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Kolkata, Jorhat, Kaziranga, 07-130517

May 19, 2017

We visited Kolkata


had an evening admiring the Victoria Memorial,



enjoying puchka


jhaal mudi


and visited the family who brought me up.


We visited Pradeep and Sulakshana Barthakur at their home in Jorhat, where they run a centre for children. (Pokamura, 7km from Jorhat)


The location is


Their home is a veritable garden of Eden which they share with all kinds of beings:


Bronzeback Tree Snake


Blue-throated Barbet


We went to Kaziranga National Park, staying at Wild Grass resort.


Hog Deer


Red Jungle Fowl






Swamp Deer (bArAsinghA)


Here’s K1’s beautiful depiction of the elephant safari,



where we saw so much of wildlife.



The Flickr albums are:

Blr-Kol and visit

Kol, Science City and Gariahat Mod


Jorhat, 100517

Wild Grass, Kaziranga, 11,120517

Jorhat, 130517 morning

Jorhat-Guwahati-Bangalore, 130517

It was a memorable trip and I enjoyed it very much, through my own experience and that of my family.

To live without love

February 9, 2017

Who will drop loving kisses
On the cheeks of motherless children?
Who will hug them, tease them, scold them,
Tickle them, cuddle them, laugh with them?
Children need food and sleep…
And so much more, to thrive.
I sing two little children to sleep.
Tears fall from my eyes as I think
Of every child without parents in this world.
The refugees, the orphans, the lost children….
Surely the greatest cruelty in our world
Is to let children live…. without love.

Chennai, 041216

Coming Out, 270914

September 28, 2014

Some people have trouble coming out of the closet.

But our Kallubhai has none at all, coming out of the kitchen cupboard.

The size of those feet amaze me!


The proud “out-comer”


The cupboard was NOT empty, by the way!


Bubbles, 160914

September 18, 2014

We played with bubbles last evening.


Bubbles in the sunset:


I blew the bubbles, and Kavya hunted them down:


Kavya did her share of blowing:



Some bubbles rested, ever so delicately, on the grass:


Some even survived landing on the concrete:


Mother and son arrived, and he joined in:



What can define “delight” better than a child looking at a rainbow bubble?

A birthday card….STL, 310514

June 5, 2014

KTB drew these for her father’s birthday…

bday card 310514

KTB is on the right, in her “Elsa” dress (made for her birthday by her father’s mother), giving the card to her dad; her mother is between them. Her little brother is very little indeed, and her friends Ananya and Aditi are only slightly larger!

This one seems to have a lot of hearts in it, and a nice message!

bday card 2

The flowers of my life, and my hope for travel….

May 27, 2014

My daughter just posted this on FB…so I cannot resist sharing the flowers that fill my life with beauty, colour, fragrance and sometimes a lot of peskiness…

kk 260514

I went through a fairly thorough personal interview at the Swedish embassy about my proposed (and already paid for!) visit…and I told the lady about , , and …she even took down everyone’s LJ id’s….and how I hope to meet all of you in Sweden.

I am not sure I did right in saying that my plans for travelling in the Schengen area are a little fluid. But that’s the way it is…so…that’s votIsed.

Oh well…hope to meet all of you….I may not be able to see your LJ’s all the time or comment…but you lot are true friends and you are one of the main reason why I am visiting (or trying to visit) Sweden!

Also add Deepak and Sumana Vastare (who live in Goteborg with their 7-month-old son Advik) to the list….

Can’t type too well because I have my fingers crossed, and my eyes, too! The decision will be made, and the yes or no stamped on my passport, which I can collect from the Embassy tomorrow, at 3pm…

News about The Boods, STL

April 8, 2014

On the 31st of March, the siblings had water fun:

a bda bdi bath 310314 STL

On the 6th of April, they went to a friend’s Minnie-Mouse-theme party:

boodi with Minnie Mouse, STL, 060414

bdi bday pty 060414

A little more, and he won’t be a cutie, he’ll be an electrocutie:

booda elec 060414

I’ll be going to visit them in the not-too-distant future!

How The Booda grew up before our eyes…

March 17, 2014

Amazing what a difference hair makes to the appearance of a person…even when that person is just 14 months old!

That was Kalyan being shorn of his hair. My daughter wrote


about the first haircut…

Traditionally, the hair is offered in a temple, but the parents didn’t want to do that.

So here we are at the haircutting “saloon”, where “gents” get their hair cut:


AM admires the baby hair one last time:


Checks its length:


The hair is wetted down:


He touches his wet head!


He isn’t bothered at all:


The shearing begins:


The process is nearly complete, and is being documented by his father:


It was the elder sister who was more upset, and sitting with a crumpled-up face in a corner!


I had to come out and get her some mango juice and some chips; but then everyone came out, and we all had “orange kucchi ice” (orange juice sticks, utter sugar bombs!)


Our friend got a share, too:


We went to our friends’ home, where he was bathed, and sandal paste applied to his little head:





He played quite happily, wearing his new shoes:


Within a few minutes, he went from being a little wispy-haired baby to being a little boy:


The full moon that night reminded me of his shiny, sandal-coloured head!


Silicone for health…

August 16, 2013

DSC05984 bda eating bib 130813 stl

While I give KP his cereal and vegetables, he’s under the impression that anything near his mouth is part of the food. It’s a struggle to get the bib out of his mouth, and some food into it. He’s got a very strong grip…whether with his arms or his legs!

It’s already clear that he likes his cereals, but has his preferences amongst the vegetables….he’s NOT fond of carrots or beans. Peas and sweet potatoes are fine…but silicone seems to be the strong favourite, right now….

Articles on Kalyan Varma

May 6, 2011

I met in January 2005; he had just quit his I T job and was a volunteer naturalist with JLR in K.Gudi then. I did not know, then, that we were seeing a young man at the beginning of a long and momentous journey.

Recently, my friend Radha Rangarajan mentioned a blog-interview of Kalyan


I then started hunting for a link to the very first interview of him that I had done, which appeared in the Deccan Herald. I was worried as the link I had was returning a 404 (not found) message, but Anjali Anantharam promptly helped me out with a valid link:

click here

to see the article, heavily edited to conform to the length required.

In 2006, I had not even held a camera in my hands…nor did I know a Prinia from a Munia. I’m glad that I *have* been learning since those days!

I must save my old articles; it will show me how my writing has developed. I still don’t think of my writing as a career in any way (if I depended on it for a living, I’d starve to death, or have to start writing far more often, which would take away the joy of it all!)

Here is some more coverage of Kalyan:

INW (India Nature Watch), 0601107:


His first photography workshop, 290508:


and the keynote address at, 291108:


I do wish I could interview him again, at this stage in his life, when he is on the national and international stage…..let me see when I can meet this very busy celebrity 🙂