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For the first time…

June 16, 2008

We had an NTP outing to Mydenahalli…adarshraju,anjali_ar, Geeta, Prasanna, and I….and we got to see several BLACKBUCK, a couple of FOXES, and several birds…..we got home very, very late and I was downloading the pictures from my 20D into my laptop when the power went…and along with it, the pictures on my 20D CF card, too. I had got nice shots of the BUSHLARKS, especially, and the backs of the blackbucks….feeling rather bad for their loss. Didn’t even get to see some of the pics properly…

I have to finish packing, and leave for Thattekad by the early morning train….oh, well, these things happen, let me see what I have on the S3….

Imagine, instead of seeing the blackbuck photos which I went so far to get, you will have to see this GRASSHOPPER, beautifully camouflaged in the grass!

I have never lost photographs to limbo before, and I hope it will not happen again.

G’night, all, will be back on Thursday…

Shivaji Theatre….

October 10, 2007

Soon, like other landmarks (for example, Cash Pharmacy springs to mind…I used to buy medicines there ) this, too will be gone…sigh.