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May 25, 2007

Why can’t LJ at least have a counter for those who visit a blog?

I say “at least” for a reason.

I like dialogue. That’s the reason why I post on LJ and not a nice personal diary. I want to know what a reader thinks when s/he goes through my post. And I am realizing that many more people seem to be reading my LJ than I thought (in my naivety, I assumed for a long time that I had a readership of one..then I upped it to about twenty.) And so many of them don’t tell me what they think.

There’s a definite reason I have not disabled anonymous posting on my LJ. I am, indeed, gentle (or rowdy) reader, interested in your thoughts. If you go through my post silently and pass on…I don’t even KNOW you exist.

So make your mark…say something…agree, disagree..drift from the thread of thought…it’s all going to be interesting. If you are not an LJ-er, just type your name at the end of the comment.

Well…if all this doesn’t happen, *at least* an LJ visit-counter (why won’t they have it? Just because Blogger has it?) would let me know how many pairs of eyes have looked in…

I want a counter. To whom should I write?