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Steps and seat….

April 9, 2012


What scenes have these steps seen?
Who are the people who’ve sat upon that seat?
How many have rested their backs there?
On the steps, how many feet?

How many suns have cast their light
Upon the steps and the seat?
How many misty winter mornings?
How much of summer heat?

How many quarrels or scoldings?
How many newspapers unfurled?
How many people have used seat and steps
To get away for a while from the world?

Birds at Lalbagh, 160312

March 19, 2012

This lovely


was looking for food under its own reflection:

little egrt  lb 150312



(domestic duck that’s gone semi-wild)

had a shining droplet of water at its beak:

duck water drp lb 150312



raised its red leg to walk across the waterlily pads…

mrhen  leg up lb 150312



eating figs….

koel with fig lb 150312


festooning a tree:

crows lb 160312

and of course, the adorable


2  spt owlt lb 150312

The bird population at Lalbagh may, according to the experts, have gone down by 70 per cent…but what’s left is enough to keep us riveted!


December 29, 2007

Amazing! Someone has something nice to say about a Microsoft product!

I found Vista slowing down my laptop so much, I had Chandan and anushsh take it out and install XP for me…ah, well, I missed a chance to be a dictator (or, to be precise, a dictatrix.)

December 3, 2006

My laptop is getting repaired in small stages, looks like….Chandan has again taken it home as the CD drive command didn’t work, nor did a couple of other things.

I cannot feel it is a coincidence that I run my laptop with NO problems (except Kak worm which I remmoved myself with directions from the Net) until I download AVG Grisoft dot com, and just a day later a virus wipes out my laptop….it is so painful until I get it all back. Luckily back-ups are there….

It is SO nice that Chandan is devoting this time patiently to the re-incarnation of the Toshiba!

Meanwhile, KM has graciously left the Fujitsu behind and here I am,tapping away.