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Interesting People

June 6, 2014

I find almost everyone I meet interesting! Whether it is a random encounter or it turns out to be a long-term friendship..from one end of the spectrum to the other, I rarely meet people whom I actively dislike (though it happens, of course.)

I travelled back from Delhi to Bangalore by train recently. My co-passenger was a lady who described how and why she took a doctorate in Hindi literature…and how she decided that she would marry a medical doctor (she did so).

The coach attendant was a young man who described how financial pressure made him take on a job as a catering hey-you on the Indian Railways; twelve years later, his job is still “temporary”, but his description of it, and the people HE meets, was fascinating!

On a training program recently, I met someone disabled by polio, who found a career where, he said, his disability would not matter…he is a deep-sea diver. He told me about submarine life-forms off the coasts of South America.

So…the contact may be the brief, odd dash of pepper, or the sustained, staple rice-and-buttermilk…I find almost all people interesting, sometimes, even the ones I dislike, as I try to analyse why I find them nasty. 😀

The Winnie-the-Pooh squirrel…

January 7, 2012

We had a wonderful outing at Hessarghatta today…16 of us…but this post is about something I’ve seen for the very first time.

I was watching an


eating a bee in the Banyan tree:

drngo sqrl   hsrgta 07011

(don’t ask me why, then, it cannot be called a Bee-eater)

when I realized that high up within the branches, there was a Rock Bee hive, and something very interesting was going on.

3 sqrl   hsrgta 07011

We know of many animals (bears, cf. the subject-title above), ants, buzzards (indeed there is an Oriental Honey Buzzard) who love honey, but I suddenly spotted a squirrel slowly going over the hive, looking for honey!

2 sqrl   hsrgta 07011

We all watched the squirrel for a while, wondering why it was not getting stung badly; there seemed to be no bees around, even though the hive did not look abandoned, but was quite fresh.

sqrl 1 hsrgta 070112

This was the first time I’ve seen an Oriental Honey Squirrel! I wish he’d broken off some honeycombs and thrown them down to us, too…

The photos from our outing are on Facebook albums are


The Rainbow Goat Insurance

November 3, 2011

On the slopes at the outskirts of Dehra Dun, we wandered along, looking for the sub-Himalayan birds that had been seen in such plenty in March of this year. While the others continued their search….they climbed down a steep slope that I had no intention of negotiating, with two cameras and a pair of bincoculars….my attention was riveted by a colourful vision that climbed up that same steep slope, and came up on to the road….

S rnbwgoat 281011 d dun

Soon, the shepherd came up with the other goats, too:

S rnbow gt shphrd 281011 d dun

I could not contain my curiosity about the rainbow goat, and asked the shepherd about it. “It is to prevent theft,” he explained. But, I asked him, would not branding help? “No, ji,” he said. “These are woolly goats,and I cannot brand them so that the brand will show, and if I colour just some hair, a thief can just snip it off…so when I put all these colours on various parts of the goat’s hair, it’s a better way of preventing anyone from stealing the valuable animal, unless they want to practically shear the entire animal, and then it will stand our like a sore thumb anyway.”

So colour as an insurance against theft, in a rural setting…an interesting concept!


September 30, 2011

I’m much entertained and educated at the various kolus that I visit. Little vignettes of life that I see in each drawing room seem as intriguing to me as the dolls decorated and arranged before us.

A lady, with her eyes devoutly closed through the group chanting of the Lakshmi Sahasra Naamam, busily giving instructions to her maid, and then her husband, both in exactly the same tone….I dread to think of what will happen if those grimly stated instructions are not followed….

A little girl, keen on photographing the dolls on a higher step, brushing into crookedness, the carefully drawn rangoli on the floor, and the pleasantness of disposition of the hostess, who assures the girl, and her mother, that it is all right…

A little boy, brought to the kolu by his mother, keenly eyeing the sundal and sweets kept at the side of the table, and waiting eagerly until the plate is offered to him…. the goodies are gone in a few quick chomps, and then the whispering begins, “Can we go now?”>….

Wearing a silk saree, sitting on leather cushions, with side tables that are cut tree-trunks, a lady pontificating on how much she loves nature…. loudly interrupting another young girl trying to sing….

Sweet voices of young girls, and sometimes an uninhibited boy, lifted in song at each gathering…and sometimes less-than-sweet renditions, too, rendered, however, with great devotion….

Petty comments of “Oh, at XYZ’s place they had *printed* bags, not ordinary ones!” Women who bustle in with mock-complaints of how many people they have to visit and how little time they have…

Husbands waiting at home to see what varieties of sundal have been brought home….

The delightful chaos of completely unconnected figures of gods, dancers, people, animals, and things, all jumbled up together on the steps of the displays….

Small slices of life, and social interaction, that are wonderful to observe.


April 7, 2011

Many years ago, KM’s brother bought us two books, where unexpected 3-D images would “pop” out of the printed mass of patterns on the page.

You can see one such image in the Wiki about autostereograms,


I suddenly thought of them now when thinking about the Spinning Dancer illusion, and I decided to…what else…google for them.

If you have not “seen” an autostereogram before, there is a technique to it. What works for me is seeing “into” the page, focusing just beyond the printed pattern; quite suddenly, the hidden picture comes into three-dimensional view against the background. Sometimes, though, the hidden picture can be “set into” what becomes the foreground.


are a series of these images….I intend to have fun for a while….I hope you do, too! Alas, a few of my friends were never able to “see” the hidden picture..I hope you are not among that number!

Monsoon Green…

August 23, 2008

I did a whole lot of very interesting stuff today, including photographing our Chief Minister overseeing the funeral procession of someone who died in the blasts and this was NOT a sad thing…how, you ask? Wait for a few days, and all will be revealed in Citizen Matters …..

But I was waiting in the morning to begin the photowalk with Mahesh Shantaram and the group, and I shot these really lovely leaves-in-the-hedge….

Have a great Sunday, everyone. Am off to Nandi Hills early tomorrow morning for a plastic cleanup drive…will see you lot on Monday. Be good…or not..until then!

Interesting, Not Interesting…

July 6, 2007

I read others’ entries on LJ for a long time before I opened my account..and even then, I was very sceptical about having a readership. I am a housewife; what could I be thinking, or doing, that would be of interest to anyone else?

I decided to write on LJ more for the regular discipline of putting down words, of getting the thoughts to flow out through my fingers, rather than reside in my brain and get buried in the ocean of trivia that each day’s existence brings.

And I found that it is like music.

As a musician, I found that when I truly enjoyed my own music, got rapt and lost in it, I was also making others enjoy it very much, and conveying that sense of happiness to my listeners. Similarly, when I enjoy my humdrum life and write about it, I find that so many people also enjoy it. They might empathize…”Oh, that’s also happened to ME!”…or disagree about an opinion I have expressed or a post I have made( I just got a response to my buses post on Metroblogs, calling it trash; I think the commenter is entitled to his opinion)…

And in the same way, I like to read about what’s happening in other people’s lives…or their thoughts and opinions, or even, sometimes, look at their untitled photographs…

So…(this is especially in response to something birdonthewire wrote….don’t think that your thoughts, ideas or experiences are boring…what YOU think is boring could make another person write a post! 😉

A most interesting person…

March 5, 2007

Here’s a very interesting person whom DnA (as my daughter and son in law call themselves) brought into my life….

GRB designs bells and is a great artist as well.

Check out his website at

Go to his blog as well to see the new seahorse bells that he is in the process of designing…

An interesting incident that happened when he came over for the DnA wedding was that all the American men wanted to have mehendi on their hands, too; but Gordon asked me to make a Ganesha mehendi pattern on his pate! And Ganesha, hopefully, has ruled his intellect ever since….

Perfect Torrent

October 23, 2006

Yesterday, I sat at home through the afternoon, waiting for a friend so that we could work on something of his together…I was checking LJ every now and then and there were HARDLY any posts.

Today, I take a train to Chennai and use a slow dialup connection…and there have been a perfect SLEW of posts. A rant on awful customers, cockroaches eating kolams, a beautiful picture of fall leaves, another recounting of a accident to a car wheel thanks to bad roads, a birthday wish ( 😀 ), a post about Rabindranath Tagore, several thought-provoking posts, a delightful rendition of Carnatic music, a slurp-sounding recipe….

I do love LJ and my online friends. I think you all keep me thinking…and young at heart!