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A foot…and four hands in summer….

April 1, 2014

I got two images at Bannerghatta, which I liked…

A decorated, adorned foot..I was amazed at the craftsmanship of the anklet, and I enjoyed the fact that the young woman obviously likes to wear such jewellery.


And this image, to me is redolent of the joys of summer. Ice-cream, and a visit to the Zoo, with the family…

Will post later, about my outing to Bannerghatta Zoo area, where I concentrated more on clicking trees and less on the birds….


February 21, 2009

The Cone of Joy….

My morning pleasure (especially on Saturdays, I have the Deccan Herald cryptic crossword, which is, I think, from the Daily Mail or something like that, and is so witty)…

That’s all the coffee I have…half of that tiny cup, piping hot!

And…here are four people, whom I see sitting together and talking every evening; I call this picture the Four Haloes!

The evening sun lights up, not only their grey hair and heads, but also their experience of life, and their friendship. They, too, are in the evening of their life, but they seem to be contented, and enjoying their daily tete-a-tete!

So, no matter what one’s age, the simple pleasures of life keep us happy.

Have you had a Shek?

May 12, 2008

How conveniently placed this Devnarayan Badam Shek Ice Cream Center (note American spelling) is…

It’s right in front of the Dheeksha Healthcare Centre, which presumably, will be required as the Shek makes its way down the consumer’s system…..

And in case you thought a Shek was a big fat-nosed genial anti hero of a recent animated hit movie, you have your spelings orl rong….

November 25, 2007

We had a fantastic trip to Nandi Hills today, with Uma K, Karen,Paul, Eliza, Sylvie and Lupin Amstutz, Deepak Arya, and Prashanth Badrinath…more about it later, but meanwhile, here is an ovine ice-cream ad…

What Ice-Cream would Sheep eat? Nandi Hills 251107

I suppose another flavour (especially in our Silicon Valley) would be “Baa Baa Black Chip”…?

Woo hoo I love sharing serious, earth-shaking stuff like this!