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Conducting an Interview….is like white-water rafting, sometimes!

March 25, 2009

I have been, quite intensely, on the phone with someone whom I am interviewing…for the past 45 minutes.

An interview…can be several things…interesting, riveting sometimes..and sometimes, very draining….

There are times (thankfully, much more often) when I am in charge of the interview. I think of what information I want, and lead the conversation…I elicit the information needed for the interview, and quite often, a lot of other details that satisfy my own curiosity about a person’s life, views, and work.

Indeed, most often, it is quite difficult to extract information that I want, and I have to work at it with a combination of talk, leading remarks, direct and indirect questions, sometimes flattery, sometimes a barb that will result in a reaction….

But sometimes, like now, I get drowned. Drowned in the flow of words from someone. The words have been flooding over me in a cataract of information and opinion. I keep asking the person to talk about one particular thing, and that person keeps talking about something else, in a wealth of detail that I can neither absorb nor use….It’s like trying to keep a kayak afloat in rushing rapids…

Adding to the problem is that this person’s English is, to put it mildly, very picturesque, and making sense of the words is sometimes a challenge on its own!

This person apparently does not, also, realize that I have to type out and keep track of all the stuff that is pouring out, and later separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

I am amazed at the extremely high need some artistes have, to talk about themselves!

When this person stops talking (my left ear is warm-bordering-on-hot as I type this, and I am gettig a crick in my neck, typing as I just listen with a “hm” interjected), I am going to heave a sigh of relief and tiredness, and go off and take a ten-minute break!

My goodness, I didn’t realize that there are people in the world who talk more than I do!!

Mungaru Male (Monsoon Rain)

September 14, 2007

For the past couple of years, I have felt that the rains in Bengaluru (I *do* prefer Bangalore but vottodo, the bunch of clowns in charge the government has decided that’s the name of our shitty city) begin about a month late..and then, after a weak start, suddenly descend from the skies with a vengeance..and the summer monsoon just seems to carry on, with just a little break in October for Navarathri (just when we are all dressing up to visit each others’ homes, it is stuffy and not-comfortable), it just carries on into the winter monsoon!

Yesterday we had gone with our friends to a wedding reception; on the way back, they dropped us home…and found the traffic backed up so much that they couldn’t even get on to the main road. So they came back to our place at 10 pm we sat and chatted and played “28” ( a card game ) and several hilarious rounds of Boggle (KM: “You mean I can’t write ‘juize’? That’s the way we say it after all!”) and it was past 12.30 am when, from our balcony, we felt that the traffic had abated enough for them to make an attempt to go home….and this is an arterial road that we live on…what must be the fate of other, smaller roads?

Lake beds are dried out to build houses on, the ground is covered in concrete, storm drains are not cleaned properly…and the average Bengalurean pays the price, every time it rains hard.

Tomorrow is the Ganesha festival (today is the Gowri festival; first the mother, Parvathi, is venearated, and then the son, Ganesha) and the markets are probably washed out and trade must be miserable. (I went yesterday and did my shopping, enjoying every bit of the festive atmosphere….but I have already taken the same pics last year, so didn’t take my camera at all!) Feel very bad for those whose living keeps them outdoors…