, I often find the sprinklers on in various homes, and sometimes, in the early morning sunlight, they look utterly beautiful…

1 sprinkler 130512

The light plays through the water drops like a mischieveous child with her family…and they, too, reflect the light each in their own way….

6 sprinkler 130512

I am going to post an album of “light-and-water” pics as a Facebook album, will give the link when I finish…..right now, I have an incredibly joyful task ahead of me…