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June 9, 2016

The air cools rapidly, and the light dims as boiling, heavy clouds boil over the landscape. The breeze builds rapidly into a wind, whipping up the summer dust, lashing the palm fronds into a frenzy. The first huge drops splash upon the parched ground.

Every sense is overwhelmed: the ears by the thunder, the eyes by the strange,dim light from behind the massing clouds, and the lightning that dances across them, or that lances to the ground; the skin by the feel of the rain, the nose by the aroma of wet earth… that incomparable fragrance that fills the air.

We raise our eyes to the heavens, and give thanks for the life-giving showers.After the torrid summer, the monsoon is here.


Here’s one song describing the arrival of the monsoon, and the eager wait for it.

The last few seconds depict, too. how disappointing (and cataclysmic to the farmer) it can be when the rains fail.

Suchitra Sen: beauty, talent, and haunting songs

January 17, 2014

Movie stars…are often known for their beauty, and less often, for their histrionic talent.

Suchitra Sen

had a combination of both…in the Bengali film world, she was called “mahAnAyikA” or “the great heroine” (a politically incorrect word today, but it’s more precise.) Her foray into the Hindi film world was not as successful…but she acted in some great movies, and I always associate her with some of the most lilting songs I know.
If you want to watch one of her movies, inspired by the life of Indira Gandhi, here:

Here’s a beautiful song about the eternity of love in nature…whether the person exists physically, or not:

Here’s another of my great favourites…the clip has good English subtitles:

And another one, also dealing with a relationship that has broken:

“su chitra”, literally means, “good picture”…to me, Suchitra Sen will remain the good picture of beauty and talent combined. I will not forget her.

A wonderful old song

December 12, 2012

A ghazal is, technically, Urdu poetry. But Hindi is very close to Urdu, and some of the most beautiful ghazals are from Hindi movies.

Here’s one of the most delicate ghazals I know. What a difference between these scenes, where all the hero can see of the heroine at the time of the first time of meeting is her eyes, and just now, during the song, he can see her at a distance…and the all-skin-leave-nothing-to-the-imagination love scenes I watch nowadays. Love, I think, is as powerful clothed as naked….

(मेरे महबूब तुझे मेरी मुहब्बत की क़सम)-२
My love, I swear by my love
फिर मुझे नरगिसी आँखों का सहारा दे दे
Again, give me the aid of those beautiful eyes

मेरा खोया हुआ रंगीन नज़ारा दे दे,
Give me back my lost colourful vistas

मेरे महबूब तुझे…

अए मेरे ख्वाब की ताबीर, मेरे जान-ए-ग़ज़ल,
O, stuff of my dreams, the life of my ghazal
ज़िन्दगी मेरी तुझे याद किये जाती है
My life just goes on remembering you
रात दिन मुझको सताता है तस्सवूर तेरा
I am oppresed, night and day, by your memories
दिल की धडकन तुझे आवाज़ दिए जाती है
My heartbeats call you
आ मुझे अपनी सदाओं का सहारा दे दे
Come, give me the aid of your songs
मेरा खोया…..

भूल सकती नहीं आँखें वो सुहाना मंज़र
I cannot forget that wonderful meeting of the eyes
जब तेरा हुस्न मेरे इश्क़ से टकराया था
When you smile stumbled upon my love
और फिर राह में बिखरे थे हज़ारोँ नग़में
And then, there were thousands of poem scattered on the path
मैं वो नग़में तेरी आवाज़ को दे आया था
I’d dedicated those poems to your voice
साज़-ए-दिल को उन्हीं गीतों का सहारा दे दे
Give the musical instrument, that is my heart, the aid of those songs
मेरा खोया….

याद है मुझको मेरी उम्र की पहली वो घड़ी
I rememer the first hour of my life
तेरी आँखों से कोई जाम पिया था मैने
I had drunk some intoxicant from your eyes
मेरी रग रग में कोई बर्क़ सी लहराई थी
Every pore of mine was filled with a wave of electricity
जब तेरे मरमरी हाथों को छुआ था मैने
When I touched your marble-white hands
आ मुझे फिर उन्हीं हाथों का सहारा दे दे
Come, give me again the aid of those hands
मेरा खोया ….

मैने इक बार तेरी एक झलक देखी है
I’ve seen a glimpse of you once
मेरी हसरत है के मैं फिर तेरा दीदार करूँ
My wish is that I appreciate you once more
तेरे साए को समझ कर मैं हंसीं ताजमहल
That I think of you shadow as a smiling Taj Mahal
चाँदनी रात में नज़रों से तुझे प्यार करूँ
And, in the moonlit right, I love you with my eyes
अपनी महकी हुई ज़ुल्फ़ों का सहारा दे दे
Give me the aid of your shining tresses
मेरा खोया….

ढूँढता हूँ तुझे हर राह में हर महफ़िल में
I hunt for you in every path, in every assembly
थक गये हैं मेरी मजबूर तमन्ना के कदम
My steps of hard-pressed need are tired
आज का दिन मेरी उम्मीद का है आखरी दिन
Today is the last day of my hope
कल न जाने मैं कहाँ और कहाँ तू हो सनम
Tomorrow, who knows where you, and I, will be
दो घड़ी अपनी निगाहों का सहारा दे दे
For a short while, give me the aid of your looks
मेरा खोया …..

सामने आ के ज़रा पर्दा उठा दे रुख़ से
Come before me, and raise the purdah from your face
इक यही मेरा इलाज-ए-ग़म-ए-तन्हाई है
This is the only treatment for my trouble of loneliness
तेरी फ़ुरक़त ने परेशान किया है मुझको
Your memories have oppressed me
अब तो मिल जा के मेरी जान पे बन आई है
Now, having met, my life goes out to you
दिल को भूली हुई यादों का सहारा दे दे
Give me the aid of the forgotten memories of the heart
मेरा खोया …..

A long song…but one of my great favourites 🙂

The moon….

January 12, 2012

When I was about to go to my tent at JLR Bannerghatta, I looked up at the full moon, serenely riding the night skies.

And the next night, when I looked out of my balcony, the moon was rising, still looking full:

fll mn 100112

Having taken a zoom shot, I got the moon through the palm fronds:

mn palm 100112


is my entry about the moon, some time ago. I promised that I would post the Tamizh film song about the moon….alas, I cannot find the original video anywhere on Youtube. The only video which has the original soundtrack does not give me a URL to post….can someone help me? The song is “andru vanthathum athE nilA”.

A song from the heyday of Tamizh film music…

January 11, 2012

\Here’s a video of a lovely song, from the movie

Server Sundaram

a melodramatic tear-jerker from 1964.

It shows the prolific and prodigiously talented music director,

M S Viswanathan

(click on the wiki link to see what kind of adversity he has battled in life…it’s amazing!)

…why he is wearing a suit in the hot and humid Chennai weather is a mystery!

actually conducting the orchestra, and the equally prolific singer,

T M Soundararajan (TMS) ,

The translation of the lyrics in this video are hilarious… so are the antics of the hero and heroine….but the song illustrates the great talent in those days of Tamizh cinema, and the innovative use of western instruments.

Both Hindi and Tamil film music from this era are superb.

Asha Bhonsle

September 11, 2011

I watched two almost identical retrospectives on

Asha Bhonsle

one, Rangoli, that airs at 8am on Sundays, and the other, Flashback on NDTV,

and realized that it was Asha’s 78th birthday on the 8th of September. What a talent! What a voice! What a range of songs! And she always comes across as a good person, too.

So…a salute to a wonderful artiste, with the first song that was played on Rangoli today:

Here are the transliterated lyrics:

Mera kuch saamaan tumhare paas pada hai -2
o o o ! saavan ke kuch bheege bheege din rakhe hain
aur mere ik khat main lipti raat padi hai
vo raat bhulaa do, mera vo saamaan lauta do – 2
mera kuch saamaan tumhaare paas pada hai – 2

patjhad hai kcuh … hai na ?
o ! patjhas main kuch patton ke girne kee aahat
kaanon main ek baar pahan ke laut aai thee
patajhad kee vo saakh abhi tak kaanp rahi hai
vo saakh gira do, mera vo saamaan lauta do – 2

ek akeli chhataree main jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe the – 2
aadhe sookhe aadhe geele, sukha to main le aaye thee
geela man shayad bistar ke paas pada ho
vo bhijwa do, mera vo saamaan lauta do

ek so sola chaand ki ratain ek tumhare kaandhe ka til – 2
geeli mahendi ki khushbu, jhoot mooth ke shikwe kuch
jhooth mooth ke wade sab yaad karaa do
sab bhijwa do, mera vo saamaan lauta do – 2

ek ijaazat de do bas, jab isako dafanaaungee
main bhi vaheen so jaungee
main bhi vaheen so jaungee

Very rough translation:

Some of my things are lying with you…
Some monsoon days are kept there,
And a night, wrapped in my letter, is lying there…
Forget that night, send me my things..

The feeling of the falling leaves of autumn…
I’d worn them once in my ears and returned..
That autumn leaf is trembling yet.
Drop that leaf…return my things…

When, under one shared umbrella,
We were both half wet…
Half-wet,half-dry, what was dry, I had brought along…
The wet mind is probably lying next to the bed..
Send it back, return my things…

One hundred and sixteen moonlit nights, the mole on your shoulder…
The smell of wet henna, some faux complaints…
Some false promises, too…remember them;
Send them all…return my things….

Just give me permission;
When I bury these,
I’ll also lay down there…
I’ll also lay down there.

What haunting lyrics by Gulzar!

One of the hundreds of songs that she’s sung so beautifully….

This thing about high-pitched singing for women’s voices….

July 20, 2005

When I listen to Indian singing, the thing that really grabs my attention is the importance given to the height of the pitch for women singers. Whether it is film music or classical, the higher the pitch, the better the woman’s voice is supposed to be. I cannot understand this. In old movies, we even had MEN singers singing at 5 kattai (G) and being much praised for it…when it generally sounded to me as if they were singing under a lot of strain, like Kittappa, TR Mahalingam, etc.

But nowadays, the male singers sing at their normal pitch and the female singer is made to sing an octave above that..the voices are so falsetto and shrill and seem to be in danger of going off the audible scale altogether.

Why can’t women sing in their normal pitch and be appreciated for that, instead of this craze for high pitch? I have had too many compliments, not for the way I sing or even the sweetness of my voice, but for being able to sing at 5and a half kattai (G sharp). What’s the big deal about it? I personally think that now, as my voice has mellowed, and I sing at a lower pitch, my voice carries more weight and sounds better!