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Poetry from my daughter’s pen

May 3, 2018

Dopamine skies
1st May 2018

The wind offers cool whispers
As we rotate the other ankle
Copper pod petals cling defiantly
To the dark tar sheet
Rinsed clean sometime last night
Dawn stirs awake in wisps
Night dances on her snooze button
A drop on my shoulder at Madhavan Park
Reminds me to speed up
The unconcerned metro
Zooms past swaying branches
Breezy gusts offer approval
For my effort down 40th cross.
Lunges stretch to the horizon
Mountain-like in layered bands of grey
Soft sheets give way to seductive swirls above
The corner of the terrace is on fire
Gulmohar flames are un-extinguishable
My abs soften down to shavasana
The sky begins to kiss us all
Dopamine drops
Fragile at first, then less delicate
We are compelled to linger
Then submit to the splendid shower
A rainbow day awaits me.

KTB…and what she reminds me of….

March 26, 2012

KTB recently took part in a march against Cystic Fibrosis, along with the rest of her daycare, Urban Sprouts….here she is (from their newsletter)…


She looks exactly like her dad, and like her Nana-in-Maine, in this.

When I saw this sight, early on Saturday morning, it reminded me of her…


She is a lotus bud, blooming in the sunlight…and that bee hovering attentively…would be the rest of us!

More about KTB…Noah

November 29, 2011

KTB’s daycare,

Urban Sprouts

is a happy place which she’s very happy to spend her weekdays at. Over the past year (I think she started going in July 2010) and a half, she’s found a very close friend, Noah (I still don’t know his last name!)

kms noah hands up stl 281111

Noah is the little boy in the black tee with a white design on it. Everyone in Urban Sprouts describes him as an “old soul”…it’s as if, they say, there’s a mature person inside that small body!

When I was there, I used to drop her mother off at the nearest Metro station in the morning, and then take KTB to Urban Sprouts, often spending a little time there as well. (Families are welcome to spend time at the centre.)

KTB would walk into the room five or six of them share, and before having her breakfast, she’d yell, “NO-VAAH! NO-VAAH!”, in as dictatorial tone as I’ve ever heard! Noah would come over (he’d often have waited to have breakfast, too!) A big hug, and then both of them would wash their hands and settle down at the small table, and have breakfast together, in great harmony!

Noah has continued to be her friend right through, and often figures in her conversation at home, too. In the photo above, their hands are up…but when it comes to spending time with someone at Urban Sprouts, Noah wins….hands down!

kms noah 281111 stl

AM took, and sent, the photos…

I am waiting for some pics from DnAnK’s Thankgiving weekend at Maine (of creatures other than the Bald Eagle!)…and some more KTB pics will follow, hopefully…

I know, rationally, that she’s happy and busy and has a great life where she lives…but emotionally, I do miss her…sometimes less, and more often, a lot. Let’s see how long I can last without going to visit her!

All these Days….

September 14, 2011

I got a message on my mobile phone, showing some AWFUL stick figures, and saying, “Happy World Tribal Day”.


I am sick and tired of all these uzliss and tokenist Days. And everything is now a World “X” Day, where “X” may be anything from Grandmothers Suffering From Jaundice to Persecuted Earthworms.

I can understand Days for things like battling disease, or fallen heroes…but it’s been taken to a ridiculous extreme. I think it’s getting to the point where there are not enough Days to go around,and we are going to have battles for each day, where, for example, the Save Old Barbie Dolls group clashes with the Plastic Bags Are Not All Bad faction, fighting for April 1 as their Day…..

Excuse me. Today is Rant Against Senseless Days Day. Tomorrow is Search For Another Topic Day….

Today it is the turn of the Economic Times…

October 30, 2007

We seem to have an epidemic of day-date mismatch…see this…

I am sure there are going to be red faces around the Economic Times today!

Something that may be captured on LJ in a few years’ time…

October 10, 2007

Something about my daily peregrinations about this city that cannot be captured on LJ are..the *scents*.

Today (and especially in the evening) I walked through…

repeated bouts of Akasha Mallige

the drool-making smell of onions frying, coming from push-carts.

raw sewage at various points of the road, or the storm-water drain.

petrol/diesel fumes.

the smell of jasmine, marigolds, and tube-roses as I passed the market.

the typical smell of the detergent as I bought some at a store.

agarbathi smells as I walked past the temple.

smells of ghee, also from the same temple (they were preparing the evening prasad, I guess.)

the coffee I had at my favourite eatery down the road from my place.

the chaat smell from there.

the smell of chlorine in the pool as I swam.

the ever-delicious aroma of my sambar as I ate dinner. sub-aroma of drumsticks.

Now, at midnight, my olfactory sense has no work to do…but the good thing is that I smell nothing burning, no gas I am safe to go to sleep now.

And today….

June 5, 2007

“It’s World Environment Day!” one of my friends said to me when I met her at her door in the morning. “We must take this seriously, unless each of us is careful, we will spoil the world!”
“Yes,” I said.
“Just one minute…let me give the driver the keys….Ramappa, can you take the car to the store at the corner and pick up three eggs? Take the large car, the smaller one has less petrol, I will drop Neeraj in that…these drivers just guzzle the petrol!” she said.
“Yes,” I said.
“It says in the paper that we must be really sparing and think green,” she said. “I just drove down and bought some plants from that lovely new nursery in North Bangalore which everyone says has the most exotic plants…aren’t they lovely?”
“Yes,” I said.
“And we must be careful of water, too…I don’t intend watering these plants too often, perhaps that’s why the last lot died…and yesterday my maid just left the tap open in the kitchen and I only noticed when I came home in the evening, can you believe it?”
“Yes,” I said.
“And I buy vegetables only in that new mall which has come up, they give such lovely plastic bags, too, look, Green’n’Fresh, it’s as good as anything you get in the States, isn’t it?” she said.
“Yes,” I said.
“I asked for a few extra, so that I can use them for other things and have less of waste. It’s essential not to waste, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” I said.
“Muniamma! Just throw those three towels into the washing machine and start it, you can’t keep waiting for more clothes!…where was I? Oh, yes, I felt so bad yesterday, having to throw such a lot of leftovers from my dinner party into the dustbin…Muniamma didn’t turn up for work and I didn’t want to put it all in the fridge. These servants are so unreliable, aren’t they?”
“Yes,” I said.
“But I’ll cut her salary for the days she takes off she’s always complaining that her husband beats her…oh, you’ve got your cycle keys…! It’s so dangerous, you know, but you are SO eco-friendly…”
“Yes,” I said.
“I couldn’t cycle for nuts, especially in this hot weather.I just have to have the air-conditioning on… I really admire you!”
“Yes,” I said.
“You are always such an inspiration to me! Oh well, it was nice chatting to you, I have to go in and make sure Muniamma washes the balcony properly…Muniamma, throw a few more buckets of water, and scrub the floor well! And don’t forget to spray the pesticide in all the corners…I’ll see you later, I have so much to do. Thank goodness we are all so aware of our environment!”
“Yes,” I said. “Bye!”

Yes, that lady IS a figment of my imagination, but she is made up of several ladies who do exist…