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Lalbagh: Republic Day Flower Show

January 24, 2012

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The album is set for public viewing.

Here’s the Glass House at Lalbagh, lit up in the pre-dawn:

gls hs lit lbgh 200112

And the beautiful Sanchi Stupa, under construction:

stpa lbgh 200112

Magnum ke Tasveer: Exhibition of Hollywood Photographs

December 23, 2010

My friend Vishwas and I went to see an exhibition of Hollywood photographs at

Tasveer Art Gallery

I enjoyed the photographs on several levels. The first reaction, of course, was to the technical excellence of the photographs themselves. In the era of black-and-white photography, when photography was a cumbersome and tedious process, these photographers have yet produced such gems! Portraiture, to me, is one area where black-and-white photography still holds its own against colour.

Portraying people noted for their looks, as well as their talent, can hold its own challenges. Which aspect would you highlight as a photographer? Some photographs, such as that of Ingrid Bergman, focus on the beautiful lines of her face and neck; it’s the physical beauty that is captured. Others, such as the photograph of Alfred Hitchcock, with a bird settling on his trade-mark cigar, touch with a sense of sardonic humour on the film, or the talent, of the subject. There was one very memorable photograph of

Satyajit Ray

his kurta soaked in the perspiration of a humid Kolkata afternoon, directing his cameraman, the equally famous

Subrata Mitra

I was also impressed by the range and scope of the collection itself, and the hard work that must have gone into gathering the various negatives. Perhaps this is what justifies the astronomical prices (ranging from Rs. One to Two Lakhs, and above!) that are being charged. Well, thankfully for impecunious visitors like me, we can see the photographs for free, at least for a while!

Seeing the photographs also set in train many thoughts about the nature of physical beauty. The camera captures what will be lost later; that smooth skin will wrinkle, that thick mane of hair will wither away….Anno Domini will take its toll, and the beauty of the photograph will be the hagged crone of today’s reality. Why, I wonder, are the most fleeting things the most satisfactory? In some things we respect the majesty that longevity brings, but not when it comes to human beauty. We worship youth…we don’t accord enough respect to Age, it seems.

This was exemplified by one photograph of a white-haired Charlie Chaplin, directing a movie….I would never have recognized him, which means that only the photographs of his younger days are familiar ones.

Another aspect of the photographs was the bulk of the photographic equipment in them. In that photo of Charlie Chaplin, the giant dimensions of the movie camera bring out, starkly, how much miniaturization has occured in a short period of time. The ordinary photographer, taking a quick video of a street scene on his mobile camera, cannot imagine the kind of clunky equipment it took to make a silent movie of the 20′s! The march of technology for the common man is truly amazing.

Nice to visit an exhibition which elicits so many reactions! Thank you, Tasveer!

Stingrays in St Louis Zoo

May 14, 2009

I still manage to get news from the daily newspaper rather than the Internet, and from the St Louis Post-Dispatch that there would be a Stingray exhibit at the Zoo…and when I went there last week, it hadn’t yet opened….so yesterday, I looked it up on the net and the exhibit was on…and it was free for the first hour of the Zoo’s opening.

So I decided to combine the Zoo visit with my morning paper-buying and walk…..and when I reached the Zoo, I realized that though the Zoo allowed me to go inside, it would technically be open only at 9, and I had an hour, in which I wandered around, read the newspaper, and returned…to find that already, there was quite a queue!

Here’s the signboard about the Southern Stingray:

120509 southern stingray

The one about the Cownose Stingray:

cownose stingray 120509

more about the stingrays

Do you want to grab a coffee? Or some attention?

May 2, 2009

On the Loop, a coffee shop had this exhibit on the pavement sidewalk….

cup on the loop 010509

Considering that it was cold and rainy as I walked past, it was even funnier than it would have been on a summer’s day!

Chitra Santhe (Art Fair) at Chitra Kala Parishath, 250109

January 27, 2009

Here are some Nature paintings by Ms. Kalavathi of Mysore whose nephew said the paintings were not for sale, but were just being shown:

It was a very enjoyable afternoon….

Urban Change…the Photographers who exhibited their works

August 20, 2008

This article was edited….I had made it 1700 words, and now it’s 1100….I suppose, from next time, I will keep it to 1200 and make sure the “meat”of the article doesn’t get lost. This is a rather wrung-out version of what I wrote….

…and I *still* don’t get paid for the photographs…sigh! Well, they ARE a start-up, and they are, at present, on a tight budget….so, I will possess my soul in patience!

Went to see BodyWorlds3

February 2, 2008

This exhbition was one I have wanted to see for a long time, and when I realized it was on at the St Louis Science Center, off we went…

Photography is not allowed inside the exhibtion hall, but here are some links to help one understand what it’s about…

Not one of the exhibits on this site were on view; they were all different:

We saw some of the exhibit in this collection of photographs:

talks about it all.

And here’s one visitor’s reaction (some time ago, but the exhibits are preserved)

Dr Gunther von Hagens is both excellent at his patented technique, and an artist….we were very impressed. Since we are members at the Science Center, we got a $3 discount on the normally $18 tickets…well worth it. Never, outside an autopsy room, would we have got to see what constitutes the human body, and even there, it would have been with all the gore and off-putting layers of fat….this was clean, and shown so that we could marvel at the fantastic feat that the human body is, and marvel even further about the mind and the soul that animate it.

Photography Festival at the Leela Galleria

April 18, 2007

Acronyms mean different things to different people…

July 19, 2006

I was feeling thrilled when kalyan told me that 12 of his photographs are going to be exhibited in the World Wildlife Fund exhibition in New Delhi. When my husband came home in the evening, I excitedly told him, “They are exhibiting 12 photos of Kalyan in the WWF exhibition in Delhi!” My brother in law who has just come in from Arizona (and who has a 6 year old son, which is probably very pertinent to this anecdote!) piped up: “Oh? WWF? This guy Kalyan is a professional wrestler?”

I had to tell him that the only wrestling Kalyan is involved in,  is between his software work and his passion for B R Hills…still laughing at the thought of Kalyan slapping his thighs and throwing people out of the ring in an outlandish outfit!