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Maps on the internet…

February 18, 2014

Google maps, google maps,
Where have I been?
On my way to my destination,
The whole world I’ve seen.
When there is, to journey’s end,
A short road, straight and true,
Google maps ensures that I
Travel an extra forty-two…

Nokia maps are better by (to use an apt word) far!

Families, and distances

October 17, 2013

I squeeze his little body to me
In an involuntary cuddle.
I smile at his sister in the morning.
We enjoy our time together, giggling and cuddling.
I’m leaving a happy family
To go on with their lives
While I pick up the threads on mine,
Across the world.
Why, then, should separation
Be such a heart-wrenching ache?
Why should I mar moments of happiness,
When I am watching brother playing with sister,
With thoughts of not being able
To see the minutiae of daily life
In their home, and share them?
All too soon, I will be back with them;
I am sure that the bonds will remain strong
And I can take up where I left off.
Let me take an aspirin
To cure my aching heart…
Let me not dwell on the days
That we will have to spend apart.

My child, and hers…

December 21, 2012

When my child sighs
In distant shores…
It brings tears to my eyes.
She misses her child,
But her separation is mild…
A matter of a few hours.

My child, alas, is so far away…
I cannot wipe her eyes.
In matters of a mother’s love,
I am not very wise.
My arms ache for my child
Quite as much as hers for her own;
I’d like to rise above
My emotions, and say
I’m practical. But I’m wild…
I’m not missing her alone
But her child as well…
They’ve both cast a spell
Over my heart….
It’s tough…living apart.

How many …

April 30, 2009

How many steps is a walk in the park
When that walk is without a friend?
Without a friend, even a very short walk
Seems tiring and without an end.

How many tears are shed deep inside
When friends have to stay apart?
The outward smiles may be bright and wide
But the tears are in the heart.

How many days can one take the pain
Of not being able to meet?
Each day, one should think, brings one closer again
To the time of meeting…achingly sweet.

How many times must one think and long
For the distant friend’s touch?
In every word that’s heard, in every sad song…
One misses the other…so much.

This is for two friends who are forced to live on different continents. With all my love.

To a beloved child

November 2, 2008

Though you’re halfway around the world,
Where your life and love unfurled…
Though I think of you each day,
Today’s a day to specially say….

It’s the last few minutes of the date of your birth here, but for you it’s still afternoon, and the sun is shining….think of all the great things you are blessed with, and have a happy time!


Mumbai and Bangalore

November 27, 2006

If anyone thinks traffic in Bangalore is bad, they should try travelling by car in Mumbai. We are staying in the Peddar Road area, the wedding we wanted to attend was at Chembur, and we visited someone at Andheri….neither of us wants to go back for the reception now!

But the concrete roads of Mumbai impress me…

More later, I am on very slow Reliance wireless connection on KM’s laptop…we are within walking distance of Haji Ali and the Mahalakshmi temple, so off for a nice sea-face walk now (it was lovely in the morning, too.)