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How food is cooked on a massive scale

March 28, 2017

Having seen for myself the deteriorating quality of food on trains on the Indian Railways, I watched this interesting documentary on IRCTC:

It’s rather long, watch only if you have the inclination and the time!

I couldn’t believe all the good food being prepared…why, I thought, do I never see phulkas or salads, even on the Rajdhani? And halfway through the film, the answer appeared. In response to complaints about the quality of food, the catering was take away from IRCTC itself (who then started concentrating on the corporate sector) and given to independent contractors who, I feel, are definitely running the catering service into the ground now. The video is still worth watching (as are several on how temple kitchens function) for the scale of food preparation.

Here’s one that’s also fascinating:

(Most temples in Karnataka provide food to the devotees who visit.)

Gopalaswamy Temple and its Environs….

June 1, 2007

The Gopalaswamy (God Who Tends the Cattle, that is, Krishna) Temple is a beautiful little hillside temple in the eponymous Gopalaswamy Betta (Hill)…and these images caught my eye.

The first thing that strikes one are these mendicants:

Mendicants at Gopalaswamy Temple Gopalaswamy Betta

Theirs seems to be a pretty organized economic activity; here they are, accepting alms…

Mendicants Gopalaswamybetta

You can see one of them putting the plate with the coins to his forehead as a mark of gratitude and respect. The plates are marked with the “naamam” that Vishnu wears on His forehead..and with the “shankha” (conch) and “chakra” (wheel)that are in His hands.

But what tickled me pink was the bike tucked away behind them:

Mendicants and Moped

Did the moped belong to the temple priest? Or did one of these beggars make enough money to own it, and zoom off on it at the end of the day? I lacked the courage to ask them, preferring to speculate!

I have posted a picture of the brass vessel that these mendicants use in this post:

and a detail of the sculpture at the corner of the temple, here:

more pictures here

Grinding Stone and Granite Post: Two Images from the Bandipur Trip

May 31, 2007

While we were on the trip, I saw, in the Gopalaswamy temple, this grinding stone which has fallen into disuse:

Hollow with Stones

Grinding stone hollow

Normally, soaked rice or lentils are put into the hollow and the round grinding stone is rolled into it and round and round by hand to do the “wet” grinding. A great way of grinding, providing both exercise and a no-electricity method…but now, of course, “wet grinders” and “mixies” (food processors) are ubiquitous. Hence this grinding stone hollow was full of …well…stones, and rainwater…

And I somehow love this image, the granite post seems to be a “rock of ages”, still for eternity, while the world around it whizzes by at high speed…I took it from our jeep on safari.

Standstill and Speed

Granite post and effects

Love playing with that camera!


September 20, 2006


This is a detail from the wall of the Gopalaswamy Temple at Gopalaswamy Betta in Bandipur. The figure is that of Garuda, (the Brahminy Kite), the vehicle of the God Vishnu, whose incarnation Krishna or Gopal (Go-pal…literally, one who breeds cattle) is…Garuda’s natural prey is the snake (remember my translation of Kannadasan’s song at

?)..and here, in a delicious irony, Garuda is depicted with a snake as an ornament! Garuda is flanked by two Simha, or  lions…these are somewhat stylized.

I loved the vertical of the Dhwaja Sthambham (temple flag pole) behind, as well as the  random growth of the tree branches…clicking these is so much easier than trying to get those elusive animals and birds which are there one second and gone the next!

IMG_0534 detail from Gopalaswamy temple...Garuda and lions

Bowl, gong and conch….

September 19, 2006


I loved the composition of these things on the steps of the Gopalaswamy Temple in Bandipur…The mendicant sounds the conch and rings the gong with that stick…and hopefully, the copper bowl will be filled by devotees visiting the temple! The owner of these had gone for a break somewhere….

IMG_0533 begging bowl of the mendicant, Gopalaswamy temple

This pic was definitely inspired by deepsan‘s frames!