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October 26, 2013


A house in which no one lives
Any more. Dead sere leaves
Floating, spent, on a pool
Of autumn rain. Shut windows,
Reflected in the parking
Reserved for a pastor
Who suffered from cancer,
And passed away: whose wife,
Now the pastor, struggles
With health, herself.
What was once live, and green, and young
Passes into the waiting arms
Of mortality.
There remains, only, the hope
That the cycle will start
Once again, and the sap will rise
In a new spring, a house alive
With a family, and the parishioners
Renew their faith.

The Photo-Shoot Shot….

April 15, 2009

I got a call from Prasad , a freelance photographer who has moved to Bangalore from his native Hyderabad, and we fixed up 11am on Sunday as the time for the photo shoot. Prasad was very punctual indeed, but I don’t think he was prepared to be photographed in his turn!

Here’s Prasad with his brother, who is visiting from Hyderabad…

prasad pro photographer 120409

Youu can see my LRT (Little Rattle Trap)in front, with the useful and uncool basket!

Prasad carries a variety of equipment, including a Canon 450D, a Nikon D70, and various lenses, filters, flash and diffusers. Here he is, getting ready to shoot:

prasad getting ready to shoot 120409

Once he took out his equipment, he asked me to cycle around the Mini Forest (which I was rather reluctant to do, as I don’t think cycles are allowed there) and started shooting.

120409 prasad shooting

As the bushes nearly hid my little LRT from the camera view, we went back to the road, and it was very funny indeed to go cycling on the same stretch, back and forth, as he got his shots; I had to wait if there were other people or vehicles in the frame!

We also tried a couple of shots within my apartment building, but I refused to cycle on the lawn, and anywhere else wasn’t suitable.

I got them both “thimble chai” from the nearby vendor, and promised to look at his photo site, which I did…and I am properly impressed!

I do not know when the article will appear in “Harmony” magazine, or what it will say…but being interviewed and photographed was fun!

I did ask him to send me a few images, and he agreed, but nothing in the email so far…..perhaps they are all the property of the magazine!

The “C” part of WBC

March 7, 2009

I am an active proponent of WBC…that is,Walk, Bus,Cycle…and avoid the car! Here’s an email I wrote today to the Bangalore Bikers’ (as in Bicyclers’) Club:

This morning, Nikhil called me up and said that a lady who was my namesake also wanted what I call a “workhorse” (as opposed to “sport”) cycle, and could she talk to me? I said yes, and she came over home. She wants a cycle to do her daily chores on, which is much the same purpose that I cycle for. I showed her my LRT ( TI Ladybird, with uncool basket and rear-view mirror….no fancy bells and whistles.) She rode it around a little. She too, like me, seems to enjoy cycling!

I am fairly sure she’s going to be getting herself a cycle..and I rejoice at the thought of another woman choosing to cycle over driving her car.

I want to share certain inputs that she gave me:

She is a little intimidated by what she calls the “high end” cycle and seemed to be comfortable with me and my LRT mainly because it is such “common-or-garden” variety of bicycle… the usage and the cycle both being non-cool, non-glamourous, and very utiliatirian. I told her that I ride wearing either trousers or salwar kameez. She also felt a little discomfort with “special cycling clothes”.

So I think that when you guys go out to meet people, if I can just come along and tell people that I cycle regularly without necessarily having a glamour quotient attached to it, who knows, maybe more women who feel that they cannnot afford high-end bicycles, will also take to the activity as a regular way of getting about!

The best thing was that she is introducing her daughter to birdwatching as well, so we sat for a couple of hours talking about birds, too! I have asked her to join the birdwatching egroup, too.

So thank you,nikhile , for putting her in touch with me. She left saying that she felt both comfortable and encouraged about buying a cycle…that’s a very hopeful sign!

Why I cycle

February 3, 2009

I must say, though, that cycling has got progressively more dangerous in this city of mine. I recently developed a calf muscle problem that has put cycling on hold for at least a while….but even before that, I had given up cycling over distances longer than 10km, and definitely, cycling in the evening. I want cycling to improve my health, and a traffic accident could be a major health problem!

But I do like the idea of replacing driving a car with cycling wherever possible, and I liked this logo that was used at one of the Cycling Workshop presentations:

Logos are such effective ways of putting across a message without ever saying a word!

Article On…and Off

December 6, 2008

I had got the go-ahead from Citizen Matters to do an article about the Tour Of Nilgiris initiative that my cyclist friends in Bangalore have put together in a most professional way.

But..later, I was told that Hari Shenoy, who is going on the tour, will be writing an article, so I need not write one. 😦

Details of the Tour Of Nilgiris are


But…I most certainly am not thinking of doing a rattle-my-bones-and-prevent-me-from-sitting-down-for-a-month huggge ride like that…I can’t do 919 km on a cycle, fossilized as I am; it would be, quite literally, the last thing I do!

But….if you blog about the tour, you can also enter the blogging contest ..imagine going through the Nilgiris for a week! :))))) I am drooling over the picture of that tent, though…I can do *that* quite well!

But…. all you friends….this is a great initiative which these guys have organized, and they have done such a great job of pulling it all together, involving this list of Bangalore people:

Title Sponsor and Food Caterer: Nilgiris 1905
Official Accessory Partner: Wildcraft
Official Radio Partner: Radio Indigo 91.9FM (which is why tour is 919 km)
Official Medical Assistance Partner: Manipal Hospital
Official Print Partner: Time Out Bengaluru
Official Documentation Partner: Flaunge

I *would* love to be their official blogger, even though I cycle on my LRT(Litte Rattle Trap) and I have only two more gears than the number of baskets I have on that cycle….

So anyone who is cycling out there…do visit the TFN site…and come out, at least, on the morning of 25th of December and cheer these people on..they are a great mixed lot, starting from a 11-year old…read about them all on the site.

I’ve used so many “but”s in my post that I will have to do a takeoff on Rohan and Nikhil’s Bums On The Saddle” , and call this post “Buts on the Saddle”.

Three lovely notices and a balanced outlook

January 6, 2008

At Hebbal Lake….

doing illegal activities...

Near it….

Ayurvedic Camp 060108 Hebbal Lake area

Near my home…

Jowar Meals Restaurant 060108

And I would bet that this guy rarely loses his cool…

a balanced outook on life 040108 road from BR Hills

Did a lovely birding trip to Hebbal Lake, which is a “first-timer” for me in birding parlance…

What better way to spend a winter morning than first sip hot tea in the cold misty dawn, and then have experienced birders teach you lots of things by the lake as the sun slowly warms you up?