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My superchild….

May 25, 2014

Her FB update:

The Gods must have read my FB post about no pats on the back. Today there were two important ones. My boss introduced me & my role to the Board of Commissioners this morning. His was both gracious and grand in introducing my role and skills. After the meeting, the CEO asked what my previous role at Metro had been, and the COO explained on my behalf, and was also very complimentary – saying that I did an excellent and methodical job in managing 1/4 of the entire opening of the cross county rail line (a 9mile extension & ~$0.7 Billion job) in managing all the internal Metro preparation. Indeed, he elevated my past work to the level of the VP who was “managing the other 3/4”.

How on earth did I give birth to this superwoman, I wonder!

Here’s a pic of us from 1993:


My daughter…my life…

Words of appreciation….

April 30, 2013

Here’s an FB message I got today:

Hi Deepa,
How are you doing? Its been a while that we have had conversation and may take you a while to remember who I am. :)but more so this is a thank you message. I had been to the wildlife conservation seminar organized by the slothbear foundation over the weekend. It was such a wonderful experience listening to some of the who’s who of wildlife conservation. But it really made me wonder how did I reach there? I was not even closely related to any of this 6 months ago. It took me back to sometime in November last year when i started photography. While i was keen on visiting forests, i couldn’t. Ihad no clue about anything and started shooting birds at hebbal lake close to my house. My first proper birding trip was with you to the valley school and things have changed right since then. I saw birds, met people, lwent to forests and got genuinely interested in nature and ecology and now i see myself wanting to involve myself for the cause of conservation. In short, it was that one trip to valley school that spurred my interest and l ended up at the conservation seminar where i had a wonderful time. More so, its brought out so much interest in me towards nature. I sincerely thank you for that.
I hope everything else is fine on your end. Take care.

Can you believe this?!

May 7, 2011



….I too read it avidly, eager to find out who she was talking about!

It feels…unearned…and yet also feels great. Very mixed up, very happy. I am glad SOMEONE thinks so highly of me.

Thank you, from my heart, . This will see me through many downs in life!

Oh my…

February 27, 2007

I have been sketching all my life; and it is so much a part of me that I have never thought much about it. When I moved into my present apartment, I finally decided to frame a few of the sketches that had been autographed, and a few that I liked…but that was about the limit of it.

I tend to sketch mainly when I am stuck indoors because of the heat. (Cold weather allows me to wear extra clothes and stride off happily.) I do not even have an easel or a special set of pencils…

But if I knew that posting a picture of a sketch would bring in the compliments like this…I would have taken it a lot more seriously…

I will be posting more of my sketches now…in sketching, I love the way a few lines can indicate so much of form and content!

Thank you for the compliments, all of you…I feel so happy; that tiger-sketch entry is going to be one of my treasured ones!