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The strange things that happen to me…

July 2, 2013

I decided to see the first show of “Shrek”..the musical, based on the movie…at the Muny.


Here’s a song from the musical, that I took from Youtube:

Having gone late (I missed the Muny trolley from De Baliviere as well) , I was sitting in the back row, as usual, but the children in front of me kept standing up. I didn’t want to tell them to sit down, they were enjoying themselves so much. So I got up and was standing behind the back row. An usher politely told me I had to sit down, and found another place for me. After sitting down, I realized the big Muny fan was blocking my view. So at the break, I went to the toilet (long pee queue) and then came back and sat in my original seat.

Then a man came up to me and said, “Did you see my child’s cup?” I said no. After another 20 minutes, he came back again and said, “If you give me back my cup, I won’t say anything about the purse.” He said some lady had lost her purse. I didn’t want to be badgered by him, So I got up and went to the ushers and told them what had happened.

I pointed to the man. When they called him over, I voluntarily opened my bag and showed the contents to them. Both the man and the ushers were profusely apologetic. I broke down and cried. This perplexed the House Manager, whose name is Kwofe Coleman. He expected me to be angry, but not to cry!. He took me down to the plaza,, and another usher, and he, comforted me. I tried to switch on the phone to call Anjana, and it wouldn’t switch on. This made me cry a little more! I didn’t ask Kwofe to call her. I gave him my Citizen Matters visiting card and told him I am from India. He gave me his number and asked me to call the next day. I went back and watched the last half an hour or so, but the evening was totally spoilt, and certainly I missed a lot of it (it was very good.) I walked back to Forest Park Station and A picked me up.

I called Kwofe up the next day, and he said he’d give me tickets on the house, any day that I liked. So, on Thursday the 27th, my friend Ruth Hartsell and I went to the show. I’d packed an Indian dinner for her, and an American dinner (macaroni and cheese, that I’d made for KTB’s dinner) for myself. We enjoyed the show very much indeed. I went up to Kwofe again, and said I’d email him and thank him, and the Muny, for their Muny-ficience! I decided to write this blogpost, describing the whole incident.

But…don’t think that’s the end of the strange happenings. On Monday evening, I was walking along Union Blvd, photographing some of the old buildings, and turned left into Delmar, on my way home. Suddenly, a flatbed van stopped near me, and someone said, “Madam!”

I am not used to running if addressed by strangers, so I stopped…and guess who it was…the man who had accused me! He shook me by the hand, and said he’d been feeling very bad about what had happened. Seeing his really troubled face, I felt that what had passed was no longer a problem, and told him to forget it. We exchanged notes about ourselves for a while. His name is Joseph (alas, I’ve forgotten his last name, and forgot to take a photo of him, I was so rattled by the coincidence!). He’s a retired firefighter…he was invalided out when he was rescuing a 400-lb man from a fire and got injured. He now runs an auto mechanice shop business out of home, and has four children. I told him a bit more about myself, and asked him to email me the letter he said he’d written to me. (He hasn’t yet sent it, though.)

Ironically, he asked me to be careful in walking down Delmar Blvd and asked me if he could give me a lift home. I am not comfortable taking lifts from unknown people (I held no rancour about what had happened, but he was still a stranger) so I said I needed the excercise. We parted on very amicable terms.

Life is so strange! What were the odds of my meeting that man again? It was sheer chance that I decided to walk down Union and turned at Delmar…and that he happened to be passing at the same time, and also, recognized me. All’s well that ends well…looking forward to our family trip to Washington, D C, tomorrow…I hope the fireworks are great on the 4th of July!

Of Kites and Coincidences….

June 11, 2012

D and I had taken KTB to Forest Park, and we found a beautiful kite up in the air, that we could see far away….

5 kite fp 180512

1 kite fp 180512

We realized that the kite was flying from a point where two people were sitting, comfortably, on folding chairs, talking.

I went up to them and complimented them on the beauty of the kite. The lady said her name was Jackie, and said she’d bought the kite three years ago….but this was the first time she was flying it….

And, also, this was their first date! The happiness on their faces told me very clearly that it was going very well indeed. I wished them the best, and they asked me to take a photo of them with the sunset and the kite in the background:

2 Frank Jacke fp 180512

I obliged, and gave them my visiting card, so that they could email me and I could send them the photos.

However, as the days passed, I never heard from them, and just gave it up as one of those encounters that often don’t come to anything more.

Day before yesterday, I took KTB for a walk in the park, and it was a long ramble…6pm to 8.30pm, from front door to front door (yes, with a 3-year-old in a stroller, a ramble of about 3.5 miles, with stops for birding, duck-chasing by KTB, turtle-watching and owl-watching by both of us, AND a stop at the playground…. IS long one, I can assure you.)

I was crossing the road near the Visitors’ Center on my way home, and a convertible stopped for me. (This is going to KILL me when I get back home, I always feel. Traffic comes to an IMMIJET halt when anyone STEPS on the road….and if there is a baby carriage, double that. When I come to India, I’ll do the same thing, and be Deepa Chutney in no time at all….)

As I crossed, I heard yells of “Madam! MADAM!: and looked back…to see that same couple, Frank and Jackie, in the convertible (with the top down due to lovely weather), trying to get me to hear! Jackie told me she had emailed me twice but that it had bounced (why, I have no idea…) So I took Frank’s visiting card, this time, and I have just finished sending him the pictures of both of them, with the kite in the background.

What are the odds of our crossing each other’s paths in Forest Park, at that spot, at that instant, I wonder? What a coincidence!

I hope to be able to meet them once I am back from my Carnatic music concert (oh, yes, I am giving one on the 16th in Memphis, Tennessee, they wanted a repeat of

last year

and I am thrilled!)

3 kite fp 180512

Here’s a silhouette of Frank and Jackie, too:

3 frank jackie bw fp 180512

Q. What is coincidence?

A. When a metal piece of currency is seen randomly on your path….


April 25, 2008

When I was in St Louis, I would, once in a while, buy the New York Times newspaper and bring it home. Once, when I did this, and was reading it, I came across an article on migrant birds being possible carriers of the Avian flu…and there was a picture of BAR-HEADED GEESE which was credited to M.Niranjan , who was not mentioned by name in the article.

I mailed Niri (I met him through the JLRNTP) at once, and it was very nice when he came home with Deepak to collect the newspaper.

The coincidence?

When a few of us had gone to Devarayanadurga, the TV Channel, “Kasturi”, had taped an interview with some of us (anirudhc, mamtanaidu, and Seshadri) and asked me to say what we were doing in the place, and to request for a hit Kannada song. Of course I requested a song from “Mungaru Male”!

And last Saturday, when I was sitting near my front gate, idly photographing the Brahminy Kite and wondering when I would get back in my flat, being locked out…Niri phoned and told me that he had just switched on the TV, and I was on the air with my friends, asking for the song! “Quick, quick, switch on the TV!” he said. I told him that I was giving our security guards some company for a while!

How funny that when one person has something to do with the media, the other person spots it, and it works in reverse, too!

Don’t miss this entry on Niri’s blog!

Here’s a BLUE-TAILED DRAGONFLY at Namada Chilume, Devarayanadurga:

blue-tailed dragonfly nAmada chilume 050408

Bath, bucket and beyond..

November 2, 2006

This morning, I was ruminating while having my usual bucket-and-mug bath…which form of bathing takes the least amount of precious water?

Hadn’t got around to getting to write about it, and I looked at my friends’ page..and there was knutties writing on the exact same identical topic yesterday.( I only saw it today, though….yesterday my laptop-to-mains wire gave way where KM had helpfully soldered it, and I was off the net for quite a while, until KM helpfully re-soldered it for me this morning.)

And my response:

this is amazing, this morning while bathing I was musing on which way would be most economical of water and I see this post now….

I disagree with you though. I think the bucket and mugis the most economical. The hand shower often runs far, far longer than necessary. With a b-and-m, you know exactly how much water you have (I always use three fourths of my bucket…a throwback to very hard times in Chennai, which I will never get out of my system.)Another point is that the temperature of the bucket of water is constant unlike the hand-shower which can scald you sometimes, and freeze you at others when someone opens the hot water tap at the washbasin (experience talking!) And of course, you agree that water is not “on tap” in many places!

OK, I am still going to post about this!! But I am so tickled that we should be thinking about bath, buckets and beyond on the same day!

To wind up on a very nice note…I was enjoying the hot bucket-bath, and the thought crossed my mind….having a hot bath on a chill, cloudy day is like…the embrace of a lover…the only difference is, the latter warms one up mentally and physically…

A co-incidence in the date…

July 17, 2006

Yesterday, I went for a drive with my close friends, and remarked that it had been a long time since we had done a “singing” drive….they pick me up, the entire family of parents and 3 children, and we go for a long drive during which we all sing….and Jayesh said, why don’t you sing now? So I sang one of his favourites, “Aap ki nazrOn nE samjhA”.

I came back home, and late at night, was rooting around my LJ entries trying to find something else I had written….and found this. Look at the date…what a coincidence!

Saturday, July 16th, 2005
11:26 pm
Rain and warmth….
Close friends picked up, packed me in their Tavera… a family of 5 who included me in their evening drive through the pouring rain, while we individually and together, sang favourite songs….rain is wonderful…IF you have a nice warm place to shelter in, your livelihood doesn’t depend on the weather, and you are assured that you will have a hot meal when you feel hungry….how lucky we are.

Current Mood: thankful

Current Music: still singing from the car trip….


amazing coincidences…

April 22, 2005

Got a call from someone today, regarding the article I had written in the Deccan Herald about Quizfamilies, the monthly family quiz group I moderate….there have been several responses, many of whom actually turned up at this month’s quiz…..well, anyway, today the lady who called was brought up in Calcutta, has an only daughter who is married and in the US, the daughter is called Deepa but with a li attached at the end….we had a long conversation and I am thoroughly enjoying having many new people to meet!