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All over the windshield….

January 24, 2012

It’s all very well to decorate one’s car with the symbols of one’s faith:

drwng on wndshld 220112

But this seems to leave, quite literally, a very small window of vision for the driver, and almost none at all for the passenger in front.

Are such “windshield decorations” legal? More important, are they safe?

Car on fire

July 17, 2011

We were driving down to Columbia, Missouri, yesterday, when a huge plume of black smoke alerted us that something was wrong:

brng cr 1 stl 160711

A car was on fire; the fire truck had already arrived:

brng car 2 stl 160711

We felt that the firemen were trying to assess the situation….was there a lot of petrol in the tank? Was it worth dousing the fire, or was the car past saving?

brn car 3 stl 160711

The presence of another car next to the burning one was worrying, but we could not, obviously, stop and gawk at the scene…so on we went, wondering if the firemen would douse the other car, at least, before it, too, caught fire.

The burning car was well and truly alight (I got these photos from a quickly moving car):

brng car clsup 160711 stl

How ironic that next to it is a sign that says “Icehouse”, and promises 24 oz. cans at less than a dollar each!

I looked in the local newspaper today, but there was no news about this, so I guess this is going to be an incident about which I will never know anything more…but I am still speculating about what happened…before, and after, we were briefly at the scene.

Two other yellow lotuses…

July 13, 2011

When I posted about the

Yellow Lotus

my friend Prashanth Chengi

sent me this photo of another Yellow Lotus (or two):

Yellow Lotus car 120711 prash sent

Set me laughing….the two yellow lotuses do have a great difference in speeds!

Surgery: Financoctomy

May 22, 2011

operate for you 210511 stl

Please note that those who Operate For You are the ones who have the Mercs For Them…

Quick trip to Chennai…

May 17, 2011

Had to go to Chennai for some Orrible Essential Paperwork and got back just now. My laptop was not able to pick up on the cable internet in Chennai.

So of course…let me turn my back on LJ for just a couple of days and all you lot will post the most incredible variety of posts….I just sort of went through the posts. and in particular….enjoyed your posts…just tooooooo tired to comment…

To go one evening to a hot, humid place, spend the next morning in a government office, and drive down through the awful, no-highway-discipline traffic in the night…is NOT my idea of fun!

Actually Chennai wasn’t as bad as I expected. But in the Govt office, I was highly tickled to see a sign painted over the door….”Bribery is against the law”. I just *loved* those ironic quotation marks!

Of course an unreasonable demand was made for “services rendered” and we toned it down…but Anna Hazare would have wept.

Meanwhile…here’s the One And Only Whoever He is (I refuse to believe that a woman would put up that sticker!) on his way through the traffic…

1 and only 120511

For a friend

September 3, 2007

For Ravi, who SHOULD have come and met us in Maine…but who remains a good friend!

He posts a LOT of licence plate pics (not many lately though) so I found the irony of taking this photograph very delicious!

the beast 010907 chennai

Well, beast, let’s see some more witty number plates now!

Honest Admission

July 12, 2007

Look at the words at the top of the back door of this Tata Sumo…

dad's gift

But I do have a doubt…is Dad’s gift the car, or is it Amma? Satish and Amith would have to enlighten us!

Spouse’s Beloved

July 3, 2007

By very popular demand, here’s a picture of a sight that brings a fatuous smile to KM’s face:

Honda CR-V

I am ambivalent about this car,which is a HUGE gas-guzzler but apparently has far less emissions than other cars in the same class. car IS a dream to drive, so I am generally torn between not wanting to to take the Honda CR-V out, and then wanting to drive, too…very inconsistent.

I compromise by cycling and walking wherever I can, and enjoying the drive when we DO take the CR-V out.

Well, Duh, It’s THAT car….

December 21, 2006

How I wish we had number plates like this in India! I snapped this in Forest Park, St Louis, near the History Museum/Boat House….

Well...Duh..its THAT car! IMG_0824.JPG

A man, a car, and trust

October 20, 2006

If a man lets someone drive his car, he really trusts that person.