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Following dentist’s instructions…

July 8, 2012

The dentist (or either parent) has apparently told her that she must brush her teeth after dinner, but she’s upgraded that to DURING:

brush teeth 050712

Very soon, I expect that instead of using a fork or a spoon, she’ll be using specially adapted “broons” or “brorks”…. she was alternating between brushing and eating her broccoli, as it was getting stuck in her teeth!

Returns and exchanges…

October 13, 2011

I called them on Magic Jack, and we came on to Gtalk video….which, alas, had no audio at all. But meanwhile, D was organizing to donate some stuff to the Kidney Foundation, and this seemed to include a Kid, if not the Ney….

returns excha 121011 stl

I hope, if they are doing this under the “returns and exchanges” program, they get something a little less pesky…

At the Supermarket, 260911

September 27, 2011

Obviously, I haven’t got too many images of GD to share, since I came back…but I just got a lovely one of her, with her special-sized trolley, at the store (I’d say this was Trader Joe’s)….

boodi wtng in line 260911

I suspect that soon DnA will teach her to cycle, and then she will be doing all the family shopping while she is at the daycare….

Daughter’s daughter

April 30, 2009

She lies all wrapped up
A bundle of sleep
With cheeks softer than a bird’s down.
Her eyes open and then close;
Her face works into a limpid gaze..
And then into a red-faced frown.

Who is this girl, who has entered my heart
Though bringing her into this world
Brought my own child so much pain?
She’s not my child, but the child of my child…
But I feel motherhood all over again.

She opens her mouth and searches around;
I hand her back to her mother–
I never imagined, when I had my child,
That she would herself produce a precious Another.

Mother and father sleep in exhaustion,
Pain and worry are slowly past.
The grandchild lies in my arms;
It’s amazing that across a generation
I can still succumb to this baby’s charms.

Homes and Gardens….and a Bird

April 21, 2009

I went for a nice walk this afternoon; it was getting cloudy and chilly, but it was LOVELY to walk along. I decided to take KM’s Fuji Finepix and it’s an amazing camera.

Here’s a “Homes and Gardens” photograph that I got:

garden in st louis 200409

And…the first common bird (I didn’t take any photograph of the STARLING, remembering yathin‘s strictures)…my fellow BULBs, ladybirders and gen’mun…the AMERICAN ROBIN:

american robin st Louis 204009

Not bad detail for a point-and-shoot, eh?

And for those of you who have never seen an American Robin teaching us about the Cycle of Life:

200409 american robin on cycle st l

More later…ohmigoodness, I better get some sleep….

TGB is probably only going to arrive when labour is scheduled to be induced, on 280409….looks like it’s going to miss its other grandmom’s birthday, which is also the birthday of yathin….

Things that I will miss…

April 17, 2009

Easy access to excellent, non-fattening food and filter coffee in the shot-size serving that lets me have a piping hot mouthful without worrying about either calories or caffeine intake

Arangisai in the mornings

thEin kiNNam….today’s songs were from balE pAndiyA and pArtthAl pasi theerum! (No, I am not prepared to shell out $120 or so to get that single program in the US.)

Easy access to the forested areas, with a multitude of birds

The wonderful friends who surround me and KM and make life soooo fantastic to live in Bangalore..totally non-judgemental, totally non-ageist…they make us feel at least 20 years younger and sprightlier than we are!

The ability to walk (a very pleasant walk, with great company) to lots and lots of plays in a great theatre space

All the Bangalore stuff (garbage clearance, anti-plastic drive, anti tree-felling, WBC ….Walking, Cycling, Busing… and writing about all these and more!) that I am so interested and involved in…I plan no voluntary work in the near future

But…I have been looking through my St Louis posts, and realize that when one is interested in one’s surroundings, there’s always something to notice, appreciate, comment about, and enjoy!

The fact that it’s 12 deg C in St Louis is a BIG plus! 🙂

Looking forward very much to TGD’s (The Grand Daughter)’s arrival now…

My3,N, J, R….thank you very much for such sensible, affectionate advice. I am feeling quite confident now and I can feel the grandmotherly expertise just oozing in :)) NOW I don’t think I’ll let the baby’s head drop!

Protected: What brought us to America

January 21, 2008

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Mischief….and personalities….

January 19, 2008

Entry on the LJ of premkudva


Kavya knows about sharing. She will share your things:-)

Other day I noticed she had two candies, one was in her mouth. The other she said was for Snehakka. Then in the evening both of them were upstairs in the library, when she came running down, enquiring about the sweet she had kept for her Snehakka. She located it, and brought a pair of scissors to open and took it up.

Later during dinner time we asked Sneha about the sweet. “What sweet?” says Sneha. And you should have seen the look on Kavya’s face;-)

She sometimes joins me when I am eating peanuts. However she loves cashewnuts more. And so when I am having that she will be sitting right next and eating it one at a time. Always keeping a close eye on the remaining quantity. Once it comes down to say 5 or 6, she simply picks the bowl and moves away.

That set me off, here’s my reply:

just fanTAStic. Enjoyed that SOOO much.

The difference between the personalities of two children in the same home was brought home tellingly to me once. Our upstairs neighbour had a son and a daughter, 3 and 2 years old. First the 3 year old boy came down, and I gave him a toffee. “One for Tallu!” he said, so I gave him one for his little sister, and watched as, without eating the one he had, he rushed back upstairs. A little later, the little girl came down and said, “Toffee?” I gave her one, and she said, “One for Adit!” so I gave her another. She then retired behind my front door where she thought I could not see her… ate both, and then went upstairs.

This is going to be a post on my LJ. Fie on you Mr Prem Kudva. At 1.30 am I was just going to sleep when I thought I would just check my friends’ list and now because of you I must make another post. Very bad, very bad.

Your children are angelic even in their devilishness!

Read this word for word in my LJ. ;))))

Why do I blog?

December 11, 2007

Here’s an entry from the LJ of shortindiangirl….

I agree with most of that…I started blogging for my homesick child, very far away…and it was a welcome surprise to realize that I had more than one reader!

Here’s a pic of the grasses all lit up by the sunshine, against the granite that is so characteristic of this part of Karnataka….

golden grass 021207

And here’s a pic,taken at Lalbagh on Sunday evening, which shows why it’s called the SPOT-BILLED PELICAN….

spot-billed pelican lake lalbagh 091207

Oh, no reason to post those photographs, I “simbly” did it…!

My new name is…

November 21, 2007


(P stands for pAti….mother of a mother or father..a mother in this case…)

Having been quite worried about the results of some tests for more than 6 weeks, I still cannot bring myself to use the actual words…how incredibly irrational and stupid! 😉

For the first time in my life, I rue the great physical distance between myself and my child…Well, not really RUE, but I do wish teleportation had already been invented….”beam me up, Scotty!” would be SO much easier than “WHAT? do I have to transit through that ORRIBLE Charles De Gaulle hairyport AGAIN?” to my travel agent…

My bebby…I keep wanting to be at your side, and I completely forget that I was alone, too, when I was expecting you, and I managed fine!