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Back to chaos

July 22, 2019


As of 15 July 2019, the demolition of the Jayadeva Flyover, 11 years after it was built, has started, with the upper part (leading from Bannerghatta Road to Outer Ring Road) being closed to traffic. I am marking the date to see how long this changeover from road to road/Metro will take.

SUCH a badly designed flyover

September 16, 2006


I have a sort of maternal interest in that misbegotten child of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, the Jayadeva flyover. I want to point out here, another instance of bad design. You would think that when they design a flyover on a busy arterial road (it’s also a highway), they would make allowances for bus stops…ha, ha, ha.

At the entrance to the underpass of the flyover from the J P Nagar side. Buses stop just past the divider, on the ramp to the underpass, blocking all traffic behind. People have to get off, and then cross two more lanes of traffic (pedestrian crossing? what’s that?) to get to the pavement (sidewalk)… a procedure that puts them in danger from the traffic coming up from behind.

IMG_0006 Jayadeva flyover  alleged bus stops16 th Sept 06

And as for the passengers waiting on the other side of the road, they have to cross one lane, and stand precariously on the little divider, looking into the underpass, waiting for the buses….

IMG_0003 dangerous for bus users...Jayadeva flyover

The crowd, at peak times, is much larger than this, surely a danger to the bus commuters as well as the traffic.

And the buses stop …just at the exit from the underpass, with a slope upwards, where there will be a maximum blockage of other traffic coming up from the underpass….often there are two buses, stopped one behind the other.

IMG_0005 alleged bus stops

I read that two more such delightfully designed flyovers are going to be built in Bangalore. Good, I know some politician’s wife is already dreaming of her next lot of diamonds….how many politicians did I read, went on a junket to Singapore in 1992 and 1993 to see the transport system? How many are right now proposing one more such junket?

I rarely write about politics. But politicians, especially belonging to Namma Bengaluru, are the pits. I am worried about when the Jayadeva flyover will claim its first traffic victim….all because of rotten, shoddy, unimaginative, people-unfriendly design.

I don’t have to say it..others say it better than I do

August 2, 2006

Prashanth K S ([info]prashanthks) wrote,
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Amazing feat.
Hats off to Bangalore and the development authority (whatever is its current abbreviation). I have just witnessed the most amazing engineering feat ever achieved after the opening of the Jayadeva flyover. Its just unbelieveable, unimaginable, uncomprehendible, un…. (i’m lost for words). No other flyover in the world could ever have such a distinction. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

This must well be the *first* flyover in the *world* which has caused more traffic congestion after completion and opening than *during* the construction phase.

Can any other flyover match this, I ask?

2006-08-02 10:10 am (local) (link)
Why does it cause more jams now? I’ve not been there…but I’m curious 🙂

Prashath wrote back:

1) coz now traffic that has to go to 3 directions (BTM to Bannerghatta, BTM to Jayanagar, BTM  to Dairy Circle) meet at half the original road (narrower due to flyover).
2) dumb shits have blocked all divider openings along Bannerghatta road. So any traffic that would have branched away at any of 3 turnings on the road now have to go till JD mara and u-turn back.
3) Traffic that used to go thru various routes inside and outside BTM, KEB Layout, 9th Block etc etc… (without interrupting each others flow) now have come together to use the “grid separator”. So result = more traffic than the road can handle.

need any more reasons? >:

And I added the following points:

Good analysis Prashanth…I have a grandstand view, so I can add  at least two more  reasons for this chaos: 1) a place just before the flyover, on the J P Nagar side of the road, where buses have to stop in the middle of the two left lanes, and people have to get off in the middle of the traffic, creating blocks each and every time;  and also, 2) two-wheeler riders going towards the flyover ,  shifting the road-separator “fences” at about the same spot,  to take an illegal right to BTM layout, cutting across traffic flowing from the flyover and asking for accidents to happen. Yesterday, even cars were trying to do this, nosing into the heavy stream of traffic.

The trees on the stretch separating the service road from the erstwhile Bannerghatta Road have all been cut down, but the space has not been used for anything, and the road narrows down immediately after the flyover. And this part of the road, leading from the flyover towards Bannerghatta, is half the width of the other side, and that’s what takes the heavy evening traffic.

Have been watching the traffic each evening..and been profoundly thankful I don’t have to be in it.

For THIS we suffered for three and a half years? DUMB flyover designers…

Who will read a housewife’s blog and see if anything can be done? None of the traffic police or the BDA, that’s for sure.

Preparations for opening the flyover

July 29, 2006


Work is going on hectically for the past 2 days, since it was announced that the flyover next to our home will be opened on Monday. Well, at LAST!


They have left the service road intact, and even planted neem trees,— but — from the road just beyond our apartment complex on, towards Bannerghatta. If this could be done, why not spare the service road in front of a residential apartment, as well as the trees? It would have made a good screen for us from the traffic.

For the width of road that a pedestrian now faces, the width of the pavement is PATHETIC. Even our ramp into the main road is not smooth at all.

After coming out of the flyover, Bannerghatta road will abruptly narrow down very sharply. This being so, the trees that were cut down last month could have been spared.

Oh well, no use grumbling, nothing will help..and at least, at last, this flyover is going to open, 3 and a half suffering-filled years later…let’s see what the traffic is going to be like…