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Eurasian Tree Sparrow feeding young one, Roxen Lake, Linkoping, 210614

June 21, 2014

As PC and I walked to Roxen Lake, I suddenly saw this beautiful sight…a


was feeding its young one.

The Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus) is a passerine bird in the sparrow family with a rich chestnut crown and nape, and a black patch on each pure white cheek. The sexes are similarly plumaged, and young birds are a duller version of the adult. This sparrow breeds over most of temperate Eurasia and Southeast Asia.


This sparrow feeds mainly on seeds, but invertebrates are also consumed, particularly during the breeding season.

Adults use a variety of wetlands when foraging for invertebrate prey to feed nestlings, and aquatic sites play a key role in providing adequate diversity and availability of suitable invertebrate prey to allow successful chick rearing throughout the long breeding season.

Parents, as my friend Hema says, are the same the world over..doing a lot to ensure the survival of their children!


Here’s a short video I took:

A quiet, happy, peaceful, hard-working morning

August 20, 2013

I decided to make mooli (radish) parathas. Ofkose I didn’t photograph most of the donkey work…the grating of the mooli, the mixing with the spices, the draining of the mooli water, the kneading of the dough, and the rolling out the parathas…I’ve just photographed the parathas being cooked on the tava, with oil and a touch of ghee (lower that cholesterol!)

DSC06363  200813 mli prtha

The paratha-making task was considerably lightened by the appearance of Ms Northern Cardinal, in the Japanese Maple outside the window…

DSC06362 1 ms crdnl  200813 stl

I timed my work very well…just as I finished, two beady eyes peeped at me after the morning nap…

DSC06364 bda 200813

Just finished feeding him his rice and vegetables (a task that needs an octopus’ number of arms)…and he’s playing again, cooing like a demented pigeon, while I make this entry…I’m lucky to have such simple joys of life.

Silicone for health…

August 16, 2013

DSC05984 bda eating bib 130813 stl

While I give KP his cereal and vegetables, he’s under the impression that anything near his mouth is part of the food. It’s a struggle to get the bib out of his mouth, and some food into it. He’s got a very strong grip…whether with his arms or his legs!

It’s already clear that he likes his cereals, but has his preferences amongst the vegetables….he’s NOT fond of carrots or beans. Peas and sweet potatoes are fine…but silicone seems to be the strong favourite, right now….

The Barn Swallow Babies, Forest Park, 300613

June 30, 2013

I’d decided to go for a brisk walk. NO birding, I’d promised myself. But I knew it was a hollow promise when I slung my camera around my neck! (well, even without the camera,I’d stop for any interesting bird or other creature…I knew it.) Like an addict who’s determined to kick the addiction, I set off at a brisk pace.

For one hour, all went well. I turned my face resolutely from the Robins and the Grackles and the various Red-winged Blackbird pairs I saw. I walked up to the Prairie Area in Forest Park, and things started disintegrating as several flycatchers…Eastern Kingbirds, and Eastern Phoebes..made their appearance. I saw a Green Heron taking off, and resisted going after it to the Des Peres creek,where I knew it would go fishing. But as I walked home, along the conifers near Lindell Boulevard, I saw some Barn Swallows swooping along the grass, hawking insects. Then, I noticed one swallow going towards a little blob on one of the conifers….I stopped in my tracks, my resolve forgotten, because this was a parent, feeding a fledgling…


no,TWO fledglings,


sitting comfortably on the conifer branch, waiting for the parents to bring them food!



15 barn swlw  fp 300613





In between feedings, they’d preen:


But food took preference:


Here’s one parent…


Both the fledglings here…


Synchronized looking out for the parents!




It was fascinating to watch the nursery meal in progress!

Both parents are visible in this image….


I dragged my reluctant feet off to go home, not realizing that another drama of a Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by Robins and Grackles was going to grip me at the end of the walk!

I’ve put up the photos on my FB album,

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to see them!

Once upon a flame…

February 21, 2013

Every friend who’s gone with me on the UGS (Usual Gang of Suspects) nature trails this year, has enjoyed the sight of the Pakshi Darshini (Eatery for birds)…

click here

for the short photo-feature on Citizen Matters.


May 28, 2007

We have many kinds of love in our culture, and Vaathsalyam is the love of a parent (particularly the mother) for the child.

Bandipur has always seemed to show me scenes of this vatsalyam more than any other wildlife sanctuary…

When we drove in to Tusker Trails, there was a snafu about our rooms, and while it was getting sorted out, the rain started pelting down too. We roamed around the property with our cameras, and I loved the sight of this mother cat with four identical kittens, one of whom she is licking over while the other suckles:

Cat mother and kittens Tusker Trails Bandipur u

Later, as we were on safari, we had the good fortune to have this mother and child cross our path:

Elephant mother and child

They both stopped at a fairly dry waterhole and the mother started vacuumming up the mud to throw on herself, while the calf suckled:

Elephant Mother and Calf Suckling

Some More Mothers-And-Their-Young photos here