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Holi, St.Louis, 300313

March 31, 2013

Sometimes, the very air is charged with the colours of happiness.

300313 holi up in the air photo DSC02830.jpg

But in the middle of the happiness, it’s important to count one’s blessings…

300313 holi  ks conting finers photo DSC02861.jpg

To see other photographs from today’s Holi event at Sportport, Maryland Heights, Missouri,

click here

Here’s a family that’s coloured their lives with happiness:

300313 holi  kp pram and dak photo DSC02840.jpg

A riot….

March 31, 2007

Here’s the scene that met my eyes as I walked into the Shevaroy’s Hotel , the venerable hotel in Yercaud, that has extensive grounds, majestic trees, and an incredible ambience:

Colours of Spring...Hotel Shevaroy's, Yercaud

The pink-red is the Bougainvillea; the yellow is the Tabebuia; and the purple is the Jacaranda…and the green is…most welcome!

Any wonder that Spring is the time when Holi, the festival of colours, is played?

A great weekend getaway, within easy driving distance of Bangalore, Yercaud (actually that should be written Erkad!) is still undeveloped and therefore, largely unspoilt.

MUST go to sleep now.

Mild Rant

March 4, 2007

I didn’t feel like playing Holi as I do detest that pink Holi powder. I don’t know what dyestuff it is but it STAYS. I just went downstairs to take a few photographs.

The ladies said, gaily, “But you must have at least a tikka on your forehead!” and I thought it was rude and churlish of me to refuse even that, so I extended my head…and got my whole face and neck smeared.

I really am looking through rose-tinted spectacles at life now…my cream top is, I think, destined to be a pink-spotted top forever…and it took me ages to carefully get the gulal bits off KM’s camera(they fell on it even though I held it as far away from myself as I could) while the possible “colourful” words he might use, if the camera malfunctioned, echoed in my head….

When you are willing to go a little extra, people make sure it’s more extra than you actually want…either one feels guilty about not doing something, or feels bad about having done it!

I am changing my name to Rosie for the next week or so.

Holi, the Festival of Colours….

March 4, 2007

Today lots of people are celebrating Holi, the festival of colours. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, with colours bursting forth on all sides. India spring and summer are not very much different….

Here are a couple of snaps of Holi revellers; first the boys…

Holi, 4 Mar 07 two

You can see a boy with his “colour gun” at the ready!

And then the girls….

Holi 4 Mar 07 one

I notice that the boys and the girls (these were taken in my apartment building) keep themselves to themselves…revelry, it seems, is still gender-reserved! No more Amitabh-Rekha on-screen and off-screen sizzling-type scenes like Rang Barse …probably a good thing given our teeming population!

Happy Holi-Day, everyone! Anyone who asks for it will get the translation of the song-lyric…

Another picture of two happy Holi faces on Metroblogs, at