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The colours of freedom

August 15, 2019


I pray that all the colours live together in harmony.
We need independence from bigotry and corruption…into that heaven of freedom, O Mother, let my country awake.

Light in the sky…..

July 20, 2012

We watched the Fourth of July fireworks from a friend’s apartment terrace:


But meanwhile, another light rose in the sky, too….


It was beautiful to see the moon watching the fireworks, too!


It was a wonderful evening…..

moon fireworks 050712 stl

A thousand points of light

July 7, 2012


Quickly flaring, as quickly quenched,
In the sky ocean;
In all sorts of colours,
Outward-spiralling motion.

We have a Tamil saying,
“Don’t make carbon of your money…
“Buy fireworks!” and indeed
The saying is witty…and funny.

It may not be prudent;
It may be waste;
But for that minute of wonder
We rush and watch, in haste

While the fireflowers bloom
Across the sky’s velvet black,
We are lifted out of our daily cares
And to pure joy, wafted back.

Fleeting, evanescent,
Leaving smoke and murk…
But on our hearts they cast their spell.
In our gasps does their magic work.

Fireworks, Fourth of July

July 6, 2012

Since many of the firework displays around St.Louis were cancelled due to the high temperatures and fear of fire, we figured that the display under the Gateway Arch was likely to be immensely crowded.

Also, given the high level of heat, we were not very keen to go!

So we went to the 19th floor terrace in the apartment building of a friend, Rani Sunder, and settled down there with lots of good food….Couscous uppuma from Rani, Bhel puri and Channa Dal Sundal from Anjana, Milano meringue biscuits bought by Jahnavi. Afreen and Vas also came along.

The fireworks were scheduled to start only at 9.20pm, but before that, on the opposite side, was a great sunset to be watched:

distant sunset 040712 i'day

and the slowly dimming skyline to be seen:

skyline 040712 i'day

How did the sun compare…

sun and light 040712 i'day

with the lights on the terrace walls?

light and sunset 040712 i'day

Pretty well, but I liked the sun by itself…

purple sunset 040712 i'day

and when it sank,

orange half ball

we turned east towards the Arch:


We ate up all the food…


and then the fireworks began in earnest.






The rising, nearly-full moon added to the beauty of the scene:


And the moon watched the fireworks, too!


Do you want to see my close up of the moon?

here it is!

We enjoyed not just the Fair St.Louis fireworks at the Arch, but could watch several fireworks in all directions…and came home feeling very happy.

To see all the pics, including a helicopter delivering an ill patient to the St.Louis Children’s Hospital,

click here for the Faceboook album

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks! I’ve seen firework displays all over the world, but the best I’ve ever seen was for the Pooram Festival in Kerala. Three solid hours of scintillation!

Not just flying the flag

August 18, 2011

On Independence Day, I found that almost every auto had a Tiranga flying:

auto flg 150811

But surely, pride in one’s country should not just be a matter of flying a flag for one day. If, after flying the flag, I spit (and urinate and defacate) on the roads, cheat my customers, want (and pay) bribes, try to get ahead at the cost of my fellow-citizens, and am rude to people…am I really showing my pride for my country, or my contempt for it? Dhould my love for my country not show itself in a constant attempt to keep it clean, observe its laws, and respect its citizens?

Here’s the decoration at the Bangalore Club.

150811 blr club

In this Club, they won’t let men (this restriction is only for illogical as can be!) into the main dining hall without shoes and a shirt or a tee shirt with a collar (no sandals or “sports shoes”!)…and does not allow men into the next-door restaurant if their “sports shoes” are not made of leather. Which century are they living in?

When we take pride in enforcing such idiotic laws…are we proud of being Indian?

Flowers in the Night Sky: Independence Day Fireworks, St.Louis, 020711

July 5, 2011

There were fireworks at 9.15 pm scheduled on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July at the Gateway Arch. We went on the 2nd….on the 3rd, rain resulted in the fireworks being cancelled, and on the 4th, we looked up at the sky at the fireworks everyone around us was letting off (private fireworks are permitted on the 4th of July.)…and enjoyed the flowers in the sky from home.

Here are two videos I took at the Arch grounds:

Videos are always better for fireworks, but I’ve posted some photos, also, on my Facebook page,

click here

Yesterday, as I walked in the evening, I saw the fireworks which several people were letting off privately …and the noise and the light took me back to India for Deepavali 🙂

Next year, July 4th will be a Tuesday…I wonder if they will have a 4-day weekend with a compensatory working day later?

Happenings in my apartment building..

September 17, 2007

I have posted a few photographs of the Independence Day and Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations to a Flickr account, at

Some of the children’s fancy dresses were SO nice! Some of the gods and goddesses really didn’t behave themselves yesterday; some of them refused to sing, some of them started late and then wouldn’t leave, but with children…however they do it, it’s fun!

A post which I would like everyone to see…and my Bangalore friends to see in person!

August 9, 2007

Lalbagh is set to start the annual Independence Day flower/horticultural show…here’s my photo essay on it at

I went this morning..and sainath…the SSO’s were not all there, but two of them did ask me to say hi to you!

Independence Day for me..

August 16, 2006


Had a flag-hoisting ceremony in our apartment building; we had a turnout of nearly 70 people. One of the senior citizens hoisted the flag; I sang “SujalAm suphalAM”, ( some of the stanzas under the cut

Lalbagh, Flower Show…

August 11, 2006



Want to see the things that caught my eye? My favourite is actually the tree and the etching of the Ashoka Pillar on the glass….

several pics if you click on this