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A birthday card….STL, 310514

June 5, 2014

KTB drew these for her father’s birthday…

bday card 310514

KTB is on the right, in her “Elsa” dress (made for her birthday by her father’s mother), giving the card to her dad; her mother is between them. Her little brother is very little indeed, and her friends Ananya and Aditi are only slightly larger!

This one seems to have a lot of hearts in it, and a nice message!

bday card 2

2013….looking back

December 31, 2013

A fairly eventful, momentous year.
Some moments brought a
Many brought a smile.
Each phase lasted a little while.

There was the end of my ailing marriage.
The horse separated from the straying carriage.
There was the birth of my dear grandson.
I took care of him …and the elder one.

Grandchildren are one of life’s great joys…
Whether they are girls or boys.
I enjoyed the love of my daughter
And the joys that her life brought her.

I spent a lot of time in another home.
The baby kept me there…I didn’t roam.
I managed, through it all to click and write.
I was happy, I seemed to be doing something right.

I fought major issues in my mind, and life.
It was a time of very great strife.
Meditation and medication are seeing me through.
I still dip occasionally..and am blue.

I’m nowhere near where I want to be.
In the mirror I want to see
A much better person than I am now.
I will keep trying…that’s what I vow.

Here are my wishes to all of you, too.
I hope this year brings happiness to you.
I must say it gives me pleasure
To wish my friends…my greatest treasure.


Every day is Daughter’s Day

May 14, 2013

I gave birth to my only child, a daughter, about thirty four and a half years ago. On that winter morning, of the second of November, the pain of childbirth made me a mother…it was Mother’s Day for me.

As has been every day, since then. The infant began to recognize me, to crawl, to toddle; she exhibited curiousity, got into several scrapes, went to school, got interested in various things….turned into a very independent-minded adolescent. When she was barely out of it, and just into young womanhaood, sheleft home for a destination halfway across the world, at the age of seventeen.

Being a stay-at-home mother, I did have a large part to play in her life until then…but the distances of the continents, however much we bridged it with phone calls and (recently introduced) email, made her become a person in her own right. She fought discrimination; worked very hard at both her studies, and in the college cafeteria, and baby-sat to make a few extra dollars. She earned two bachelor’s degrees, and then moved to St.Louis, where she earned two master’s degrees. Very soon after she landed in America, she met the young man who would become her husband.

The process of accepting him, and life in the United States, when she was very keen on returning to her home country, was a difficult one; she brought great maturity to the budding relationship. She went off for a six-month stint to Denmark, and another to Spain, and evaluated how the relationship fared under the state of absence. When the young man in question gave up his job in his country, and came to live in India, taking up a job there, and found living in India quite easy, they decided to get married, and set up home in the States.

She wanted a very traditional wedding, and she did get it…and enjoyed every bit of it. Her generous father provided the money, and I provided the organization, and to our great joy, 30 of DS’ family and friends flew in for the event, making it one of the most memorable events of our lives.

She’s dealt, all her life, with health problems…from having a major acid burn at the age of two, surgery for adenoids at the age of 5, a bad fall, a pre-cancerous lump behind her knee, when there was a fear her leg would have to be amputated…with courage, determination, and positivity.

She took up a job, then another; she dealt with difficulties at work, with being fired, and rose from the deep trauma of that, to find another one, where she was (and is) very happy, working for public transit in St.Louis.

She’s so generous with herself, her time, her effort, and her money. She’s always volunteered for social causes; she always helps out people in trouble. She’s a great runner…she’s run several half-marathons, all to raise money for the education of poor children in India.

She is a good citizen (even though she’s not an American citizen); she takes an active part in the community that she lives in.

She’s become more than a daughter; I’ve depended on her so much for emotional support, which she has unstintingly, and unjudgmentally, given me.

She’s become a mother, too….and she’s shared her children with me. The children of my child are very great sources of joy to me; she’s done, and is doing, a great job as a mother.

She’s articulate, artistic, and a great achiever…very warm-hearted, and I just wish I could take credit for all that…but I think that’s the way she’s always been!

Here’s the Mother’s Day card she made for me:

mthr's day k stl 140513 photo DSC06856-1.jpg

And the message inside:

2 mthr's day k stl 140513 photo DSC06857.jpg

Every day, for the rest of my life, will be Mother’s Day…I give thanks for the wonderful child I have. I am the luckiest mother alive!

Here’s wishing “Y”ou, yathin

April 24, 2009

To Y, of Y!, who is, today, probably at Y (Yosemite)…..


And of course, happy birthday to William Shakespeare as well! :)…and my Sambandhi, D’s mother, LS, too. Now, that’s an amazing lady if you like…she was a math major in college, and after her sons were born, went back to college to study architecture, and qualified in a tough 9-part exam to get her licence to practice in Maine! I think my daughter’s very lucky to have found such a great family.

I am awaiting two deliveries…one, of the GD, and two, of the NMLC (New MLC)….neither seems to be in a hurry to arrive…so there is a sense of “What on earth am I doing here?” and I spent a little time playing around with editing and text on Photobucket!

The visit to the gynaecologist took practically the entire day…I was joking that since A had spent so long in the hospital, she might as well have the baby and come back.

Kannada New Year…

March 27, 2009


We live in hope…we believe in new beginnings (what are old beginnings? anyone seen any?)…here’s wishing everyone health, happiness, and peace of mind!

I know I already wished you all, but….

January 1, 2009

On my morning walk, I found this beautiful rangoli, and wanted to share it…..

So once again, may 2009 be a good year for you!

Good Wishes Go Out To You….

December 31, 2008

Mylapore Morning….

December 31, 2008

As I felt better in spite of a disturbed night, I decided to walk to, and in, Nageshwara Rao Park.

The park has been really beautified,and is a nice green place to walk, and is large enough that one can walk in a direction opposite to other walkers and not be “herded” along in one direction.

At several places there are posters of old photographs, depicting the Madras (it wasn’t Chennai then) of yesteryears, and there are some majestic old trees that cool one’s eyes and soul, too.

There was a yoga class in progress in the sandpit, and several people were walking briskly backwards (I don’t know if this will really help their health or just cause surprise, amusement, or amazement in the minds of regular walkers.) Several pretty girls had the fine sheen of sweat on their smooth skins, which looked more appealing than the same sheen on the necks of some young men, alas! Monkey-capped old mamas (hey, hey, I must watch this tendency, they are probably my age!) and head-covered-by-scarves old ladies toddled along, each content to keep up hes own pace.

It made a very happy beginning to the last day of 2008.

I have been waiting for KM to finish up some work and then leave for home…but it looks as if it’s not going to happen today. So I guess it’s going to be a year-long stay at Chennai this time 🙂 Came in 2008 and left in 2009!

2009 was also the registration number of the beloved Premier Padmini (Fiat) that my brother had…sitting and thinking about it.

Waiting, all packed and ready, means that I have been able to do nothing else. But I don’t mind being idle in comfort….!

I have internet access now as my sis in law has taken a break from working at home….so I will edit (if this connection permits it) one of my photos and put up a nice New Year message to all of you….if not, I wish each and every one who reads this a happy, healthy, peaceful new year.

But I hope to get my greeting card up…

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

Wishing you (this means YOU!) happiness, health and peace of mind….

Sunrise 2008

Feeling so happy, had a very enjoyable party in the apartment complex we live in, and then chatted with that darling daughter across the seas….what more can anyone ask for! (No, if I ask for a Merc, I won’t get it…)

How NOT to wish people for the new year….

December 31, 2007

1. Don’t do mass emails where you are wishing some three hundred and fourteen people. No one will take such “wishes” seriously.

2. Do not hit “reply all” in response to someone who has sent you a 1. kind of email.

3.Do not do mass SMS-ing either. I dread the thought of my inbox tomorrow, really. ‘Twould be better (even if more expensive) to call and wish the person.

4. And do NOT, do NOT, send anyone an email like the one I got just now.

It said, “H.Y.N.”, and also said that while taking a picture of the three figurines in the attachment, two of them fell down and broke. I kid you not.

This emailer needs to see a hyn-ocologist!

PS. I used to make all my greeting cards, but have stopped now. Pity, I really, really enjoyed making those nice pop-up cards and humour cards…