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Walking into the sunset, 250814

August 27, 2014

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When, in stories, a person “walks into the sunset”, there are no pages left in the book (except, perhaps, of a listing of other books by the same author, or similar books.) But in real life…life goes on. There may not be any conclusion of the hopes–and fears– that the person carries along…and the next sunrise awaits.

New year’s Day…

April 14, 2005

It is the beginning of another Tamizh Year..Paarthiba Varusham…against all experience and cynicism, hope springs anew that THIS year, things will improve, politicians everywhere will come to their senses, good governance will begin….

India can call herself the greatest democracy in the world when the average Mr Ram in his little one-room tenement need not stand in queues for many things (admittedly, less than before), doesn’t have to pay babus to get his work done, and can have access to good water, if not clean air and some amount of greenery.

Until then…we live in hope. Putthaandu Vaazhtthukkal to everyone…especially to Murthys_r_s and Madhumk who also celebrate their new Year…and to SIG, who is struggling with a mammoth task at work.

I have been meeting a few very interesting people lately….in the quiz and theatre fields. More about this later.Life is full, and happy, and interesting.My beloved spouse is bent over his PDA which crashed, trying to get some life into it; CNBC is yowling in the background…I am at home, at peace and perfectly content.