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Am mad about Am….

April 15, 2014

Mangifera Indica-Summer in India

When you’re facing the summer sun
When your skin burns and it’s no fun
To walk in the sunshine, it’s too bright
The summer glare hurts your head and sight…
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….

You pick up the fruit, scattered all round
Or in the market they can be found.
Small and raw, or with golden ripe sheen
Or any of the stages that happen in between,
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….

Made into pickle or eaten with salt
Made into milkshakes or a thick juicy malt
Any of the numerous varieties you get
To crunch, or down your throat the smooth fruit you let
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….

Other times of the year, you may not really see
The beautiful leaves, the bark of this tree
But when the fruit in bunches is hung
About the mangoes paeans are sung!
You’ve got mangoes on your mind….


Summer is awful, hot and sticky,
About many fruits you’re choosy and picky:
But when it comes to the King, mango…
Into transports of delight you go…
You’ve got mangoes on your mind!


are pickles



is the fruit

Oh, this wonderful delectation…I am an Am aurat, and I am certainly an “Am Admi Paati”!

Love and mushrooms…

August 15, 2013

I went to the Farmers’ Market with my friends Divya and Chinmay, who’ve just arrived in St.Louis, with their son, Siddhartha. I love mushrooms, and I saw a nice lot of it there. But AM had told me they are not everyone else’s favourite, so…since I love my daughter, I came home without buying them

The next day, she came home from grocery shopping, and lo and behold, a box of mushrooms were in her hand…”These are for you, Amma, because you love them!” she said. I love mushrooms dearly, but I love my daughter even more….

So here are the mushrooms, getting sliced for the khumbh-matar that I made…

DSC05978 130813 stl mshrms

Here’s the matar part of the khumbh-matar:

DSC05979 130813 stl matar

Onion, tomato and ginger ground together and sauteed made the base for the dish.

DSC05980 130813 stl masala

The mushrooms and the peas were simmered together in this base, and it was a delicious dish…which passed into history almost immediately…the surprise fan being 2-year-old Siddhartha, who polished the last of it off while we were walking back from visiting the Zoo!

The fruit fiend….

March 13, 2013

We are very lucky to have a fruit fiend at home. Cherries, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries….and, especially, bananas…

banana fiend 040313 stl photo DSC01525-1.jpg

It’s never difficult to give her a snack that’s healthy, nutritious and filling, when she likes fruit so much!

I also find she loves vegetables if they are made interesting (not just boiled with a smidgen of salt, or without…!) She usually does not like carrots, but when I chopped them up small, and cooked them with a tempering of mustard seeds, cumin powder, a pinch of sambar powder and salt…she ate them up quite satisfactorily!

Today’s dinner for her is going to be basmati brown rice, mung dal, and probably palak, with some more fruit to follow…whatever she chooses.

Sankranti Oota, Halli Mane, Malleswaram, Bangalore, 140113

January 16, 2013

Some of the BULBs (Bangalore Urban Lady Birders) decided to meet up for lunch at Halli Mane on Sankranti Day:

140113 halli mane front

The decorations were beautiful…

made of palm fibre:

rope decor 140113 halli mane

made of palm fronds:

140113 halli mane  thoran

This is the menu, as displayed on the board:

kharabUjatha rasa (Musk Melon juice)
eLLu–bellA-kabbu (Sesame seeds-jagger-sugar cane)
hesaru beLe pAyasA( Mung dal payasa)
mAvina midi uppinkAyA (Maavadu, small mango pickle)
chOLada kOsambari (Salad with corn and grated carrots)
moLagekkALu, dAdimba kOsambari (Salad with sprouted green gram and pomegranate)
Alu gaddE palyA (potato curry)
dondekkAi, gOdambi palya (ivy gourd, cashewcurry)
mAvina kAyi chutney (mango chutney, not sweet)
sihi pongal (sweet pongal)
khArA pongal (savoury pongal)
avarekkALu usli (preparation with winter beans)
avarekkAlu bAth (rice with avarekkAlu beans)
happaLA-sandigE (appaLAm and vadAm) (the appalam or paapad was made from jackfruit)
avarekkALu gasi
annA (rice)
thOvvE-thuppA (dal , ghee)
thiLi sAru ( clear rasam)
shuntthi thambuLi (ginger paste)
amatikkAyi gojju (hog-plum gojju)
kumbaLakkAyi majjige huLi
guLLa huLi (Udupi brijal sambar)
mosaru (yogurt)
kobbari hOLige (coconut pOLi)
bALe hannina rasAyana (ripe banana custard)
avarekkALu masAla vade
avarekkAyi hayagrIvA ( a thick gravy preparation)
bhAvanA shuntthi (digestive; ginger with sour tones)
bALe haNNu (banana)
ele-adike (betel leaf and supAri)

The leaf looked like this, when I had to start eating, as I had to finish some of this before the next few courses:

leaf 140113 halli mane

At this point, 18 of the 30 items were on the leaf. And at the end, the leaf had to look like this:

empty leaf 140113 halli mane

Here are all of us, kindly clicked by a fellow-luncher:

group 140113 halli mane

This is for every fellow-Indian (especially Kannadigas) who cannot have food like this when they feel like it….I thought of each of you!

I eyed her…

December 2, 2012

dmslfly eating spdr nrndrpr kol  191112

A damsel (a fly) saw a female spider;
She looked very happy when she spied her.
She opened her mouth wide, and then wider:
And ate till the spider was inside her!


July 31, 2012

Baitu Filter Kaapi, that is….

see my entry on my blog at

Citizen Matters

and here’s some of it for you…

2 baitu kapi 290712 adigas

Stuffed Barbet!

March 11, 2012

Our trip to Bhadra was wonderful, because there was never any rush for time…we sighted, observed, and watched at leisure.

On the drive there, Anand took us to a waterbody where we enjoyed watching the


feeding on the figs in a very huge, majestic Banyan tree.

But one particular Barbet delighted us with its greed… are some photos, I don’t have to say it in words!

1  csbrbt bhadra 080312

How many figs can a Barbet eat at once?

last  csbrbt bhadra 080312

2  csbrbt bhadra 080312

3  csbrbt bhadra 080312

Thomas Vattakaven, on FaceBook, offered the more generous explantion that the Barbet probably had a large family of nestlings to feed…but in any case, it was very entertaining to watch it gorge itself and try to swallow it all!

Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Livingston, New Jersey, 230711

July 23, 2011

When watching the House Sparrow, Common Grackles, and Northern Cardinals at the bird feeder on my cousin’s deck, I suddenly found a


there, too!

rbwpkr nj big 230711

Here it is, at the feeder:

wdpkr at fder rhs 230711 nj

I don’t know if it’s a he or a she, but the bird flew in repeatedly:

wdpkr at fdr  2 230711 nj

In true politician style, it sat on the fence:

wdpkr rt lkng 230711 nj

And then went to the neighbour’s tree to look for insects on the trunk:

rb wpkr in tree 230711 nj

I still don’t know, when it has such a lovely red nape and red eyes, why call it a Red-*BELLIED* Woodpecker!


A childhood habit…

January 29, 2009

I cannot eat a “jimjam” biscuit (you know, the ones which have jam peeping out of a hole in the biscuit) without nibbling all around it, and coming to the jam right at the end, and…yummmm….

And I have to check myself from opening the orange and bourbon cream biscuits and scraping off the butter cream and eating it alone…

When a neighbour complained about her children doing this, I looked, I think, very guilty, and scuttled off without supporting her.

Anyone else wants to share such shameful (or shameless) secrets?

Been tooooo lazy to upload pictures to Photobucket…must do my Hampi post soon…

The very little that I got to know about Tanzanian cuisine

August 23, 2007

Well, having posted all that, I decided that though I never got a chance to eat in a Tanzanian home, I must set down the little that I learnt about food in Tanzania.

I might be mistaken, so do correct me if you have more accurate knowledge.

Apparently the staple food is maize/corn, and from maize/corn flour they make a kind of sticky pasty preparation called Ugali. This is just the flour, cooked in water with salt.

They also have a stew to go with it which is called Achali.

Apart from this, I was told about two dishes by the chef at one of the hotels:

“Kuku was Kupaka”, which is stewed chicken simmered in coconut, and served with Ugaii and Achali


“Nyama ya Kukaanga” whihc is marinated beef flakes, again served with Ugali and Achali.

I was rather surprised when Huruma told me that tamarind is not used in the local cuisine, or the vegetable “drumstick” (moringa), as both trees grow plentifully in the region.

That’s the trouble with staying in get the generic touristy food…

But I suppose, if the Masai’s favourite drink is milk mixed with blood, one would be better off with mineral water!

thaths….you say you know the region well…can you let me know something more about the cuisine?