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Happy Anniversary

January 9, 2009

To shortindiangirl and chaibacca….many more happy years together.

May your love continue to be many-splendoured…it’s now ten years since you got together.

Motorcycle Saddles…..

July 4, 2008

Spotted in Mylapore, Chennai (thanks, chaibacca!)

Does the owner of the bike know what his sign says…or not? I once knew a “Gaylord” tailors in Chennai, but that was one word…

Ah, the uses of LJ!

August 4, 2005

This should tickle your funny bones….we wanted to book for Jungle Lodges’ Dandeli Resort for the coming week. If we have gone to their resorts within the previous 12 months, we get a 10% discount. So I called them up and Murphy’s Law mandated that there was no record of our January booking, when I, my spouse, shortindiangirl and chaibacca the newlyweds, had gone there…

To dig into musty files looking for the receipt was not a welcoming prospect…so I had a brainwave…

went to kalyan‘s blog, looked up his entries for January, when I knew he had referred to our visit….aha!Got the dates and gave it to Jungle Lodges, and lo and behold, their computer brought up the booking too…

Thanks kalyan, for referring to our visit!