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Gir, and conservation…

April 9, 2012

A very enjoyable trip to Gir (even though often fraught wich too much eventfulness for my liking…being slapped on the head by an arrogant guard at the Somnath temple, and nearly missing our flight back to Bangalore because of an incompetent cab driver….made sure I could just about find time to check my email, and not post anything to LJ…but a recent photo of mine is on the Conservation India photo gallery (I don’t know if they accept all photos or not)..

click here

to see it.

Will be uploading photos of the Gir trip soon….those of you who like lions and other mammals…and some birds…stand by!

A birthday..and a sunset…

December 7, 2011

Today, it’s the birthday of a very dear friend….but since she’s in a very high-powered (and therefore busy) job, we met for coffee on Sunday.

L j,km,n, 041211

I’ve never before seen a thorn flanked by two roses 🙂

We decided that she’d cut pizza as well as cake!

L j ctg pza 041211

But before we did that, I caught the sinking sun…

L snst lndscp 041211

Lower it went…

L sunset sml 041211

Bahind the palm fronds!

L sunset bg 041211

Here’s wishing Jayashree a very happy birthday, with health and happiness!

Birding at Nandi Hills

September 30, 2007

Mahesh Devarajan, his wife Priya, amoghavarsha,amonks, KM and I left as early as we could and drove down to Nandi Hills, intending to get back before noon.

One of the main reasons for our returning much later was this beautiful BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE that kept flying from one telegraph pole to the next, tempting us on to take more photographs…

the ruffled look 300907

details of the trip and more pics, click here

It finally came to this…

July 20, 2007

KM often keeps saying he has forgotten names of people, places and things…today we were chatting and he was mentioning that he forgot something…and later in the conversation, he said, “I forgot somthing earlier..what was it?”

He even forgot what he forgot…!

A Pretty Bird from the Valley School Area, and a trunk…

July 13, 2007

This is the small minivet…

small minivet 080707 valley school

Whenever I hear the name, I confess that I have this irrepressible image of a very, very tiny animal doctor…”small” “mini” “vet”…

Yes, I *can* hear you groaning (all of you groan ups!)….

And to stop that, here’s another picture…That’s the beautiful pattern on the trunk of a Cycad, which Karthik informs me is an angiosperm, a very slow-growing plant. This one is a pretty (!) tall tree in Lalbagh…

Trunk pattens on Cycad, lalbagh 080707

Worthy of being abstract art…I thought of deepsan when I saw that!


July 2, 2007

Remember, I had once made this post about the wonderful camouflage of Nature, and used a photo of a bushlark? Well, here’s another master of disguise that we spotted today in the Valley School area on our field trip…


There the grasshopper is to the centre left of the picture; if you look carefully, you will see that those long twiggy things in the front of the picture are actually its legs…and yet, it’s SO hard to spot!

And to add to this, just when I finally get the creature in my viewfinder, HOPPP! it is off to some other place, making me look for it with slitted eyes, once again…

So when I see those wonderful photographs and watch those documentaries nowadsys, I am in danger of forgetting to watch the content as I muse about how much of effort must have gone into each frame.

I am simply amazed how birds can keep flying around and yet spot prey that is so well disguised. I think they make better naturalists than yours truly…

One of the high points of today’s trip to Valley School Area, off Kanakpura Road

July 1, 2007

I very, very rarely sight snakes (I can’t say “reptiles”, having seen so many Agamas, lizards, geckos, crocs, and monitor lizards!) in the wild; probably because a) they disappear in a trice into the undergrowth and b) I have not been “trained” to spot them (I remember being as bad with birds, some months ago!)…but today,Karthik showed us a baby spectacled cobra….

 Baby Spectacled Cobra Side Pose 1 July 07 Valley School Area off Kanakapura Road

Incredible sight. The little snake was quite annoyed at being spotted, and was hissing like a heated kettle. I was certainly glad that Karthik was around to ensure that it didn’t disappear in a trice into the undergrowth before amoghavarsha,anushsh , KM and I had a good look at it.

 Baby Spectacled Cobra 1 July 07

The whole episode was over in less than a minute…but what a memorable minute it was! Other photos will follow….we saw three Grey Hornbills, and got some lovely macro shots of a plant hopper (what’s that? watch this space!)….but I just couldn’t wait to get to the net and share these snaps. No, I agree, they are not technically good, but the SPEED with which the baby cobra zipped into the undergrowth was just so fast, I am amazed that I got any shots at all! These pics are on the S3IS…KM was so glad that I didn’t keep bugging him for the Canon EOS20D, but there were a few moments when I wanted to….for birding, the EOS with the 300mm Prime is SO good! We met Prashanth Badrinath, an expert birder, along with his friend Vijay; they had just seen an Oriental Honey Buzzard.. the only Oriental thing that WE saw, apart from the landsape of the southern Indian peninsula, of course, was the Oriental Magpie Robin, which will make its appearance in the next post.

First the philosophy, then the picture…

July 2, 2006


The internet erases distances. It brings down the barriers of colour, culture, customs, accents. If you just know English and how to type, you can meet, mind-to-mind, with anyone across the planet. You can get to know the person and not bother about the outside skin. You can get — and give– information about anything and everything imaginable. All this for a very small expense. I have, in the past week– seen a radio-collared tiger; visited 9 states of the US; seen the beauty of various plants; been a silent spectator of highly-technical discussions by intelligent minds spanning the globe, that suddenly descend into personalities; dug out old writings of mine and got them published; exchanged poetry with people on a different continent; booked tickets on some flights;exercised verbs such as wiki-ing and googling which entered my vocabulary not too long ago;listened to music, read a lot of humour, enjoyed a lot of photographs; and kept in touch with many, many people. And all this, when my use of the net is very, very limited. What an incredible invention the net is…..

And now…tarantaraa….for the first time, ladies and gentlemen, and others…a picture in which K.Mohan features as the subject, while parasailing at Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka, in Apr 2004….a picture which *I* took (and that will be, alas, pretty obvious from the picture, too!). I have fought the sense of “Oh, I will never take a single good picture” and decided that I needn’t constantly compare…so…here it is! It was a good camera, so the mistakes are all mine….

There’s my husband, “airy” and “suspenseful” and with “his life hanging by a thread” (well, a few of them), “dropping in” on the beach. He also tried water-skiing and claims that his arms are several inches longer as a result!

Picture 236 Mohan parasailing in Sri Lanka, Apr 2004