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Been doing some work….

July 10, 2008

I conducted my first two “celebrity” interviews….first, Lillette Dubey and then, yesterday evening, Girish Karnad .

Both of them are very articulate people, and having organized my questions well, I got quite a lot of info about them, for two articles….one, I thought would be a kind of “reminder” post for Metblogs, as I had put in an announcement of Karnad’s new play, “The Wedding Album” (ha, that’s not on the Net yet; when I googled the words, this is all I got!), which is being staged in Bangalore today and tomorrow.

But then, I decided that the article merited an appearance in a more “serious” forum, and today, Citizen Matters is running it as a curtain raiser, and I have provided a link to it on Metblogs,


It contains the link to the Citizen Matters article, too…only, for some reason, CM has used the word “screening” and not “staging” for a play!

I’ll be going to see the play tomorrow….and I think I am going to enjoy it!

A more broad-based (don’t ask, “which broad?”) article, dealing with their thoughts on Bangalore and theatre in Bangalore, is in the process of being written…and will appear in Citizen Matters, too.”


Royston Abel/ Girish Karnad

October 9, 2006


Two good names in the area of theatre…I went to see “Flowers” yesterday at Ranga Shankara. Impressive, with Rajit Kapoor doing a great job of remembering, word-perfect, a monologue of more than 70 minutes….But I do have some reservations about having too-simple props and no relief at all… would have been better if the intensity had had some relief.

Also, I took the front row very happily, only to have the actor tower over me in the set and I had to crane my neck for all that time….nitpicking, I know, but the nit is there to be picked.

What do you think, usha123? You were there too..and deepsan…were you there?

Will be going to see the Bengali plays, probably….


August 2, 2005

When each of us uses a word, we seem to mean something that is different from what another person sees in it….I sometimes wonder how communication is possible at all!

Went to see a Girish Karnad play, Hayavadana. How lovely to see a professionally done play! Great acting, good costumes, sets, lighting, music….Mr N Ravi Kumar is a director to be praised indeed. He is taking the initiative to bring translated Kannada theatre to a non-Kannada audience, and doing it very well.

Hayavadana is a parable about what constitutes a “person”…his head and its contents, or his body and its contents. A most interesting concept, developed with humour.