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Turahalli Day, 281114

December 1, 2014

For some years now, we’ve been celebrating

Turahalli Habba, or Festival, or Day

just to register the presence of those who love this patch of forest, and want to prevent any more encroachment

Here’s the

FB page

A group of us decided to do the bird walk, and here we are, at the MCS before heading out to Turahalli:


Light gathered in the sky:


I spotted this little gem on the side of the road:


tells me it is a Dodge Truck from the 40’s…

“The grille is very distinctive. Don’t know the exact model, but it sure seems similar to


he says. Indeed it seems to be the same!

We arrived a bit late, thanks to some befuddling GPS, but still got the rising sun:


At Turahalli, a lot of activities were going on.

There were rock climbers:


There were people just enjoying the peace:


Some were sharing their knowledge:


Some were collecting trash, and laughing about their “spoils”!


It was good to see far less trash than before, and even more heartening to see children collecting it, too:


There was cycling:

It was good to see adult and children’s cycles!


We opened our “birding account” on the way to Turahalli with this female



MBK pointed out this



but later the butterfly group


told us that some people were trying to poach these birds by setting the dogs on to them. I have made a complaint to the Forest Dept, and am hoping for more active surveillance.



skulked through the trees, but we were able to see it.


A delightful


greeted us:


The butterfly group got 50 species! Here’s a



I found this dead




I saw a



It was not nice, though, to see the loooong line of cars which had come for the event…but I suppose it can’t be helped!


Naturally, there is a huge block of buildings coming up right opposite, with this as the selling point:


Of course, some of us finished with a good breakfast at Adiga’s:


On the way back home, I was wondering if I could hire this silver chariot!


I’ve put up more photos on my FB album,


We hope the sun always shines on an undisturbed patch of Turahalli Forest:


Chakra and yantra, 040814

August 4, 2014

When was tending his bike, he asked me to take this snap of the cycle gears:


This was mounted on the bicycle wheel, which is called “chakra” in Sanskrit. It has 10 gears…or levels.

It reminded me of a spiritual aid, that has been worshipped for centuries in Hindu culture:


(Pic from the net.)

Here is the wiki entry about

The Sri Chakra or the Sri Yantra

Which has nine levels.

How apt, I felt, that the cycle, which is a “yantra” or instrument, has two “chakras”, with gears that so closely resemble an ancient “chakra” or “yantra”!

Kinetic energy does not, after all, seem to change much over many centuries!And cycling is a religion for many….

Meanwhile, I find wheels….230614

June 24, 2014

Yes, I know I have plenty of Linkoping posts to catch up on, but a couple of days ago, PC and I had been to “Biltema”, where he buys a lot of cycle stuff. I’d looked at a folding bike (with longing) and at the price tag (with revulsion…at 2190 SEK, the revulsion was strong!)

Yesterday evening, PC came back and said, “We are going to Marvin’s place to buy his folding bike for you!”

It appears that Marvin, a colleague and friend of PC’s, is no longer able to cycle due to health issues. He is a dimunitive Indonesian, and so we went off to his place, hoping that the price tag would not be too high.

I fell in love with the cycle (I really don’t cycle long distances, so I don’t need a geared bike; with my fear of falling, often justified, I need a cycle where the saddle is low to the ground.) and PC pumped up the tyres for me, and I did a few rounds with a very gleeful expression on my face, thinking to myself, “Now don’t grin like an ape, the price will go UP!” but quite, quite unable to stop doing so.

And my grin nearly met at the back of my head when PC told me that Marvin was quite keen to LEND me the bike, instead of selling it to me. I very nearly hugged and kissed the poor guy, and only stopped myself from doing so at the thought of the heart attack he might have.

PC got this picture of me on the cycle:


We came home, and PC has lent me one of his three helmets, and excuse me, I am off to Roxen Lake now! I’ll get another pic of me with the helmet, all right and proper, this evening, when PC gets back from work.

Sweden is a DREAM for cyclists, with its dedicated cycle paths, perfect weather at this time of year, and wonderful green areas to cycle through. OOOOOH, how did I get so lucky! Thank you, Prashanth !

Update: now you can see me APH…All Properly Helmeted!


Alas, this morning, the vertigo that I suffer from (and which has attacked after a long gap) resulted in a fall, and cycling is off for at least a day or two….

Two videos from Forest Park, 280913

September 30, 2013

Here’s DS trying out an

Elliptical Scooter

And in another example of something being pushed (this time, the air through pipes)…here’s bagpipe skirling, from the Scottish Games at Forest Park, on the same evening:

KTB was quite scared of the bagpipers and said twice or thrice that they might kill us….!

Meanwhile, two weekends in St Louis…

October 15, 2012

hlf mrthn 071012 stl

Here she is, with Team Asha:

4 hlf mrthn 071012 stl

Here’s her account:

All of you have supported my running now or in the past, and I wanted to give you an update of my half marathon today. Thank you all so much for your support, running with me, belief, good wishes, contributions to Asha and more. I’ll organize the pictures and post on my page:

click here

In the meanwhile, here’s pictures of the entire team, with the best ones towards the end:

click here

I felt excellent, enjoyed the run and finished super strong. I didn’t really know how I’d evaluate myself, seeing that I was significantly slower and having had no measurement or real target, except to feel good the entire time. My non pregnancy best was under 2:05, and today I did just under 2:19. About a minute per mile slower, adequately appropriate for a non pregnant me carrying 12 lbs of weights.I felt very in touch with my body, in harmony and response, steady, calm and at the optimal fitness for the work my body and soul are doing.

During my training runs I hadn’t targeted pace and was vaguely aware of being anywhere between 11 min miles to just under 13 min miles, supporting the team (who all did great, and finished strong). I didn’t really have a time in mind, except for believing I was comfortably capable of something under 2.5hrs (11:45 or better), but perfectly willing to walk the whole thing or even stop and quit if I felt the need.

hlf mrthn 071012 stl

Bottomline is that I feel very prepared for the rigours of labor and delivery, as well as the demands on my body from having to sometimes carry K.

Looking at my splits, I found that it was technically an excellent run. I had 4 split timings recorded during the run – at 5k, 10k, 15k and the finish (20.08k). I stayed so consistent that my pacing varied less than 4 seconds during the entire event. My first 5k was at 10:41/mile, I steadied at 10:43, and in the latter half picked it up to 10:40, and sped up just enough during the last quarter that I finished with a pace of 10:37. I would have wanted exactly this kind of pacing with a x10 variance (ie 4second x10 = 40s +/-) non pregnant. This isn’t something I really trained for, because I talked to my body rather than a watch, both during training as well as today, but as it turns out, the conversations with my body were represented by the rational record of it.

2 hlf mrthn 071012 stl

All in all an achievement I feel blessed to have the luxury of focusing on. And a manifestation of an overall life balance. My amazing husband has enabled it, all the while training for his own century (100 mile) ride next weekend.

3 hlf mrthn 071012 stl

5 hlf mrthn 071012 stl


is an account of her commitment and work for Asha For Education.

This Sunday (the 14th of October) DS was off for his Century ride (100 mile ride) which he’d been preparing for. Here’s her account of that:

During inspection last weekend, D found that his bike had a worn ball bearing wheel. He went to the bike shop three times, twice it was closed, and the third time they didn’t have the part. So he finally borrowed Vikas’s bike. Vikas had just bought a brand new $900 Canondale that Derek had advised him on about a month ago. D worked nearly 5 hours yesterday (Sat) to fix up Vikas’s bike for his 100 mile ride today.

After the hard work, and mechanical engineering to get his phone waterproofed, but available to see his route on and charged up with a battery powered juicer, he was finally satisfied. The day was supposed to begin rainy and we decided that he should start a little late to avoid the rain. After he slept, I looked up the website and saw that this year the cutoff for the start time was 7:30am. Not wanting to disturb his sleep, I only told him that in the morning when he woke, and he rushed to get to the start line in time.

Fortunately, the rains had stopped, but the roads were still wet. D got to the registration desk in the nick of time. But had forgotten his phone at home. He had his office phone and the first 20 miles of the ride led him by the History Museum, where I was preparing to go deliver his regular phone that he had engineered his hookup for.

Within 15 mins of his coordination call regarding his phone, I got another call. The slick roads and the thin tires of Vikas’s brand new road bike had claimed him as a victim. He was by the side of the road, bruised knee, even more badly bruised bike, waiting for the injury van to come and get him. He hadn’t even gone 10 miles, and was just miserable.

He returned home, with a bloody leg and a pool of blood soaked up by his sock. The bike wasn’t as mangled as he made it sound on the phone. He first declared that he was going to try to get through the remaining 80 miles (from home) on his mountain bike. But it was too late, it was an extremely windy day, and for him to make the deadlines for lunch and the ferries meant pushing the limits on an injured and bruised knee.

All the race day energy pent up, with no where to spend it, he was in a daze. He took the bike to the shop after washing off the blood and the mud. Big Shark helped repair the back lock, the side and back wheel for free. A very nice gesture. It fortunately has turned out that we probably don’t have to buy Vikas another $900 bike. That was a huge relief because Derek was thinking that even if we bought Vikas another bike, he wouldn’t want to keep this one because the frame was too small for him. Vikas was of course gracious as could be and was not in the least interested in the fixes required for his bike. Derek has decided that it would be fair to spend $150 to $200 in getting him a custom fitted seat to replace the original one that had now been completely scraped up.

He is still feeling so miserable from the day, the incomplete ride and the tiny little accident that derailed a lot of preparation, training and anticipated excitement. Fortunately, I was able to find another century ride in 2 weeks time about 3 hours away. It is late in Oct and nearly the last one in the country, except for California, so it’s great that it exists and relatively inexpensive.

So for his $60 registration today, he got a pair of socks and an ignoble ride back some 10 miles to the start line in the support vehicle. Very sad indeed. He is glad to have ended the day and is asleep now. On the upside, we had a wonderful family trip to the zoo and enjoyed some freebies thanx to Sigma Aldrich – carousel ride, train ride and children’s zoo. K really had a marvelous time with us both, and hopefully made some good memories.

Roundabouts and swings…and they seem to deal with both equally well. I love my daughter and son in law so much!

How cycling can help….

July 18, 2012

see Chiddu’s blog about how someone I know very well has beaten the odds for more than a decade

Chiddu campaigns ceaselessly against vaccination, which, he says, is the only instance of medicine intervening actively in healthy people’s lives. I’d not agree with him wholly, but certainly sometimes, expensive treatments seem not to be needed…if a determined and sustained effort is made.

KTB and her first bicycle

May 4, 2012

We decided to take her out to Forest Park this evening. This was her first outing, and I don’t think any of us have ever had a “pedal-less” bicycle in our lives!

Here’s the narrative:

click here

(You need a Facebook account)

and here are the videos:

Please notice where the cycle power is coming from!

And this:

You think this is going any better?

She’s 3 years and 3 days old, and I wonder when she’s going to balance! Chiddu this one’s especially for you and your two delightful tykes!

One of the subjects of an article….

December 10, 2011

Nice to be written about, instead of writing about others, for a change!

Click here for the article by Sameer Shisodia

and sometime ago (when the article appeared, I was away in the US and never saw it….just now, Deepa Jayaraman dug out the link for me!)

Thank you, Sameer…and my namesake!

“What’s the price of your cycle?”

October 25, 2011

Here’s a very witty piece written by one of the members of my ccyling egroup, on the theme of “What do you say when people ask you the price of your cycle?”


Once again,

we have cyclists who are particular, insecured, serious and cautious about their cycles and their image.

Its India folks, take it lightly, even if your cycle is 2+ laks, a guy with LUNA moped is considered rich and more suitable for marriage alliance than a guy with cycle.

In case I am asked this question by the lady who is planning to wed her daughter to me she would be shocked that someone really really duped me and sold me a junk for any amount more than 3K. I mean can a road bike carry milk, coconuts, family, handle Indian roads, and more so why do we not prefer putting on full clothes while cycling?

In case a police personnel asks me that question and I tell the real price, he will end up noting the address of the guy who sold it to me, and ask me to file a FIR for being cheated.

In case a girl asks me that question and I tell her the cost trying to impress her she would just update her list of the greatest fools she has met on planet earth. Girls all over the world somehow have this impression about themselves that they are more beautiful, wanted and evolved for planet earth. I am not complaining, actually I enjoy this point of view.

In case its a guy still facing economical challenges, and he tells you do you have so much money to buy a cycle, dont feel insecured about your cycle, he is just asking whether you have so much money that you allow yourself to be looted. He will obviously start thinking about ways to sell you something else, like a bottle of water, for 11k. You see its not his fault really.

Try telling it to the office guys for one, your boss with a wife two daughters one dog, home and car loan would definitely stop your promotion in favour of those who are in greater need of it.

In case you want to tease you college frends definitely do not miss the opportunity, you will go up in their list of guys of whom they must be jealous of, ofcourse they would first try telling you what a fool you were and share their prudence on finance and savings. Just tell them the long ride that you had been that weekend when he was buying vegetables and cleaning his car, that will somehow drive home the point.

In case you have met with an accident, like me several times, never tell it to your doctor, I dont know how exactly, but it does effect your bills in some ways.

Definitely aviod telling it to your house owner in case you are on rent, I guess you know what I mean.

Try seeing the world with naked eyes, its beautiful, you have already taken the first step getting down off your car and being a cyclist, the windows are gone, the seat belts are off, the wind is directly hitting on your face, just embrace the world in its true bare meaning – be a cyclist.


Cycling…and logic

October 3, 2011

I had a wonderful trip to Bandipur with a great group of friends…but of course this post is not about that!

On the cycling group I belong to, someone had said that someone on a cycle had yelled at him (while he was in a car) to stop wasting petrol, and added a rather delightful word to quality the statement. Someone added that many people use the car to go to the shop down the road.

My response:

” I am not disputing that there ARE EAC (Evil Anti-Conservationists) of the type you have mentioned above…..I am just saying, you cannot assume that everyone is of the car-for-crossing-the-pavement category! Eg, I often take senior members of our apartment complex, or student of a blind school nearby, for medical checkups and so on. They need to be taken by car, they are often frail and in bad health. At these times I will certainly not use the cycle, or ask them to do so. I may have a large amount of shopping to do, which I may not be able to do on the cycle. I will definitely use the car at such times.

“Actually the increasing jams are having a good effect on our worthy citizens. I find so many people now saying, “We take the bus because driving and parking are such a hassle”….so every cloud does have a silver lining!

“A great source of entertainment for me is…. let me give you one scenario. The lady of the household said they had gone to attend a wedding. “The traffic was so bad!” she exclaimed. “First my husband went to the reception in his car, he had to park so far away. Then I went with my driver in my car, and he had to circle around four times after dropping me. Then my son also brought his car and he didn’t find parking at all!”…. They never see that they ARE part of the problem. I was once advised, when I wanted to walk about 3 km to Marina Beach in Chennai, “The traffic is terrible…you will be unsafe..take the car.” The person saying it had no clue of the irony in his words….he was genuinely concerned for my well-being.”

When people realize that when they are complaining about the traffic, they can try and do something about it at least on a few occasions, our snarls may start improving!