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Enjoyable stuff….

October 2, 2006


I used to think, when I saw funny notices or hoardings, ” I wish I could photograph that”…well, this time, I had the digital camera (well, the Pujo photos were by KM) and here are two delights:

IMG_0003 Free women....

Either they tailor free women and give them to you, or they don’t charge for tailoring women…take your pick. This is in Ulsoor. (and remember, this is only the nursery section; they have an advanced section somewhere.)

And now for the stall at the Pujo:

IMG_0020 Organied...hmm...

Er…would anyone like to try a Bengali organ? Or would you be filled with “concern”?

You can imagine my joy when I spotted these yesterday!

Population Explosion here too!

September 29, 2006

Here’s one display, at my neighbour Sujatha’s place:


Will be posting a couple more later in the evening..rushing off now!

I changed the subject title after wondernoon pointed out that the golu seems to be reflecting India’s population explosion, and lack of urban space!