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Preparations for opening the flyover

July 29, 2006


Work is going on hectically for the past 2 days, since it was announced that the flyover next to our home will be opened on Monday. Well, at LAST!


They have left the service road intact, and even planted neem trees,— but — from the road just beyond our apartment complex on, towards Bannerghatta. If this could be done, why not spare the service road in front of a residential apartment, as well as the trees? It would have made a good screen for us from the traffic.

For the width of road that a pedestrian now faces, the width of the pavement is PATHETIC. Even our ramp into the main road is not smooth at all.

After coming out of the flyover, Bannerghatta road will abruptly narrow down very sharply. This being so, the trees that were cut down last month could have been spared.

Oh well, no use grumbling, nothing will help..and at least, at last, this flyover is going to open, 3 and a half suffering-filled years later…let’s see what the traffic is going to be like…

Trip to the NorthEast

February 16, 2005

Looking forward very much to the trip to Kolkata, scene of my childhood, and then Darjeeling and Gangtok…will write in my impressions of how things have changed in the last 28 years since I traversed that path last!

Summer has set in in Bangalore…the jacaranda and the tabebuia trees are in full bloom and the roads (or what passes for them) are carpets of purple and yellow….

The flyover near our home is to be inaugurated (well, part of it, actually) this evening…more traffic jams while corrupt ministers come and try to take credit for what has been delayed beyond a year….