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Trash Bash, Confluence of the Mississippi/Missouri Rivers, 230313

March 25, 2013

Ruth Hartsell kindly took me along to the Trash Bash at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers…

click here for details about the event

Here’s a map to the area:

2 tent rash bash 230313 photo DSC02018-1.jpg

We started at the Old Chain of Rocks bridge:

4 bridge rash bash 230313 photo DSC02021.jpg

It’s a long bridge!

illinois 1 m rash bash 230313 photo DSC02023-1.jpg

Here I am with Kenny Hartsell, Ruth’s son…

me and kenny rash bash 230313 photo DSC02033.jpg

The clean-up was organized by RiverRelief, and they had number plates to match!

rvr rlf rash bash 230313 photo DSC02058-1.jpg

It was very hard work (first of all, trying to balance between the dead tree branches and the rocks, with slippery mud and steep banks!), but we found some interesting stuff, like these mussels:

smile mussels rash bash 230313 photo DSC02043.jpg

Others apparently found even more interesting stuff in the trash that they cleared (there was a prize for the most interesting object!)…

trash bonanza rash bash 230313 photo DSC02063-1.jpg

We were given lunch at the end of the clean-up:

lunch ag photo DSC02064-1.jpg

I then walked with Ruth and Kenny down the bridge (which takes a turn halfway down), to the Illinois side, and then back to Missouri, looking at the landmarks of downtown Missouri:

skyline rash bash 230313 photo DSC02068-1.jpg

There was a line of gulls visible under the newer bridge (the bridge we were on is now only for pedestrians and cyclists. Can we imagine, one day, something like this happening in Bangalore?)

gulls rash bash 230313 photo DSC02123.jpg

We spent a little time watching a large group of American Pelicans on the way back:

2 pelicans trash bash 230313 photo DSC02143.jpg

They use some excellent detergent…none of the mud of the Mississippi sticks to them!

3 pelicans trash bash 230313 photo DSC02146.jpg

However, they lifted off, and I reluctantly left the spot:

5 take off pelicans trash bash 230313 photo DSC02156.jpg

For more photographs,

click here

Thank you, Ruth, for a very, very enjoyable morning!


May 8, 2009

A friend from Bangalore has just come over (yes, the 4.5 hour drive each way went BEAUTIFULLY, especially because it was KM who went into the wrong exits, and missed turns, NEVER me! I can crow about it endlessly now.) and DnA, who had gone shopping, came back and A went to change her.

A was changing K…and K pooped again, wetting her new diaper.

A was changing K again…and K pooped again, wetting her new diaper and her changing station mat.

A was changing K again…and K (insert regular words here), wetting her new diaper, her changing station mat, and her clothes.

A was changing K again…and K (….) wetting her new diaper, her changing station mat, her clothes, and her hair.

Don’t ask me how, this is D’s version of what happened, and I am sorry to say I laughed out loud instead of commiserating with my poor daughter!

That reminded me of some “children and poop” stories…

We loved a neighbour’s son when we lived in Convent Road, and he spent a lot of time at our place, and was truly like a son to me. Once, after he ate, he had to go poop…and when I was washing him, he remarked seriously, “Please wash me from the back, not from the front. I am growing up and am feeling shy.”

This same fellow was in another friend’s house and was obviously very worried that he had dirtied his pants and what his mother would say about it. So when the parents returned, he ran into a drawing room full of people with his dirty underwear, showing it proudly, exclaiming, “See, Ma! I didn’t dirty my chaddy too much! It’s only just a little!”

And my dear daughter once wrote in a school essay, “When we go to school, we have to wear a dark brown skirt and striped shit.”

The Latest Cleanup….

November 27, 2008

Here’s how the cleanup went…

At Muthathi village, we saw this newborn calf…. you can still see its umblical cord!

some more images of Muthathi here

Hectic time!

November 26, 2008

Ha, can you imagine a few days without posts from me! Yes, miracles do occur, as the Clean and Green cleanup on Saturday and a trip to Chennai took care of several days…I must say that though I couldn’t access the internet in Chennai, there was so much to do….a Tambram/Punjabi wedding, and visiting friends who had either had either a baby or a bypass…(no, please do NOT picure a scenario where a friend walks into the hospital and the surgeon says, “Pick one of the two”)…..the time just flew.

However, mail just PILES up and I have slowly been getting on top of it…I dread to think of how it’s going to be when we go off to Arunachal and Assam for 2 weeks in December!

Also, the overnight train journey really ruins the next day for me, as I can’t sleep on the train and feel drowsy and headachy throughout the next day….I think this is one of the signs of not being twenty-three any more!

The Clean and Green cleanup was one of the longest I have ever attended…this time we did it with Wipro, and Geetha (whom I met through NTP) took a lot of trouble over the arrangements. The caterer apparently gave her quite a time with the food, so we had to wait until the packed breakfast and lunch was delivered, and the bus left from Wipro Koramangala only at about 7.15am!

On top of that, roadworks at Kanakapura, halfway on the trip, meant that the large bus had to negotiate some bad and narrow roads…we reached Muthathi at about 11.30, which is a record of sorts!

However, the cleanup went well, and the volunteers really enjoyed the lovely winding walk from Muthathi to Bheemeshwari (since it was cloudy and not hot at all)…most of them did the 4km walk without having to be picked up by the bus en route!

The group was great fun (with Santosh telling us about his life with ISKCON, and “back-walking” most of the distance to Bheemeshwari!) and none of us minded that it took us the entire day instead of the half-day usually scheduled. When we were diverted on the way back, too, our cheerful bus driver stopped at a nice bakery in Harohalli, where we had chai,or coffee and yakked our way home!

Photographs are coming up….for some reason, the photographs I posted to the C’n’G photobucket site on Saturday night never got uploaded at all, and I am doing them over again.

anushsh and I got some great bird sightings, too…the RUBY-THROATED FLYCATCHER, the LESSER FLAMEBACK WOODPECKER, the RUFOUS TREE-PIE, the WHITE-RUMPED SHAMA, several COUCALS, and the BLACK-HOODED ORIOLE added to our sense of completion in doing the nature trail from Muthathi to Bheemeshwari!

Meanwhile, here’s the beauty of the sky over that beautiful road, where one walks along with the Kaveri rushing along on one’s left…

Will be catching up with my friends’ list, too, now, I am sure all of you have recorded momentous events, witty observations, deep philosophies, as you seem to do when I am absent for a couple of days!

C and G/Wipro cleanup at Muthathi… and Bheemeshwari

September 1, 2008

This time we tied up with Wipro to do a cleanup at Muthathi; and on Saturday, the 30th August, we set off in two Wipro buses, with 49 volunteers. Sandeep, Anush and I went in Karthik’s jeep as Sandeep needed to go ahead and make arrangements at Bheemeshwari as well, regarding the plastic pickup by JLR. That’s going to be a different post (which will be an email to the Clean and Green group) so here are some images of the forest creatures I got during the trip:

On the way to Bheemeshwari, we were very lucky to spot the endangered GRIZZLED SQUIRREL in the canopy:

Of course my camera was still packed away, but at least one of the two squirrels was visible long enough for me to be able to get it out and get a couple of shots, before it, too, vanished into the green!

several other creatures here

Cleanup Drive that became something of a circus….

August 28, 2008

Alas, 600 people at the cleanup meant:

Dozens of cars (each judge came in his own car,naturally!);

Inexperienced volunteers tearing apart the plastic packets of gloves…and throwing the plastic on the ground!

Several people who were there for the political and photographic mileage;

Arrangements for the breakfast and lunch proving inadequate,and producing a lot of trash, ironically! Some of the volunteers didn’t seem to understand if they threw things on the ground, THAT was littering…!

But…we did need this awareness-raising campaign, and the organizers, and Yahoo, the sponsors, did a great job of getting the local people and the administration involved.

Now, perhaps, the river of plastic trash that runs down the slopes of Nandi Hills will start drying up….

Had sent several photographs to Citizen Matters, will post the unpublished ones tomorrow.

But here’s a pic of a flutterby that I got after I had finished documenting the event:

I think that’s a Chocolate Pansy, but (of course) I am not sure.

The presentation went well, thanks for all the heartening messages from all of you….

May 30, 2008

Here’s my account of the Clean and Green presentation for WIPRO (does anyone remember that they were once Western India vegetable PROducts, and once sold vanaspati?)…

“The very nature of voluntary work is
that it has to be…voluntary, so sometimes, finding the time and the
effort become difficult or even impossible….so even being a part of
the egroup and trying to help out occasionally is fine! (This is the
kind of reasoning *I* shelter under, for all the voluntary work I do!
😀 )

Today, Anush and I went to Wipro, at one of the their campuses at
Electronics City. Alas, the Wipro shuttle bus that was supposed to
pick us up at Silk Board junction sped off without stopping, but we
got into a nice Volvo bus and phoned back and forth, and prevented
Sandhya, our contact person at Wipro, from having a proper lunch, poor

Wipro has something like 20,000 employees at the Electronics City area
alone, apparently…but no, not all of them turned up for the
presentation 🙂 There were about 40 or 45 people, though, which I
think was the right number! I went through the slides of the
presentation, and talked about what we are doing and how we are trying
to do it.

I was really happy that there was a lot of questions and interaction
from many members in the group after I finished speaking…and I found
that many of the members of the audience were brimming with ideas, not
only to partner with Clean and Green, but also about trying to make a
difference in small ways on their campus itself. One gentleman, Mr
Bharat Padiyar, had, indeed, come prepared with some pads that he had
made out of the one-side used paper that was not collected from just
one building on the campus! There was a group of people which
included Rohinik Sawant, and Akshit Jhaveri, who are already doing a
fair bit on trying to improve the communication skills of various
lower-level staff on the campus. Another young man, Ankit Khaitan,
spent a little time with us after the presentation, and said that he
didn’t ask all the questions he wanted to. I was very happy to see
that we were addressing individuals who are already pretty socially

Sandhya had, with short notice, done a good job of mobilizing so many
people to come and attend, and indeed, a larger gathering than this
would have been more difficult to manage.

I am very thankful to Anush for being with me throughout…when my
screen blacked out and I didn’t know what to do, he helped me out! I
was in such a hurry to make sure we didn’t miss the Wipro shuttle that
I prevented him from having any lunch too…I think it was Lunch
Prevention Record Day for me!

We can now take this forward with Sandhya, and work out the modalities
of the first cleanup with Wipro as our partners. I feel confident that
we will have a good turnout. I pitched the cleanup as a kind of family
outing, where, instead of just having a good time, the volunteers
would be doing their bit.

I took a few pics, and they are:

Alas, I couldn’t take a pic of myself giving the presentation, but
perhaps that is just as well!

And I got a good laugh when someone asked, “Can we bring our spouses to the clean-up?” and I said, “only one per person allowed”….yes, stale, but it got a laugh..!

But as we were waiting at the Electronics City Main Gate for Sandhya
to come and pick us up, I took this not-too heartening picture of the

So..I am looking forward to the next meeting and the next cleanup, this time
with Wipro.

Citizen Matters article

May 29, 2008

This time Citizen Matters took a little while to get the article to “go live”…I guess they have a lot of material to manage, now!

click here for the article

I am giving a presentation on behalf of Clean and Green about plastic and its management…. at Wipro, at their Electronic City location, tomorrow, with anushsh. I have never, ever, done a powerpoint presentation before….am somewhat nervous, hope that my tongue doesn’t get entangled in my tonsils!


May 25, 2008

I am really impressed by the way garbage is handled in Kodaikanal. Though the Kodai festival is one, and there is a huge influx of both day trippers as well as staying tourists, the lakeside area remains pretty clean, and I find a lot of pourakramiks/pourakramikas hard at work early in the morning, cleaning up the area. The lake, too, is remarkably plastic- and trash-free. Where there is a will, there is, indeed, a way.

No time, or indeed, the inclination, to go and sit in an internet parlour, especially because it means lugging my laptop there and then coming back to my hotel room, if I want to post pictures (I am using a Reliance card and it cannot be used to post pics.) I just love to walk around the lake or take a cycle (the basket holds the 20D, and the S3 too)….yes, it’s crowded, but it’s also very interesting!

I must come back home and post the pic of “Caramel Custurd” (sic) that was served in our hotel….I know that skthewimp feels we are being elitist about finding humour in such misspellings, but I don’t really agree with him, because I find these things humourous without necessarily feeling in any way superior to the people who put up the notices….and in this case, it’s a five-star hotel which, I think, should certainly get “custard” spelt properly, especially given the humour value of the last four letters as they have spelt them!

Organizing something

April 21, 2008

Organizing a voluntary event is one of the most difficult tasks I know. First of all, I have to find out if each and every person is free; then sound each one about the event being proposed; tap into their enthusiasm, sometimes stoking up the same from apathy; making sure everyone has phone nos and details, and making sure small and big things go wrong.

All this is when the event is successfully organized. But before that, I will face the “Oh-I-can’t-come”s, the “Let-me-think-about-it”s, and worst of all, the “Who-else-is-coming”s, for whom, going with me is not good enough, there must be “interesting” people coming along.

And then, of course, are the last-minute cancellations….and the people who know how to get cheaper rates than I have negotiated, but couldn’t respond in time to do so.

And through it all, I see people who accomplish these thankless tasks, and also do them with a willing smile….

Take a bow, Clean and Green !

Here’s what I wrote some time ago ….and this, too