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Food, and food for thought, 250418

April 26, 2018

Sometimes, the juxtaposition of two things strikes the eye, as it did when I saw this gentleman, along with a book that a young lady had left open on another table. The caption occurred to me at once.


As he got up, the gentleman called the attention of yet another man to the glasses he’d left behind when moving to another table. Such casual helpfulness, somehow, made me feel very happy!

So much to see and observe even on a short visit to a Darshini (this one was Coffee Thindi in Jayangar 4th T Block)

Making a home in the city, 190417

April 20, 2017


As I stepped out of my daughter’s home, early in the morning, the liquid, burbling call of the Red-whiskred Bulbuls had me looking around. I spotted them flying around and landing near the front entrance:


I soon realized that two of them were busy trying to build a nest in the ornamental palms flanking the entrance.


Look at the beauty of this bird, very common in our city:


Are they also pondering about building apartments, one above the other?


In Shivamogga, too, two of these birds had made a nest in my hosts’ home:


The lady of the house (er, nest) was well-ensconced in the cup-like nest, with only her beak showing:


I left the birds to their breakfast, and walked on.


Dancing in the park, 200314

April 4, 2014

There is a park close to KM’s apartment where children are charged Rs.5 each for entry (adults get in free)..this goes, I think, towards maintenance of the playground equipment. At one edge of the small park is a stage, and children can dance to the music. Both the Boodi and the Booda had a great time there, in spite of recurrent fever and fretfulness.

Trust is a matter of learning to fall into one’s grandfather’s arms.


Here are The Boods, enjoying themselves….







Though the visit was full of fever,work, and was not relaxed, we still had some wonderful moments…and I miss them so!

“World famous in Jayanagar!” :D

February 24, 2014

That’s a local saying, gently ribbing anyone who is getting their names in the news or talked about…it’s literally come true for me!

I always knew they’d run out of people to write about and would arrive at me….

Bird lover….

October 12, 2012

Today I visited the Managolis’ home, and their 12-year-old daughter, Apoorva, showed me her room, where she’s put up a beautifully-written out list of the birds she has seen in the area, alphabetically arranged:

bird list poem 121012 apoorva

I was even more impressed by this lovely verse about birds….great words, Apoorva!

bird poem apoorva 121012

In bird watching you can see different things,
Like little bodies on tiny wings,
Some birds are large, while some are small,
Most birds glide, & rarely fall,
Birds sing aloud,
And usually have feathers,
They do migrate
In different weathers.

I hope all children develop the love of nature that Apoorva has…

God and the priest

August 24, 2011

At dawn this morning, I was standing in front of the Raghavendra matth (religious centre), when the temple was opened, and I watched the priest:

rghvndra temple 240811

He brought a large vessel of water, and proceeded to ring the puja bell, and started washing down the various idols..Hanuman….Vishnu….

rghvndra temple 2 240811

No one was watching; the priest did his duties out of his own sense of devotion. What is the impulse, I wonder, that makes devotees perform these cleansing rituals on these representations of God? Is it the thought of indulging the gods, with very luxury that they would themselves like to have? But then, I do not think human beings bathe in honey, milk, curds and sandalwood paste, the way we bathe our gods. So why these rituals? I feel it might be better to spend this amount of time serving food to poor people…but I suppose each of us has a different way of looking at religious rites…and I was certainly impressed with the meticulous way in which the priest went about his duties.

Perhaps this is what true religion is…doing one’s duty, even when no one (except God, and in this case, an unknown observer) is watching.

Red, Green…and Blue-and-Yellow 210209

February 23, 2009

More info about the Tabebuias here

Art in Unlikely Places….

December 10, 2008

Anonymous art can be unexpected and beautiful..

take a look at this

I wanted to crop the photograph to show only the face..but decided to keep the background in, too!

Off to Assam for several days… I know my LJ friends will pen all their most interesting, awesome and intriguing posts immediately I am off the net!

Wish me lots of luck with sightings in Kaziranga….

A spot of id’ing for you lot

November 20, 2008

I saw this close to my home.

I challenge you to id what’s being referred to here (on the last line, between ‘fan’ and ‘motor’.)

I am still rolling about loffing. So, I hope, are you, except for those who are feeling bad that I am laughing at others’ spelling skills. Indeed I am not. I am laughing at the phonetic skills that we have!

The Sausage Tree

November 6, 2008

Jayanagar, near the Ashoka Pillar, has an avenue (an avenue, by definition, is a tree-lined street), filled with, among other trees, Sausage Trees .

This is the time when the tree bears both flowers and fruits, and incredibly striking they are, too.

Here’s a flower and a bud:

Here are some flowers, hanging down on their stalks:

And these are what the fruits look like:

The city planners planted such beautiful trees in the past, today’s officials are only thinking of cutting them down for “economic growth” and to ensure more vehicles can stuff up the barren, sterile roads without footpaths or trees….

Is it any wonder that I am participating in a walk that warns against indiscriminate tree-felling?