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Wonderful lyrics

February 21, 2013

The lyrics:

Kuch To Log Kahenge
Of course, people will talk
Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna
That’s what they do…talk
Chhodo Bekaar Ki Baaton Mein
Forget it.. this useless topic
Kahin Beet Na Jaaye Raina
Might waste the entire night away
Kuch To Log Kahenge
Of course, people will talk
Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna
That’s what they

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai
The way of the world is such
Har Ek Subah Ki Shaam Hui
That every morning has an evening
Tu Kaun Hai Tera Naam Hai Kya
“Who are you? What’s your name?” (they ask)
Seeta Bhi Yahan Badnaam Hui
Even Seeta (Rama’s wife, known for her chastity and purity) was maligned here
Phir Kyon Sansaar Ki Baaton Se
Then…why do the words of the world
Bheeg Gaye Tere Naina
Make your eyes wet?\

Kuch To Log Kahenge
Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna

Humko Jo Taane Dete Hain
Those who blame us
Hum Khoyen Hai Inn Rang Raliyon Mein
Saying, we are lost in these pleasures
Humne Unko Bhi Chhup Chhup Ke
We’ve seen them, too, quietly
Aate Dekha Inn Galiyon Mein
Visiting these same places
Yeh Sach Hai Jhoothi Baat Nahin
This is true, it’s not a falsehood
Tum Bolon Yeh Sach Hain Na
Tell me, is it not true?

Kuch To Log Kahenge
Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna

The hypocrisy of moral judgement is beautifully brought out in this song….

Another beautiful ghazal…..

April 14, 2009

Wonderful song…

tum itnA jO muskurA rahE hO
kya gham hai jiskO chhupa rahE hO

AnkhOn mEin namee, hansi labOn par
kyA hAl hai…kyA dikhA rahe hO

ban jAyEngE zehar peetE peetE
yeh ashq jO piyE jA rahE hO

jin zakhmOn kO waqt bhar chalA hai
tum kyOn unhE chhedhE jA rahE hO

rekhAOn kA khEl hai muqaddar
rekhAOn sE mAt khA rahE hO

You are smiling so much…
What sorrow are you hiding?

Moisture in your eyes, smile on your lips
What state are you in, and what state are you displaying?

They will turn to poison, as you swallow them…
These tears that you are drinking

The wounds that time has healed..
Why are you re-opening them?

Destiny is a play of lines;
You are getting defeated by them….


So often, a smile hides a tear…this is such a moving song, and so beautifully set to music, with the simple accompaniment of a guitar.

Watch the movie if you’ve not seen it. The scene where Shabana Azmi (the wife) pleads with Smita Patil (the mistress) to let her husband go…still gives me goose-bumps. What talented actresses they both are.

When the mistress pleads with the wife to sign the divorce document so that she can marry the man, the wife says, “You are longing for a relationship which can end with one signature, like this….”

Protected: Don’t want to be strong…

July 24, 2008

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Lovely poem

March 5, 2007

From the LJ of sid_shree…thanks!

Mohsin Naqvi Sahab (that’s the poet.)

ret par likh ke mera naam mitaayaa na karo
aankhen sach bolati hain pyaar chupaayaa na karo

log har baat kaa afsaana banaa lete hain
sab ko haalaat ki rudaad sunaayaa na karo

[rudaad = story]

ye zaruuri nahin har shakhs maseeha hi ho
pyaar ke zakhm amaanat hain dikhaayaa na karo

shahar-e-ehasaas main pattharaav bahut hain ‘Mohsin’
dil ko shishe ke jharonkhon main sajaayaa na karo

Rough translation:

Don’t keep writing my name in sand and erasing it.
The eyes tell the truth: don’t keep hiding it.

People make big stories out of every little thing
Don’t keep telling everyone the story of your condition

Not everyone is a Messiah (saint);
The wounds of love are precious: don’t keep showing them

In the city-of-feelings, there are many stone-throwings;
Don’t keep your heart in a window of glass.

I haven’t been looking at poetry for a while….the world is full of things to do and see and read and experience…oh my, so much to do and so little time!