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From one of my favourite humourists

January 27, 2007

This one is for premkudva, who has brought a smile to my lips oftentimes with his anecdotes about his two daughters, and his wry comments upon the world. He is a stamp-collector, and this is what Dave Barry has to say:

“I never could get into the traditional hobbies, like religion or stamp collecting. I mean, the way you collect stamps is: Every week or so the Postal Service dreams up a new stamp to mark National Peat Bog Awareness Month, or whatever, and you rush down and clog the Post Office lines to buy a bunch of these stamps, but instead of putting them to a useful purpose such as mailing toxic spiders to the Publishers’ Clearing House, you take them home and just sort of *have* them. Am I right? Have I left any moments of drama out of this action sequence? And then the *biggest* thrill, as I understand it, the real *payoff*, comes when you get lucky and collect a stamp on which the Postal Service has made a *mistake*, such as instead of “Peat Bog” it prints “Beat Pog”, which causes stamp collectors to just about wet their polyester pants, right?”

I will never again be able to look at a stamp collection without thinking of Peat Bog Awareness!