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The Nano graveyard

July 15, 2017

We went on a nature/birding walk to Kalena Agrahara today, and skirted the lake at IDBI Bank Layout. I was amazed to see several Nano cars parked, and rusting in the monsoon weather.


There must have been about sixty of the cars, parked all around.


At a conservative estimate of Rs.2 lakhs per car, that’s Rs. 80 lakhs just wasting away.


I finally found this banner, saying that these cars apparently belong to this rental initiative:


The problem in our country seems to be, not lack of good initiatives, but keeping up with them. I have tried to call this number to find out why so many cars are rusting…and could not get through. I will try again on Monday (which should be a working day.)  But meanwhile…would it not have been better to just donate these cars rather than let such an investment waste away in this fashion?

“Oh…this is a new AirBnB effort!” said my friend Rekha-Ram Lakshmanan, from St.Louis, when he saw the cars. “No,” I riposted, “This is CarBnB!”

What a sad state of affairs. Can anyone throw any more light on this failed initiative?


Article On…and Off

December 6, 2008

I had got the go-ahead from Citizen Matters to do an article about the Tour Of Nilgiris initiative that my cyclist friends in Bangalore have put together in a most professional way.

But..later, I was told that Hari Shenoy, who is going on the tour, will be writing an article, so I need not write one. 😦

Details of the Tour Of Nilgiris are


But…I most certainly am not thinking of doing a rattle-my-bones-and-prevent-me-from-sitting-down-for-a-month huggge ride like that…I can’t do 919 km on a cycle, fossilized as I am; it would be, quite literally, the last thing I do!

But….if you blog about the tour, you can also enter the blogging contest ..imagine going through the Nilgiris for a week! :))))) I am drooling over the picture of that tent, though…I can do *that* quite well!

But…. all you friends….this is a great initiative which these guys have organized, and they have done such a great job of pulling it all together, involving this list of Bangalore people:

Title Sponsor and Food Caterer: Nilgiris 1905
Official Accessory Partner: Wildcraft
Official Radio Partner: Radio Indigo 91.9FM (which is why tour is 919 km)
Official Medical Assistance Partner: Manipal Hospital
Official Print Partner: Time Out Bengaluru
Official Documentation Partner: Flaunge

I *would* love to be their official blogger, even though I cycle on my LRT(Litte Rattle Trap) and I have only two more gears than the number of baskets I have on that cycle….

So anyone who is cycling out there…do visit the TFN site…and come out, at least, on the morning of 25th of December and cheer these people on..they are a great mixed lot, starting from a 11-year old…read about them all on the site.

I’ve used so many “but”s in my post that I will have to do a takeoff on Rohan and Nikhil’s Bums On The Saddle” , and call this post “Buts on the Saddle”.

great to see, early in the morning

September 12, 2007

Opened the Hindu Metro Plus to find an article on rohan_kini and his friends, not about the Bums on the Saddle start-up (though that is laudable in itself) but about his initiative to plant more trees in Bangalore .

I wish we had thousands of young men like these in our city!

Whoa, Rohan!

August 31, 2007

Here’s rohan_kini‘s entry about an initiative by two young men to publicize the merits of cycling, and the dangers of global warming:

I was typing out my comment to him, when I decided that I would make a post of it:

Well, Rohan, I am not belittling the effort of these young men, but I do take issue with your assumption that only if you do something oriented towards publicity are you doing your bit. What about the rest of us, who walk and cycle wherever we can, who take our own bags to the market, who make sure our neighbours don’t litter? I do feel that PR seems to be the name of the game…you must do even good things in a “cool” way in order to be praiseworthy!

Not all of us stop at cribbing, you know. Many of us try to do whatever we can; but few of us are articulate or vocal about it…especially since we feel we are in a small minority.

When I had started cycling, (I don’t cycle for weekend trips, but do so for all my daily work, instead of taking the car), I phoned up the number that had been given in the newspaper about a cycling initiative (which Bob Hoekstra had joined). I was told I was too old for the campaign, and that they wanted only “well-known” people, for weekend cycling. Humph!

What I appreciate about people like you, Rohan, is that you cycle DAILY to work, and also do your weekend leisure activities without polluting the environment.

Yes, many of us in the city may be apathetic.

But- don’t dismiss the rest of us with one line–“But have not seen anyone do anything about this” –just like that!

And…I want you to keep in touch with these people …two years later…are they still cycling? Are they still following the same precepts? That would be a sustained effort, after making a good start with the run/cycle trip. Sustained effort is as important as the first keen beginning…that’s where many of us falter.

But perhaps I sound graceless..actually, I feel that there is so much to be done to change people’s mindsets that each and every initiative like this is just great. My best wishes to the duo, I hope their effort is successful.

JLR Initiative, 11 October 2006, Ornithology Society

October 12, 2006

First of all, here is the beauty of Bannerghatta National Park at sundown:

IMG_0014 Sunset at Bannerghatta

Yesterday JLR decided to launch an “Ornithology Society” as part of their new initiatives, and we were all invited to participate at their property in Bannerghatta.

Click here for the account and pictures