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An enjoyable evening of folklore and children’s theatre, 230314

March 23, 2014





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to see my review of the evening (which was more than just the play), by Bangalore Little Theatre.

I’m glad I could show KTB a bit of children’s theatre in India!

Before the Supermoon…

June 27, 2013


Plenty of poets have written words
About the moon in June…
But it’s lucky that I can write
About the Supermoon !

At least I wanted to, but alas,
The clouds hid it from sight.
So I decided to post the pics I took
Of the moon, the previous night!

When I see the moon like this,
I can almost see the astronauts..
Stepping gently on lunar soil.
Even my romantic thoughts

Are so down-to-earth! (Or are they
Up-to-moon? I wonder…)
When the moon makes others think of love…
I think,”Apollo 11″…that’s my blunder!

Childhood stories…

April 5, 2013

Urbn sprts 290313 photo DSC03491.jpg

The dreams, the imagination, the fantasy…children live in a world in their minds,that adults can only rarely enter.The story-teller is one person who can bridge that gap…the person who actually can take them to those places in their minds where other worlds exist. How can there be any childhood without stories to feed a child’s heart, mind and soul?

I took this at KTB’s daycare, Urban Sprouts. I went to pick her up, but she would not come home with me until the story was finished!

The Dancer in the Clouds…

March 21, 2009

While at Ragihalli, I took a picture of what I thought was a dancer in the clouds, trailing a glorious train of light…

mohanvee said that it reminded him of a spectre; but even that, I would say, is a beneficient spectre, one that lives in the light of the sky, and blesses us from above.

What does the picture look like to YOU?


March 1, 2009

I put that in quotation marks because that’s how my friend Chandrashekhar Bandi said it, when he sent me this image:

Chandu is one of the nicest people I know. He is perpetually volunteering his services for some cause or the other, and is an unfailingly cheerful and calm person (of course his wife and mother will disagree on that, I am sure!)

Here’s what he has to say about the photograph:

“I feel Life is ajourney with mystery…the journey clear at times and at times clouded with fears. .insecurities..”

My thoughts on seeing this image:

Fade and recede, into the distance..
A few years hence
A random thought may find us
Recollecting, and remind us
Of where we have been,
Of what we have seen,
And whence
Come the tracks of thoughts like these….

And another friend’s thought about it?

“How much we find comfort in associating life with man-made structures….the structures come from our interpretations … and not the other way round”

The power of an image to provoke thoughts…!

Chandu uses an S3,just like me, but unlike me, he doesn’t go about dropping it…

Thank you Chandubandi…that’s a lovely, haunting image of travel, impermanence, and ghostly remembrance…..

Four images

July 25, 2008

The Gift

The Petal

Deteritus of a Wedding

Red and Green

I just LOOOOVE this guy

October 1, 2006


Today’s Calvin and Hobbes comic. [Oct. 1st, 2006|03:00 am]
Calvin and Hobbes
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