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Not just flying the flag

August 18, 2011

On Independence Day, I found that almost every auto had a Tiranga flying:

auto flg 150811

But surely, pride in one’s country should not just be a matter of flying a flag for one day. If, after flying the flag, I spit (and urinate and defacate) on the roads, cheat my customers, want (and pay) bribes, try to get ahead at the cost of my fellow-citizens, and am rude to people…am I really showing my pride for my country, or my contempt for it? Dhould my love for my country not show itself in a constant attempt to keep it clean, observe its laws, and respect its citizens?

Here’s the decoration at the Bangalore Club.

150811 blr club

In this Club, they won’t let men (this restriction is only for illogical as can be!) into the main dining hall without shoes and a shirt or a tee shirt with a collar (no sandals or “sports shoes”!)…and does not allow men into the next-door restaurant if their “sports shoes” are not made of leather. Which century are they living in?

When we take pride in enforcing such idiotic laws…are we proud of being Indian?

I am pissed off….

May 18, 2008

We can’t keep our environs clean…though we can put up boards…

November 27, 2007


July 5, 2005

One of the worst parts of going for a walk in this country is the dreadful sight of other walkers…educated, “cultured”, “refined” people…suddenly PEEling off from their walk into likely corners or sometimes just at the side of the road to….PEE. What is it in our ethos that makes it perfectly OK in our minds to spit, piss and defecate everywhere?

I wonder how they would feel if I suddenly tapped them on their shoulder and scolded them…would this cure them of this disgusting habit? Sigh…I don’t think so….they would just look over their shoulder and continue their “the whole place is my toilet” attitude….

If women (perforce) can control their bladders while walking, why can’t men do so too?