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Mediocrity Personfied…

September 1, 2008

Someone appreciated my music (my Evoca site will close down shortly so I asked a lot of people to listen at

and I realized…

There are thousandddsssss of people who sing better than I do…who write better than I do…who sketch better than I do…who photograph better than I do….cook, sew,communicate, work, even SLEEP…better than I do! Sigh….Ms. Mediocrity..that’s me. Why is it that I am not motivated enough to excel at something? Because that won’t leave me time to enjoy the other activities. I try to better myself, but I am not aiming to be top-of-the-tree in anything; usually I am happy with that, but today I have the blues….

How can someone have Monday morning blues when they are not working? 🙂

Protected: A friend…

August 29, 2007

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